Alex DeTrana

Senior Commercialization Manager

Alex DeTranaAlex DeTrana joined the Partnerships Directorate in May 2006 as a Commercialization Manager. He is currently Senior Commercialization Manager responsible for handling materials-related technologies, including novel alloys, carbon-based materials, nanotubes, and a variety of processing-related technology.

His primary role is to evaluate the commercial potential of inventions originating in the Physical Sciences Directorate, particularly in the Materials Science and Technology Division. His responsibilities include evaluating patented inventions to identify suitable commercial partners, and coordinating a variety of other interactions with companies and individuals interested in commercializing technology developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

DeTrana joins ORNL from the Integrated Manufacturing Technology Initiative, Inc. (IMTI), a manufacturing strategy and technology roadmapping firm located in Knoxville, where he spent two years as a program analyst. Prior to his stint at IMTI, DeTrana received his MBA from the University of Tennessee and his MS in polymer science and engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. He also holds a dual-major BS in Biology and Environmental Science from Ferrum College in Virginia. While working towards his MBA, he spent most of a year at ORNL in Technology Transfer as an intern. DeTrana is a member of the Licensing Executives Society, the Association of University Technology Managers, and ASM International.

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