ORNL Guest House Questions and Answers
  1. Question. How many rooms does the Guest House have?
    Answer. The ORNL Guest House has three floors with a total of 47 guest rooms.
  2. Question. Who can stay in the Guest House?
    Answer. The ORNL Guest House provides an on-site housing option to ORNL User Facility clients, visiting researchers, and other ORNL visitors on official UT-Battelle business. The Guest House does not serve families (spouses and children). Only service animals will be allowed no pets. The ORNL Guest House is not open to the public.
  3. Question. What are the room rates for the Guest House?
    Answer. The Guest House is operated in a manner commensurate with the services and amenities found in local hotels that offer rooms at General Services Administration (GSA) per diem rates. The Guest House Operator charges the current GSA rate (including appropriate taxes) unless otherwise directed by the Company.
  4. Question. Does the Guest House have an exercise facility?
    Answer. Yes. A Fitness Room for guests is located on the Second Floor.
  5. Question. Does the Guest House have a meeting facility?
    Answer. Yes. A small conference room is available for use by Guest House occupants.
  6. Question. To whom are complaints about the service or the facilities to be made?
    Answer. If an issue needs to be addressed, immediately report your concern to the Guest House operating staff. The Operator will provide a Guest Satisfaction Survey to all guests as part of the check out process. These surveys are submitted directly to UT-Battelle.
  7. Question. How do I connect to the wireless network?
    Answer. See the instructions here. If you have problems during business hours, contact the ORNL Solution Center at 865-241-6765. The website also has troubleshooting information.
  8. Question. What are the food options for Guest House guests?
    Answer. There are many options available. Click here to learn more.

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