Monday, December 5, 2016
ORNL in the News
Oak Ridge National Lab Neutronic and Fuel Cycle Analysis of the Transatomic Power Molten Salt Reactor 2/15 Next Big Future
Memristor Research Highlights Neuromorphic Device Future 2/15 The Next Platform
ORNL wins 4 tech transfer awards 2/14 Oak Ridger
University of Maine partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/5 The Maine Campus
‘Handful’ of ORNL scientists from countries included in travel ban, but no effect so far 2/10 Oak Ridge Today
Global HPC Centers Form Accelerated Computing Institute 2/10 Inside HPC
ORNL Wins Four FLC Technology Transfer Awards 2/10 Printed Electronics
BU College of Engineering receives NEXTCAR grant 2/9 University Business Magazine
ORNL, Chattanooga Electric Power Board Test the Role of Sensors in Grid Innovation 2/8 EIN News
Oak Ridge steps up to Active Archive Solutions 2/8 Inside HPC
ORNL, Chattanooga Electric Power Board Test the Role of Sensors in Grid Innovation 2/8 Electric Power News
ORNL scientists, UT grad student find new way to capture carbon dioxide 2/7 The Daily Beacon
New ORNL protocol reduces Li-ion battery formation time 6x or more without affecting battery performance 2/3 Green Car Congress
Gastric Cancer-Related Bacterial Enzyme Details Identified Through Neutron Analysis 2/4 The Science Times
Manufacturing – Improved welding 2/3 PhysOrg
Researchers at Tenn. lab set record for communications speed 2/3 USA Today
ORNL researchers break data transfer efficiency record 2/1 EurekAlert
Team identifies better lithium-ion electrolytes 2/2 New Electronics
Haslam visits ORNL to highlight state’s role in discovering tennessine 1/28 Oak Ridge Today
Attack both supply, demand in opioid fight 1/30 The Knoxville News Sentinel
King Joins National Laboratory Officials & UMaine to Launch Innovative Partnership to Grow Maine’s Economy 1/27
Vetter Named to HPC Wire’s “People to Watch” List 1/26 Tennessee Today
Transatomic Power Announces Key Results with Oak Ridge National Lab 1/30 SAT Press Releases
Tourassi elected fellow of International Society for Optics and Photonics 1/26 SAT Press Releases
Alexander to chair subcommittee that oversees funding for ORNL, Y-12, DOE cleanup work 1/25 Oak Ridge Today
The Method: Supercomputers and the Human Brain 1/25 WUOT
Connecting the Bytes 1/25 Newswise
Sci-fi holograms a step closer with ANU invention 1/24 EurekAlert
Terrestrial Energy to License SMR in the United States 1/24 Power Engineering
Neutrons and a ‘Bit of Gold’ Uncover New Type of Quantum Phase Transition 1/19 PhysOrg
Meet the Director: Buddy Bland 1/23 SAT Press Releases
If successful, ORNL process could play role in fighting climate change 1/18 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL receives interest from appliance makers on dryer that uses vibrations, rather than heat 1/18 Oak Ridge Today
Largest Populus SNP dataset holds promise for biofuels, materials, metabolites 1/17 EurekAlert
Volume 2 of the 2016 Billion-Ton Report Analyzes Potential Environmental Effects n.d. Energy Industry Today
Same Spark, More Bytes 1/11 Inside Science
ORNL 3D prints nanoscopic materials with electron beam precision 1/11 3D Printing Industry
UT-Battelle fulfills $250,000 pledge to Emory Valley Center campaign 1/12 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge Plays key role in Exascale Computing Project 1/11 Inside HPC
NuScale Submits Reactor Design To the NRC 1/11 New Energy and Fuel
Fleischmann, Alexander urge Perry to visit Oak Ridge lab 1/11 Times Free Press
Crystallization method offers new option for carbon capture from ambient air 1/11 ChemEurope
ORNL discovers new method to remove carbon from air 1/10 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Works On Measuring and Manipulating Graphene 1/5 Printed Electronics Now
ORNL Researchers Work to Develop Drought-resistant Crops 1/3 Bioscience Technology
Biology and neutrons collide to unlock secrets of fish ear bones 1/9 Infoyu
Confined Water at Fahrenheit -451 1/6 Newswise
Ceramic matrix composites take flight in LEAP jet engine 1/4 PhysOrg
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2017 1/4 EurekAlert
Samsung licenses ORNL glass coatings for electronics that can repel water, reduce reflection 12/28 Oak Ridge Today
New ORNL hardware-in-the-loop facility simulates advanced ICEs combined with electrification 12/28 Charged
40 Under 40: Brian Egle 1/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
40 Under 40: Erin Rose 1/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Researchers Demonstrate 3D-Printed Magnets Outperform Those Manufactured Traditionally 12/28 Addititive Manufacturing
New Toolkit for First Responders 12/26 ISS Source
CareerLink showcases internships, research opportunities for minorities at ORNL 12/23 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Responds to Gatlinburg Firestorm 12/22
Biology and neutrons collide to unlock secrets of fish ear bones 12/21 PhysOrg
New Point of Attack Against Stomach Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori 12/20 Science Newsline
