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Pollution Prevention

The ORNL Pollution Prevention Program's primary responsibility is providing information and technical assistance, and funds, when available, to waste generators to help them reduce their waste generation. Each Division has a Pollution Prevention Representative that acts as the P2 Program's point of contact with their Division. The P2 Program also coordinates the sanitary waste recycling programs, spearheads affirmative procurement, runs an awards program, and tracks waste reduction.
News (announcements, notices, updates)
What is Pollution Prevention?
Recycling Program Information (from white paper to batteries)
How Do I Get Rid Of This? (complete guide to waste disposition)
Pollution Prevention Opportunity Assessments (completed at ORNL)
Pollution Prevention Funding Opportunities (HiVal, GSAF, other)
Pollution Prevention Awards Program (DOE, ORNL, and external)
Recently Completed ORNL P2 Projects (description, data, and photographs)
Affirmative Procurement (executive orders, recycled products on AVID, other info)
Other P2 Resources/Databases (Swap Shop, HMIS, Envirosense, SAGE & more...)
Telephone Directory (Division P2 reps, other ORNL and ORO contacts)
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