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ORNL Acquisition Management Services Staff & Assignments

ORNL Acquisition Services Staff Management
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LeAnne Stribley, Director, Acquisition Management Services
filler Robert Scott, Administrative Specialist


Compliance and Closeout
Staff and Assignments

Sonny Rogers, Procurement Manager

  Linda Jones, TEAM LEAD (Buyer Number 29)
  Teresa Brooks, Closeout (Buyer Number 7G)
  Dee Foust, Records and Reports, Website, Vendor Database
  Kay Lenox, Records and Reports, Website, Vendor Database
  Jana Simpson, Closeout (Buyer Numbers 7A, 7B)
  Angie Smythe, Closeout (Buyer Numbers 7C, 7D, 7E, 7H)


Computing & Computational Sciences
Staff and Assignments

Willy Besancenez, Procurement Manager (Buyer Number 88)

  Roy Etheridge, TEAM LEAD (Buyer Number 64)
  Jo Ann Fitzpatrick (Buyer Number 96)
  Tena Nelson (Buyer Number 12)


Energy and Environmental Sciences
Staff and Assignments

Landon Hill, Procurement Manager (Buyer Number 86)

  Lisa Hawk (Buyer Number 62)
  Susan Horne (Buyer Number 75)
  Beth Schilling (Buyer Number 80)


Staff and Assignments

Kathy Collins, Procurement Manager

  Morgan Onusic (Buyer Number 10)
  Melissa Smith (Buyer Numbers 15, 33, 54)


Neutron Sciences / SNS
Staff and Assignments

Markus Camfield, Procurement Manager (Buyer Numbers 1M, 90)

  Derek Miller (Buyer Number 24)


Nuclear Science and Engineering/Global Security
Staff and Assignments

Lisa Cobb, Procurement Manager (Buyer Numbers 14, 76, 89)

  Stacey Johnson (Buyer Number 34)
  Elizabeth Vacanti (Buyer Number 44)


Physical Sciences
Staff and Assignments

Kathy Collins, Procurement Manager

  Clint Rash TEAM LEAD (Buyer Number 1D)
  Mark Claiborne (Buyer Number 30)
  Liz Lynch (Buyer Number 85)


Rapid Purchase Support
Staff and Assignments

Justin Keck, Procurement Manager (Buyer Numbers I3, P3, S3, 74, 77, 87)

  Jon Bartlett (Buyer Numbers 49, 97)
  Angela Calloway (Buyer Number 67)
  Janice Crippen (Buyer Number 21)
  Sally Evans (Buyer Number 68)
  Jennifer Hubbs (Buyer Number 99)
  Steven Long (Buyer Number 66)
  Melissa McBee (Buyer Numbers 25, 51)
  Nick Weddington (Buyer Numbers 18, 26)
  Stephanie Yeap, ORNL Marketplace Intern (just in time) agreements


Real Estate
Staff and Assignments

Brooks Baldwin, Procurement Manager

  Ellen Reeves (Buyer Numbers 9A, 9B, 9C)


Small Business Programs
Staff and Assignments

Cassandra Stuart, Programs Manager


Support Services
Staff and Assignments

Brooks Baldwin, Procurement Manager

  Joel Poteat, TEAM LEAD (Buyer Number 31)
  Cassandra Anthony (Buyer Number 1C)
  Bob Baird (Buyer Numbers 53, 84)
  Amy Campbell (Buyer Number 1B)
  Tesa Hinton (Buyer Number 36)
  Haley Lamoureux (Buyer Numbers 41, 42, 81)
  Dustin Mackey (Buyer Number 91)
  Tina Moody (Buyer Numbers 16, 27, 93)
  Marisa Parkes (Buyer Number 17)
  Angela Shillings (Buyer Number 28)
  Becky Wagner (Buyer Number 72)
  Chad Wilson (Buyer Number 1N)


Staff and Assignments

Mark Gallaher



Staff and Assignments

Jeff Geouque, Procurement Manager

  Jeremy Duncan, TEAM LEAD (Buyer Number I6)
  Mitzi Bailey (Buyer Number I8)
  Terri Cleveland (Buyer Number I7)
  Kelli Kizer (Buyer Number I5)
  Barbara Shaw (Buyer Number I9)
  Lynn Taylor (Buyer Number I4)


UT/Joint Faculty Agreements
Staff and Assignments

Kathy Collins, Procurement Manager

  Darrell Arrington (Buyer Number 11)
  Eva Rather (Buyer Number 1A)



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