What is ETDE World Energy Base?

ETDEWEB is a product of the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE), a programme of the International Energy Agency.

It contains much of the same information as DOE's Energy Science & Technology Database (often called the Energy Database). Although it covers less years than the Energy Database, it is free and includes links to many full text documents.

Page by Bob Conrad

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ETDE World Energy Base (ETDE Web)
1995 - present

This database is available free to U.S. citizens, but registration is required to obtain an account and password.

Description of the Database
  • In addition to information from International Energy Agency countries, ETDEWEB contains worldwide information in the nuclear, coal, and global climate change areas. This broader coverage comes through cooperative alliances with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and IEA Coal Research - The Clean Coal Centre.
  • Contains 700,000 bibliographic records and 79,000 full-text documents (as of 09/2000)

    The Relationship of ETDE Web to DOE's Energy Science & Technology database.

    Efforts to clarified the exact relationship between ETDE Web and DOE's Energy Science & Technology database, for the years in which they overlap, have so far not been successful. Test searches conducted by ORNL librarians of both databases yield significantly different results, with ETDE Web generally returning more citations. This may be due to different coverage or due to the fact that ETDE Web searches both bibliographic information and OCR'ed text for 79,000+ documents for which full text is available. At this point, users are advised to search both databases for a comprehensive search of the literature.