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National Transportation Research Center (NTRC)

Located a few miles down the road from Oak Ridge National Laboratory are several highly-sophisticated, experimental ORNL research laboratories that constitute the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Transportation Research Center User Facility (NTRC). As a User Facility, NTRC offers industry, academia, and other agencies the opportunity to access state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and instrumentation, and computational resources to advance transportation technologies. Research areas include transportation fuel properties and effects; engine technologies and control systems; emission control devices; power electronics; electric machines; geographic information systems; data analysis and visualization; modeling; and packaging for hazardous materials transport. These resources are critical to efforts to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, and address transportation systems issues such as traffic congestion, evacuation planning, and highway safety.


Contact: Kathi Vaughan
Phone: 865.946.1206
Email: vaughankh@ornl.gov