Global Security Directorate


The DARPA Programs Office at ORNL strives to stay abreast of scientific and technological issues within the Department of Defense (DoD); they ensure contacts are made, technologies introduced, and cultivate the formation of relationships and partnerships between ORNL and DARPA.

DARPA’s role is to supply technological options for the entire DoD and to serve as the “technological engine” for transforming DoD. DARPA reaches in many directions toward mission accomplishment, through teaming and networking with universities, government laboratories, and individuals, to ensure an eclectic mixture of disciplines and strengths are gained.

Point of Contact:

John Rivard, Director
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Programs, Global Security Directorate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Post Office Box 2008, MS-6138
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6138

Telephone: (571) 212-9749
Facsimile: (865) 574-8814