New incident management planning tool for first responders 12/20 Homeland Security News Wire
Neutron diffraction probes forms of carbon dioxide in extreme environments 12/20 Science Daily
ORNL receives 94 overall on DOE report card 12/19 WBIR-TV
ORNL is the focus of Sunday's 'Inside Tennessee' 12/16 WBIR-TV
Bringing technological advances to bioscience: Jerry Tuskan 12/16 Public
DHS S&T New Incident Mgmt Planning Tool for First Responders 12/19 American Security Today
George joins elite group as ORNL-UT Governor’s Chair 12/17 Oak Ridge Today
Scrum lights the way for grid modernization 12/15 Smart Industry
3D Printing is East Tennessee's Next Manufacturing Boom 12/14 EurekAlert
UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon 12/14 Around the O
Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool (Excel Version) (Phastex V1.01) 12/13
Jefferson Lab-NVIDIA collaboration uses Titan's to boost subatomic particle research 12/8 EurekAlert
Neutrons Identify Key Ingredients of the Quantum Spin Liquid Recipe 12/10 PhysOrg
Using Sensors for Cellular Population Modeling 12/9 Printed Electronics Now
Labs Receive Funding for AM Metal Powders 12/10 Industrial Heating
'Flotsam & Jetsam' is the World's Largest 3D-Printed Structure 12/9 TrendHunter
Story tips from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2016 12/7 ScienMag
New discovery may lead to the development of super premium gasoline 12/7 PhysOrg
Water-Saving Plant Study Advances Drought-Resistant Crops 12/7 Kentucky Ag Connection
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Produces 3D-Printed Magnets 12/1 Design News
Developing New Computer Tools 12/4 Federal Telemedicine News
Name of new element, tennessine, recognizes state’s contributions, including at ORNL 11/30 Oak Ridge Today
Ames Laboratory Awarded $5 Million to Improve Metal Powders for Advanced Manufacturing 12/2 Newswise
New ORNL hardware-in-the-loop capability to integrate advanced combustion, new fuels, and electrification pathways 12/2 Green Car Congress
Tennessine Passes Review Period, Now Permanent Name for Element 117 11/30 Tennessee Today
U.S. to Expand Neutron Science Facility 11/30 Inside Science
Magnet Applications partners with Oak Ridge National Lab 11/29 Recycling Today
Setting Out Markers 11/28 Metal Construction News
Seven ORNL researchers elected AAAS fellows 11/22 EurekAlert/AAAS
Strunk named top scientist at Oak Ridge National Lab's Awards Night 11/23 Oak Ridger
ORNL wins seven R&D 100 Awards 11/25 Oak Ridge Today
Supercomputers: China still has top two, ORNL’s Titan remains No. 3 11/23 Oak Ridge Today
New class of drugs could combat antibiotic resistance 11/18 The Knoxville Times
Details Emerge On “Summit” Power Tesla AI Supercomputer 11/20 The Next Platform
Extreme engineering: Embedding orchestration and control during 700 degrees Celsius 11/20 ORNL
UT-Battelle donates $150,000 for new Friendship Bell pavilion 11/20 Oak Ridge Today
Supercomputers' pit crews 11/16 PhysOrg
'Beautiful accident' leads to advances in high pressure materials synthesis 11/16 Science Daily
Harper with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Carbon Fiber Project 11/15 CFI Ceeramic Forum
World-leading HPC centers partner to form accelerated computing institute 11/10 EurekAlert
Two ORNL researchers elected fellows of American Nuclear Society 11/10 EurekAlert!/AAAS
World-leading HPC centers partner to form accelerated computing institute 11/10 HPC Wire
3-D printing key to conserving rare-earth materials for high-power magnet production 11/9 American Ceramic Society
ORNL awarded $3.36 million for automated, connected vehicle research 11/7 Oak Ridge Today
Titan supercomputer tests new deep learning methods for cancer research 11/8 ZDNet
UT, ORNL see future of eye disease diagnosis 11/9 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL-led team developing breakthrough high-temperature, high-strength Al alloy for advanced light-duty engines 11/8 Green Car Congress
ORNL Wins Seven R&D 100 Awards 11/4 PhysOrg
Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy? 11/2 Live Science
Samsung taps into ORNL technology 11/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
Harper Teams with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Carbon Fibre Project n.d. Observatorio del Plastico
Story Tips From the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2016 11/2 EurekAlert
ORNL tests new lubricants for ExxonMobil in marine diesel engine prototype 11/2 Oak Ridge Today
3-D-printed permanent magnets outperform conventional versions, conserve rare materials 11/1 PhysOrg
Innovative Building Technology App Concept Takes Top Award in Siemens JUMP Challenge 10/24 IBT
Collaboration yields open source technology for computational science 10/28 PhysOrg
Molten Salt Reactors Could Soon Help Power Earth—And One Day Mars 10/28 Wired
Nickel-78 is a 'doubly magic' isotope, supercomputing calculations confirm 10/26 Science Newsline
