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Workshop Presentations
Nanoscale Science Research DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers Workshop: Enabling the Nanoscience Revolution
Renaissance Hotel
Washington, D.C.
February 26-28, 2003

Presentations and Remarks
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Opening Session
Nanoscience and National Competitiveness Congresswoman Judy Biggert
Nanoscience in the DOE Office of Science Ray Orbach
Director, DOE Office of Science
Nanoscience and the National Research Agenda John Marburger
Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Science Session
What is Nanoscience George Whitesides
Harvard University
Nanotech, Nanotubes, and Energy Richard Smalley
Rice University
Catalysis and Nanoscience Gabor Somorjai
University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Integrated View of the Nanoscale Science Research Centers Paul Alivisatos
University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Industry Session
Nanoscience: A Venture Capitalist's View Larry Bock
Nanosys, Inc.
Nanoscience and the Future of Information Technology Thomas Theis
IBM Research
Nanotechnology: From Materials Science to Industrial Applications Scott C. Donnelly
GE Global Research
Agency Session
The National Nanotechnology Initiative: Overview, Current Status, and the DOE Role Patricia Dehmer
Director, DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Nanotechnology Research & Development at the Department of Defense Clifford Lau
Office of Naval Research
Review of Bio/Chemical Sensor Needs for NASA Harry Partridge
NASA Ames Research Center
Nanotechnology Research at the National Institutes of Health Jeffery Schloss
National Institutes of Health
Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF Thomas Weber
The National Science Foundation
NSRC Overviews
Center for Nanoscale Materials Sam Bader
Argonne National Laboratory
Center for Functional Nanomaterials Robert Hwang
Brookhaven National Laboratory
The Molecular Foundry Mark Alper
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Terry Michalske
Sandia National Laboratories
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences Doug Lowndes
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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