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Bridging the Gap

  Metal oxide

Oak Ridge National Laboratory hosted the third annual Bridging the Gap on March 5-6, 2013.  This event brought entrepreneurs, scientists, and technology transfer experts together to explore opportunities around the lab’s most promising new technologies.

Keynote Address: Innovations at ORNL, Thom Mason

Session One: Innovations in Energy Briefings on capabilities in bioenergy, advanced vehicles, and building technologies

  • Overview, Johney Green
  • Bio-Energy, Brian Davison
  • Sustainable Transportation, Claus Daniel
  • Building Technologies, Patrick Hughes
  • Session Two: Innovations in Advanced Materials Briefings on capabilities in additive manufacturing and carbon fiber composites

  • Overview, Craig Blue
  • Additive Manufacturing, Chad Duty
  • Carbon Fiber Composites, Amit Naskar
  • Lightweight Materials, Tom Muth
  • Breakfast Panel: ORNL’s Cluster Strategies in Advanced Manufacturing and Carbon Fiber Composites

    Doing Business with ORNL Mike Paulus

    Session Three: Innovations in Big Data Briefings on capabilities in GIS, medical records analysis, and modeling and simulation

  • Overview and Data Analytics, Brian Worley
  • Data Systems, Arjun Shankar
  • Modeling and Simulation, Jim Nutaro
  • Cyber Security, Stacy Prowell