Harper teams with Oak Ridge National Lab on carbon fiber project 10/26 JEC Composites
Plans for Knoxville to test self-driving cars underway 10/25 WBIR-TV
Six ORNL researchers elected fellows of the American Physical Society 10/25 PhysOrg
Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide into Alcohol with a Single Spark 10/24 R&D Magazine
One-of-a-kind diesel test-engine unveiled 10/24 Knoxville News Sentinel
Nations sign major deal to curb warming chemicals used for air conditioning 10/15 Science
Composites leading way to manufacturing's future in ET 10/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers Discover Ways to Expand Temperature Stability Range of Solar Cells 10/22 Technobahn
ORNL researchers unravel the science behind biomass breakdown 10/21 RPA News
Scientists Accidentally Turned CO2 Into Ethanol 10/21
Oak Ridge National Laboratory opening one-of-a-kind office in Chattanooga 10/20 Times free Press
'M*A*S*H' star Alan Alda coming to ORNL, UT 10/19 Oak Ridger
Carbon Dioxide to Ethanol? 10/17 Electronics 360
Governor's Chair Vaidya Named Composites Person of the Year 10/12 Tennnessee Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory transforms CO2 to ethanol with help from nanotechnology 10/17 Biofuels International
UT Arboretum, ORNL hosting Bioenergy Day on Wednesday 10/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
Chomarat Is Developing Non-Crimp Fabrics Based On Very Heavy Tow Fibers For The Automotive Industry 10/11 Textile World
Composites Startup First To License ORNL's Fast, Cheap Carbon Fiber 10/13 Design News
How to Turn Graphene’s Defects into Assets 10/12
Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol 10/12 PhysOrg
ORNL, UT celebrating Bioenergy Day with free event for elementary, middle school students 10/10 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge Scientists Are Writing Code That Not Even The World's Fastest Computers Can Run (Yet) 10/10 Nashville Public Radio
Minnesota bogs offer ecosystem lessons for researchers 10/9 Scenic Range News Forum
Making light work 10/6 AMS
SNS accelerator celebrates 10 years of leading the way 10/6 PhysOrg
Loss of $250M Coqui RadioPharmaceutical brings disappointment 10/5 Ocala News
ORNL Creates Programming System for NVM Main Memory Systems 10/4 Inside HPC
GreenWood Resources licenses ORNL invention to boost biofuel yield 10/4 PhysOrg
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oct. 2016 10/3 EurekAlert Journal Honors: October 10/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
Next Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Might Literally Repel water 10/2
3D printing grows up: scientists are using the tech to make an earthmoving machine 10/1 Wired
GreenWood Resources licenses ORNL process to boost biofuel yield 9/28 Biomass Magazine
ORNL Is Developing Methods to Recover Rare Earth Magnets from Used Hard Drives 9/28 All About Circuits
ORNL United Way campaign tops $900,000, an increase from 2015 9/27 Oak Ridge Today
Samsung licenses ORNL glass coating 9/26
Leaders from 100+ Countries Call for Ambitious Amendment to the Montreal Protocol to Phase Down HFCs and Donors Announce Intent to Provide $80 Million of Support 9/22 White House Press Release
Global population database released worldwide 9/26 EE Publishers
"Phase Separation" in Oxides Could Produce a Multifunctional Chip 9/25
ORNL retiree hikes the world 9/23 Oak Ridger
ORNL launches new business accelerator for energy tech entrepreneurs 9/22 Oak Ridge Today
UPS Pursues Sustainability Research 9/22 Global Trade Magazine
From western movie set to climate science 9/21 Arizona Daily Sun
Modeling radiation damage 9/21 Science Codex
Knoxville business accelerator program aimed at entrepreneurs developing energy technologies 9/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL unveils 3-D printed excavating machine 9/19 The Tennessean
Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other applications 9/16 PhysOrg
Jet fuel may be grown on iconic Aussie gum trees 9/19 MyScience
Unlocking potential of 3D printed rocket parts with neutrons 9/17 Nanowerk
Is Peel-and-Stick Housewrap Poised for a Market Breakthrough? 9/16 Pro Sales Magazine
In Search of the Next Circuit Building Method - ORNL has Ideas 9/14 HPC Wire
Sustainability Stars: Government Facility Facelift Brings Recognition 9/8 Facilities Net
From Shore to Ship: Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Collaborate with US Coast Guard on Additive Manufacturing 6/28 DVIDS Hub
Electron microscope draws nano-sized patterns in metal ink 9/12 Engadget
USA – Shiloh Industries Awarded DOE Grant to Reduce Environmental Impact of Casting 9/12 Foundry Daily News
ORNL collaborates with six small businesses on clean energy tech 9/7 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL receives DOE funding for applications for more powerful supercomputers 9/7 Oak Ridge Today
The Future in 3-D 8/31 Tennessee Alumnus
Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond Signs Groundbreaking Carbon Fiber Agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/29 Business Wire
