Global Security Directorate

Department of Defense Programs

Part of ORNL’s research agenda includes the Global Security Directorate’s Department of Defense Programs, designed to make ORNL’s research and technology capabilities available to solve specific technical challenges for the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Through the Defense Programs organization, the Directorate is organized to match DOD needs with ORNL capabilities in two fundamental ways:

  1. Applying ORNL technologies to specific DOD needs, gaps, or shortfalls, and
  2. Making DOD aware of evolving ORNL capabilities that might be of benefit to one or more military services.

To accomplish these tasks, the Laboratory’s Department of Defense Programs organization has a unique blend of joint military experience representing more than 400 years of military service. This combination of military experience and technological expertise represents a broad and unique collection of talent available to address scientific challenges for the Department of Defense.

Point of Contact:

Kendall Card, Director
Department of Defense Programs, Global Security Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Post Office Box 2008, MS-6242
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6242

Telephone: (865) 241-6635
Facsimile: (865) 574-8814