Global Security Directorate

Federal DHS Support

ORNL provides operational support, technical assistance and research and development for the major components of DHS.

  • Science and Technology Directorate: Within the Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate, ORNL has research, development, test and evaluation activities aimed at improving capabilities for the operational elements within DHS. These include determination of motivation and intent, threat assessment and other activities that draw on ORNL core competencies. Several major technology readiness programs include standards development and test evaluation. ORNL has developed real time solutions to first responders in the areas of chemical detection and analysis and wildfires. ORNL also provides technologies to provide real-time, actionable information to the first responder community. ORNL also hosts a number of summer interns from the DHS/S&T Scholarship and Fellowship Program, offering opportunities to participate in homeland security research.
  • Domestic Nuclear Detection Office: ORNL is working with a number of offices in the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), providing technical assistance for the Systems Engineering, Assessments, and Operations Support offices, and supporting Transformational R&D through research into improved radiation detectors, both active and passive. ORNL, with two partners, provides 24/7 Southern region reachback services to first responders in the area of radiological and nuclear materials detection on roadways.
  • Office of Infrastructure Protection: For OIP, ORNL hosts the Center for Infrastructure Security Analysis, which is an information and analysis resource for protective actions, risk and preparedness for the chemical industry. Other activities include support of the Office of Bombing Prevention.
  • Transportation Security Administration: ORNL also supports the Transportation Security Administration in assessing the security of commodity shipments. ORNL is part of a team of national laboratories providing technical assistance, in addition to technology consulting for border issues, to support DHS for export issues relating to nuclear, chem/bio, and missile applications. ORNL supports TSA by developing and implementing modeling to assist in creating optimal screening solutions at all US airports in support of the 100% cargo screening directive.