DOE's BENEFIT Initiative Seeks Low-Cost Building Sensors n.d. RFID Journal
ORNL licenses rare earth magnet recycling process 9/2 PhysOrg
ORNL, Local Motors get national spotlight 8/31 Knoxville News Sentinel
Khaleel to lead ORNL's Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate 8/31 Oak Ridge Today
The World's Largest 3D Printed Object 8/29
ORNL, ETEC hope to enhance cybersecurity 8/25 The Oak Ridger
New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials 8/26 Space Daily
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The Boeing Company to receive Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item 8/26 WVLT TV
Researchers push ahead automated approach to rare earth recovery 8/25 Resource Recycling
New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials 8/25 ChemEurope
UPS Pursues Ambitious Sustainability Research Projects With U.S. Department Of Energy To Power The Future Of Trucking 8/24 UPS Pressroom
Researchers moving forward with neutrino experiments 8/24 PhysOrg
Ultrasonic vibrations could bring 
energy efficient clothes drying
8/23 Power Electronic Tips
Lincoln Electric and Partners Awarded Funding for Additive Manufacturing R&D 8/19 Fabricating and Metalworking
National Parking Association Honors Parking Industry’s Most Influential Young Professionals 8/19 Park News
ORNL Collaborates with Six Small Businesses on Clean Energy Tech 8/19 PhysOrg
Electric Grid Vulnerabilities in Southeast U.S. Are Modeled 8/18 Engineering 360
“Semi-open” residential water heater concept promises high efficiency, lower cost 8/17 Energy Manager
DOE aims to accelerate new materials design through use of supercomputers 8/17 Oak Ridger
Rare Earth Magnets Mined from Used Computers 8/17 IEN
ORNL to help lead $16M advanced materials project 8/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
UT Research Reveals Certain Pollutants Worse Than Thought 8/12 Tennessee Today
Great vibrations.
Because they save time, money and valuable energy
n.d. University of Florida
Johney Green to Lead NREL Mechanical and Thermal Systems Engineering Research 8/11 NREL
Funding for joint additive manufacturing/3D-printing product R&D efforts 8/11 MRO Magazine
Electron beam deposition prints 3D nanostructures 8/11 Microscopy and Analysis
Scroll & Absorption Chillers Market Worth 7.13 Billion USD by 2022 8/11 WFMJ
Microscopy Uncovers Potential Way to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency 8/10 Photonics Media
Researchers combine simulation, experiment for nanoscale 3-D printing 8/6 Science Daily
Growth Energy Commends Department of Energy Lab's Report Shwoing Benefits of Mid-Level Ethanol Blends 8/4 Biofuels Journal
ORNL optimizes formula for cadmium-tellurium solar cells 8/3 EurekAlert
New Great Smoky Mountains app helps visitors find species 8/3
Demonstrating strong electric fields in liquid helium for tests of matter-antimatter symmetry 8/3 Science Daily
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2016 8/3 EurekAlert
ORNL Announces New JUMP Partnership with Siemens, Launches Crowdsourcing Call on the Internet of Things 8/2 EIN News Desk
Demonstrating strong electric fields in liquid helium for tests of matter-antimatter symmetry 8/1 PhysOrg
Scientists using technology in Pokemon Go to save lives 8/1
Novel graphene detects toxic gases 8/1 Microscopy and Analysis
ORNL-led study analyzes electric grid vulnerabilities in extreme weather areas 8/1 Innovations Report
This ultrasonic dryer will dry your clothes in half the time 6/21 CNN Money
New nontoxic process promises larger ultrathin sheets of 2-D nanomaterials 7/28
Atomic blimp stretches a crystal 7/27 Nanowerk
American Physical Society names ORNL’s Holifield Facility as historic physics site 7/25 Oak Ridge Today
An accelerated pipeline to open materials research 7/21 PhysOrg
Growing Large-Volume Protein Crystals Bigger, Better in Space 7/24 Newswise
Molten salt reactor neutronics data released 7/22 Your Nuclear News
New ORNL tool probes for genes linked to toxic methylmercury 7/19 eScience News
Supercomputing Used to Find Rare Earth Refining Alternatives 7/19 Engineering 360
Oak Ridge scientist elected ASM Fellow 7/18 Metal Powder Report
'Dream Team' chosen to study basic science of nuclear waste 7/19 PhysOrg
US DOE pledges $19m for HVACR projects 7/19 Cooling Post
Oak Ridge National Lab 3D Prints Table with Composite Bamboo Fiber 7/18 Composites Manufacturing
ORNL, Titan helping DOE supercomputers fight cancer 7/15 Oak Ridge Today
Energy Department Invests $19 Million to Improve Efficiency of Nation’s Buildings 7/15
DOE releases update of billion-ton report on biomass 7/13 Biomass
US Holds Potential to Produce Billion Tons of Biomass, Support Bioeconomy 7/13 Lab Manager
UniEnergy to supply ReFlex energy storage system for US grid modernization project 7/13 CTBR
Creating and customising material at the atomic scale 7/13 Engineering Specifier
Alexander: Energy bill supports research at ORNL 7/12 Oak Ridger
