InterLab 2010

Oak Ridge National Laboratory November 1-4, 2010

What is InterLab?

InterLab is a four day workshop aimed at web designers, web application developers, online communications professionals, and managers of internet resources throughout the Department of Energy complex. Held annually since 1994, InterLab is hosted by a different DOE laboratory each year. The workshop will offer a combination of guest speakers and technical presentations by the participants, as well as many opportunities for networking with peers. Attendees are primarily in the DOE community and related government research institutions.

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Guest Speakers

Photo of Curt Cloninger

Curt Cloninger

Artist, designer, professor, and author of Fresher Styles for Web Designers.

Photo of Molly Holzschlag

Joe Lewis

A recognized expert in standards-based web development and accessibility.

Photo of Jesse Wagner

Jesse Wagner

Co-founder of Nathanna, a graphic design firm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Photo of Estelle Weyl

Estelle Weyl

Senior Web Developer who blogs and speaks about the latest web technologies.


InterLab 2010 took place at Pollard Technology Conference Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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