2003 ORNL Honors and Awards Honorees

UT-Battelle, LLC presented their annual Awards Night honors to outstanding employees November 21, during the annual Awards Night celebration at Knoxville's Marriott Hotel.

UT-Battelle, LLC honorees listed below:

Outstanding Community Service

Community Leadership
Exceptional Volunteerism within ORNL by an individal
Exceptional Volunteerism by a team
Exceptional Volunteerism outside ORNL by an individual

Science Communicator

Outstanding Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations

Administrative Support exempt payroll
Administrative Support nonexempt payroll
Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality

Integrated Safeguards and Security Management

Workforce Diversity

Secretarial Support

Administrative and Operational Leadership at the group level
Bargaining Unit Support by a team
Operations Support by a team

Outstanding Accomplishment in Science and Technology

Technical Support
R&D Leadership at the group level

R&D Leadership at the director level

Early Career Award for engineering accomplishment

Engineering Development by a team

Distinguished Engineer
Early Career Award for scientific accomplishment
Scientific Research by a team
Distinguished Scientist
Inventor of the year

Director's Awards

Outstanding Team Accomplishment (chosen from among team award winners in all categories)
Individual Accomplishment in Community Service

Individual Accomplishment in Laboratory Operations
Accomplishment in Science and Technology