ORNL researchers use 3-D printer to print table with bamboo fiber 7/8 Oak Ridge Today
Scaling up and going green—Oak Ridge Lab develops biofermentation technique to manufacture zinc sulfide quantum dots 7/8 The American Ceramic Society
Transatomic technical paper shows its molten salt reactor would reduce waste by 53-83% depending upon level of enrichment used 7/8 Next Big Future
New 200-petaflop supercomputer to succeed Titan at ORNL 7/8 Oak Ridge Today
Thanks to climate change, the Arctic is turning green 6/27 The Washington Post
Scientists isolate, culture elusive Yellowstone microbe 7/5 Science Daily
Carbon fiber recycling agreement signed today 7/1 Peninsula Daily News
WSU researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material: Heat, light stimulate self-assembly 7/4 Nanotech Now
Heat, light stimulate self-assembly: Researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material 6/30 PhysOrg
Climate study finds human 'fingerprint' in Northern Hemisphere greening 6/29 Oak Ridge Today
IBM Plans to Trump China, Announces Plans to Release a 200 Petaflop Supercomputer by Early 2018 6/29 Tech News
ORNL part of administration's beat-cancer program 6/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
New electron microscope method detects atomic-scale magnetism 6/27 Analytica World
IBM prepares Power9 to take on Intel and ARM 6/24 IfoWorld
ORNL Researchers Develop New Electron Microscopy Technique for Identifying Atomic Level Magnetic Behavior 6/22 AZO Nano
Liang accepts leadership role at Pacific Northwest Lab 6/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Publishes Report Finding Bioenergy Crops Are Not A Risk To Food Security 6/24 National Law Review
Scientists seek new physics using ORNL’s intense neutrino source 6/22 Oak Ridge Today
DOE announces $16 million in funding to move energy technologies from labs to marketplace 6/22 Oak Ridge Today
How does your garden grow? Study identifies instigators of plant growth 6/22 PhysOrg
Keppens Takes Over as Head of Joint Institute of Advanced Materials 6/22 Tennessee Today
In Pursuit Of High-Octane Fuels 6/22 Downstream Business
No conflict gallons? “Biofuels actually supports food security in developing countries”: IFPRI report 6/18 Biofuels Digest
ORNL’s Rich Norby honored 6/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scalable Biomanufacturing Technique May Increase Availability of Semiconducting Nanoparticles 6/16 Photonics Media
DelCul wins Seaborg Award 6/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Atomic sculpting with a microscope 6/17 Nanowerk
Dongarra Honored with Pair of Prestigious Supercomputing Awards 6/16 Tennessee Today
Neutrons reveal unexpected magnetism in rare-earth alloy 6/16 EurekAlert
Drying Arctic soils could accelerate greenhouse gas emissions 6/16 The Artic Journal
Federal funding for advanced nuclear technology R&D 6/15 World Nuclear News
Cosine Additive Partners with Oak Ridge Lab for Ultrafast, Large-Scale 3D Printing 6/9
ORNL Makes Carbon Fiber Stick to Aluminum 6/13 Design News
Naming element Tennessine would be worthy honor 6/13 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL licenses carbon fiber processing to RMX Technologies 6/10 Materials Today
Tennessee gets a place at the table with newest element: Tennessine 6/8 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL research finds magnetic material could host wily Weyl fermions 6/7 EurekAlert
Gu elected fellow of Geological Society 6/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's Kalinin in elite company 6/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
PROSPECT experiment will search for sterile neutrinos, thanks to $3M DOE grant 5/31 Yale News
New alloy promises to improve energy efficiency of engines 6/6 Design Products & Applications
GE uses ORNL’s Titan to study combustion 5/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Salute to an ORNL star 6/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Sec. Moniz urges continued work on ITER fusion reactor 6/1 Energybiz
Metis — a little bit of Titan 6/1 Knoxville News Sentinel
EERE Success Story—Dow Partners with ORNL to Commercialize Advanced Energy-Saving Sealant for Buildings 6/1 Noodls
ORNL signs sharing pact with Cincinnati Inc. on additive manufacturing developments 5/31 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers use strain to engineer first high-performance, two-way oxide catalyst 5/30 PhysOrg
Dr. Johney Green Jr. of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Named SAE International Fellow 5/26 SAE
ORNL Team Bonds CFC and Aluminum with Lasers 5/26 IEEE Insights
Revealing the nature of magnetic interactions in manganese oxide 5/25
DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research 5/24 USAgnet
ORNL gets $2.54M grant for windows research 5/24 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Researchers Create Framework for Easier, Effective FPGA Programming 5/24 HPC Wire
Carbon fiber happenings at ORNL 5/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
