Global Security Directorate

Contact Us

Dr. Brent Park
Associate Laboratory Director, ORNL
Ph: (865) 576-3846
Email: Brent Park


Angie Raby
Executive Secretary
Ph: (865) 576-3846
Email: Angie Raby

Gail Johnson
Director Operations Manager
Ph: (865) 574-3572
Email: Gail Johnson

Sector Leads

Kendall Card
Director, Department of Defense Programs & Advanced Concepts
Ph: (865) 241-6635
Email: Kendall Card

John Doesburg
Director, International Security & Analysis Programs
Ph: (865) 574-2701
Email: John Doesburg

Larry Satkowiak
Program Director, Nonproliferation & Homeland Protection
Ph: (865) 576-5650
Email: Larry Satkowiak

Kendall Card
Director, Homeland Protection and Advanced Concepts
Ph: (865) 241-6635
Email: Kendall Card

Selin Warnell
Director, OR Counterintelligence
Ph: (865) 574-6770
Email: Selin Warnell

Initative Leads

Jeff Johnson
Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuclear Threats
Ph: (865) 574-5262
Email: Jeff Johnson

Nick Prins
Senior Program Manager, Homeland Security
Ph: (865) 241-0137
Email: Nick Prins

Dick Webber
Director, Cyberspace Program Integration
Ph: (865) 576-5184
Email: Dick Webber

JD Stauffer
Ph: (865) 241-6580
Email: JD Stauffer

Other Matrixed Support

Kyle Spence
Business Manager
Ph: (865) 574-5514
Email: Kyle Spence

Megan Scott
Human Resource Manager
Ph: (865) 241-4271
Email: Megan Scott