One of America's biggest research labs to open in Chattanooga 5/22 Chattatnooga Times Free Press
Demonstration of large-scale technique to produce quantum dots 5/23 Science Daily
Neutrons probe structure of enzyme critical to development of next-generation HIV drugs 5/21 Science Daily
Laser treatment, bonding potential road to success for carbon fiber 5/23 ChemEurope
ORNL Develops Energy-Efficient Heat Pump for Cold Climates 5/20 ACHR News
SNS has strong run leading up to summer maintenance outage 5/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL licenses carbon fiber processing inventions to RMX Technologies 5/18 JEC Composites
Isotope program provides target material for the discovery of superheavy elements 5/18 PhysOrg
Ian Greeley gets UT-Battelle Scholarship 5/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Piedmont Propulsion Systems And Oak Ridge National Laboratory Share Anti-Icing Surface Treatment Research 5/16 Business Wire
ORNL Director, FedEx Founder Awarded Honorary Degrees 5/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL exclusively licenses CO fiber estimate inventions to RMX Technologies 5/13 PhysOrg
ORNL Director, FedEx Founder Awarded Honorary Degrees 5/13 Tennessee Today
The senator’s view of the Summit 5/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists find new path to highly-conductive solid electrolytes 5/12 Materials Today
Neutrons tap into magnetism in topological insulators at high temperatures 5/9 AAAS
ORNL's landmark accelerator completes a swan song series of experiments 5/10 PhysOrg
DOE Office of Science Selects 49 for Early Career Funding 5/9 Photonics Media
Neutron crystallography reveals structures of HIV-1 protease/drug complexes 5/10 PhysOrg
Speedy ion conduction clears road for advanced energy devices 5/8 Energy Daily
Oak Ridge National Lab says old tires can be recycled into batteries 5/7 WATE-TV
Physicists discover new state of the water molecule 5/6 Physics World
Hollow and filled with potential   5/6 Nanowerk
BAAM Recognized for Innovation 5/4 Fabricating & Metalworking
ORNL's reactor chief to speak May 10 5/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2016 5/3 EurekAlert
Young stars at ORNL get early-career funding 5/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
A new state of matter: Quantum spin liquids explained 4/29 PhysOrg
ORNL perspective on Summit: 'I would be shocked if this is not the greenest machine in the world when it debuts' 5/1 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Wants You To License Its Fast, Cheap Carbon Fiber 4/29 Design News
DOE Expands Program to Help Jumpstart New Building Technologies 5/1 JARN
10th anniversary of beam on target at SNS 4/28 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL’s Fernandez-Baca honored 4/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's supercomputing center fends off about a million attacks a day 4/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
Titan taking giant steps while ORNL preps for next great supercomputer 4/26 Knoxville News Sentinel
Advances in extracting uranium from seawater 4/21 Science Daily
New State for Water Molecules Behaves Unlike Any Solid, Liquid or Gas 4/25 Gizmodo
Fusion energy ties Oak Ridge to France 4/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
US Buys Iranian Heavy Water as Part of Nuke Deal 4/22 ABC News
Physicist aims for the stars with JENSA system 4/22 PhysOrg
Researchers at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Lab create recyclable plastic of the future 4/20 WZTV
Chemistry consortium uses Titan supercomputer to understand actinides 4/19 PhysOrg
ORNL Forges Connections for Sturgeon Conservation 4/18 Newswise
Oak Ridge volunteers celebrate 20 years of Smokies service 4/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL-led group grows aligned monolayers of lattice-mismatched semiconductors 4/19 Semiconductor Today
A splash of neutrons towards quantum computing 4/18 Materials Today
New 20kW wireless charging system could wipe out range anxiety 4/16 Autoblog
'Odd Couple' Monolayer Semiconductors Align to Advance Optoelectronics 4/15 Technobahn
DOE Announces Major Expansion of Crowdsourcing Initiative for Building Technologies 4/14 Southeast Green
Alexander: Senate bill has nearly $3B for Oak Ridge 4/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
Wireless EV Charger With 20 kW Capacity & 90% Efficiency Developed At ORNL 4/14 Clean Technica
Study offers clearest picture yet of how HIV defeats a cellular defender 4/13 Health Medicine Network
New bizarre state of matter seems to split fundamental particles 4/7 CBS News
High School Students Team with UT, ORNL to Produce New Type of Nail 4/7 Tennessee Today
Novel spectroscopy by using aberrations 4/7 Nanowerk News
Reviving fish population at White Oak Creek faces barriers 4/7 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Chalice receptors attract metal contaminants with new chemical selectivity 4/5 Science Daily
Team tracks how halogen atoms compete to grow 'winning' perovskites 4/6 PhysOrg
'Water Magnets' Developed at U of G Turned into Novel Skin Creams 4/6 Morning Post Exchange
Researchers develop 20KW wireless charging system for electric vehicles 4/6 ABR
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2016 4/5 EurekAlert
ORNL-NIST Team Explores Nanoscale Objects Using Microwave Microscopy 4/4 EverythingRF
Trustees Approve Renaming of the Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences 4/1 Tennessee Today
Broadening the bilayer 3/31 PhysOrg
Wireless charging system for EVs is nearly as good as plugging in 4/4 MSN Money
Oak Ridge National Lab director to receive honorary degree from UT 4/2 WVLT TV
SNS illustrates the ups and downs of science 3/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
SNS ready to go; research resumes tonight 3/30 Knoxville News Sentinel
Centrus Energy Secures New $32.3 Mln Contract for Uranium Centrifuge Work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3/28 Sonoran Weekly Review
Scientists have invented a new type of metal to make nuclear reactors stronger and safer 3/25 Science Alert
Oak Ridge's Poletop Rescue and Fall Protection Training 3/23 T&D World
New ORNL method could unleash solar power potential 3/28 Solar Daily
New ORNL method could unleash solar power potential 3/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
SAE International Announces 2015 Class of SAE Fellows 3/24 KTEN TV
Researchers Use Microwave Microscopy to Study Nanoscale Objects and Processes 3/23 AZO Nano
Researchers Invent Tougher Plastic   3/23 R&D Magazine
ORNL, 9/11 and Bethel Valley Road 3/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Drone technology could cut emergency response time 3/21 WBIR-TV
ORNL achieves milestone reducing carbon-fiber costs; seeks commercial partners 3/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
Atomic-scale 'sandblaster' produces novel 2D material 3/16 Materials Today
New Microwave Imaging Approach Opens Nanoscale View on Processes in Liquids 3/16 R&D Magazine
ORNL team gains insight into elastic properties of next-gen energy storage material MXene; understanding how ions flow  3/16 Green Car Congress
ORNL seeks licensees for its low-cost carbon fiber technology 3/16 Composites World
New ORNL Method Could Unleash Solar Power Potential 3/16 Lab Manager
ORNL to work with small biz on DOE voucher program 3/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
New Insights into Atomic Disordering of Complex Metal Oxides 3/11 Controlled Environments
JEC Composites Recognizes The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Partners 3/14 PR Newswire
Showing, Not Telling to Engage Students in STEM 3/11
ORNL researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2D materials 3/11 Opli
ORNL associate lab director to discuss discovery of elements 115, 117; super-heavy nuclei; 'island of stability' 3/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's Benchmark Data Set Validates Global Nuclear Reactor Codes 3/9 Newswise
Oak Ridge National Lab Testing Next-Gen Wireless Charging for EVs  3/9 NGT News
Illuminating the Universe's Ignition  3/9 Scientific Computing
DOE spending $28M to reduce risks at Y-12, ORNL 3/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE-funded Bioenergy Research Centers file 500th invention disclosure 3/4 PhysOrg
Bio Fuels Digest, Others Highlight Lignin Research by UT-ORNL Faculty Member 3/4 Tennessee Today
Understanding How HIV Defeats Cellular Defender 3/5 Laboratory Equipment
VortexT Analytics will mine data for industry 3/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
New Savannah River National Laboratory program will harvest material from aging nuclear assemblies 3/2 The Augusta Chronicle
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, March 2016 3/2 Newswise
Researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials 3/2 PhysOrg
UT, ORNL Scientists Gain New Insights into Atomic Disordering of Complex Metal Oxides 3/2 Tennessee Today
3-D Printed Micro-Building Shares Its Energy with and SUV 3/2 Wired News
ORNL's Sabau and Wagner honored 2/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Big milestone at ORNL reactor: 1 Million Megawatts Days 2/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Water-cleaning chemical made 'on-demand' with new group of catalysts 2/29 Terra Daily
Future of ORNL’s reactor is complicated 2/26 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Will Autonomous Vehicles Increase Road Reliance? 2/26 R&D Magazine
2D Semiconductors Preserve Excitons, Explored for Integrated Nanophotonics 2/24 Photonics
Better membranes, better roofing 2/24 Building Design + Construction
NDT trains at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/21
ORNL to support 4 computing-for-manufacturing projects 2/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
How tech can save money for 2020 census 2/19 GCN
NDT trains at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/21 DVIDS
China tops foreign visit list at ORNL — again 2/18 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Getting ‘real data’ on high-burn-up nuke fuel 2/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Department Announces Ten New Projects to Apply High-Performance Computing to Manufacturing Challenges 2/17
Outlook positive as SNS resumes operations 2/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Titan Probes Depths of Biofuel’s Biggest Barrier 2/16 Newswise
Spent fuel arrives at ORNL; research under way 2/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists create ultrathin semiconductor heterostructures for new technologies 2/12 PhysOrg
Ice Sheet Modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps Predict Sea-level Rise 2/11 Scientific Computing
Budget Request Reveals New Elements of US Exascale Program 2/12 HPC Wire
Thermal Cameras Reveal Materials’ Secrets 2/11 NASA Tech Briefs
UT, ORNL’s Liu Elected Member of National Academy of Engineering 2/8 Tennessee Today
UT-ORNL Study: No Double Magic for Calcium-52 2/10 Tennessee Today
Pro2Serve, Covenant partnership will use ORNL technology to solve healthcare’s information overload 2/8 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Better fluorescent lighting through physics 2/10 Illinois Manufacturing Association
ORNL’s Mason talks about the FY 2017 budget request 2/9 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Valpo Secures Funding For Nuclear Research 2/10 Inside Indiana
UC Berkeley to lead new $25M nuclear science and security consortium 2/5 UC Berkeley News
2016 Detroit Free Press Automotive Difference Maker honorees announced 2/5 Detroit Free Press
E25, E40 for the masses 2/4 Ethanol Producer Magazine
ORNL supports two new DOE-Funded Projects 2/5 Nuclear Exchange
UT Physics Professor works with ORNL to discover two new periodic elements 2/4 Daily Beacon
Better Fluorescent Lighting Through Physics 2/3 Breaking Energy
Research Taking a Shot at Improving Solar Energy 2/3 Tennessee Today
Oak Ridge Scientists Produce First Plutonium-238 in 28 Years 2/2 AIP
ACCEL Program at ORNL Still Going Strong Says Suzy Tichenor 1/26 HPC Wire
Oak Ridge Lab preps code for supercomputer transition 1/25 GCN
Creativity, nuclear ideas are set to flow at summit 1/31 Las Vegas Sun
UT, ORNL to participate in NNSA-funded research 1/29 The Knoxville News Sentinel
German Researchers Use Cray XK7 Titan Supercomputer to Study Laser-Driven Radiation Therapy 1/28 AZO Optics
Historical whodunits: Sleuthing doctors piece together ancient deaths 1/31 Havasu Herald-Sun
U.S. Backing 3D Printing to Develop Cheaper Wind-Turbine Blades 1/29 The Washington Post
Specialized ORNL team uses nuclear forensics to solve mysteries, safeguard materials 1/29 Homeland Security News
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Wins 80 Million Processor Hours on Titan Supercomputer 1/27 Inside HPC
Advanced Nuclear Pioneers Assemble at Third Way Summit and Showcase 1/27 University Chronicle
Team uses nuclear forensics to solve mysteries and safeguard materials 1/26 PhysOrg
Michelle Buchanan leads lab's efforts to solve our energy needs 1/25
Desert Beetle Led Scientists to Create Frost-Free-Zones that Help Prevent Frost 1/24 Tech Times
ORNL supports new projects to develop advanced nuclear technologies 1/22 Oak Ridge Today
HUD's Manufactured Housing Head Danner Speaks in Louisville 1/22 Daily Business News
Storms Are the Norm, Underground Winter 2015 Frontiers in Research Energy
New Kinds of Bugs For Biofuel Production 1/21 New Energy and Fuel
Promoting E30 Fuel blend up for debate 1/20 Grand Forks Herald
Researchers use neutrons to gain insight into battery inefficiency 1/20 PhysOrg
Uncovering Oxygen's Role in Enhancing Red LEDs 1/20 Lab Manager
Study Seeks Nature’s Best Biocatalysts for Biofuel Production 1/15 Lab Manager Magazine
ORNL to play big role in DOE’s Grid Modernization 1/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
X-energy Wins Department of Energy Development Grant 1/15 International Business Times
ORNL's thermal cameras snoop beneath surfaces to reveal materials' secrets 1/18 PhysOrg
Are Drones the First Responders of the Future? 1/14 UAV Expert News
Strongest ever spin-phonon coupling observed 1/14 PhysOrg
UT Physicist Helped Discover New Elements Recently Added to Periodic Table 1/13 Tennessee Today
ORNL, SCIEX Sign License Agreement for Analytical Chemistry Tech 1/13 Newswise
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2016 1/5 EurekAlert
National Lab Pushes Graph Platforms to New Points 1/7 The Next Platform
Should drones be first on the scene? 1/11 Las Vegas Sun
ORNL’s Sen receives Drell Award 1/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL sees results from Industry Day 1/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Oak Ridge Physicists Patent a Quantum Mechanical Burglar Alarm 1/6 Motherboard
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2016 1/6 Technobahn
A Minute Bioreactor Could Produce Vital Drugs in the Middle of Nowhere 1/4 Gizmodo
New Class of UT-ORNL Joint Directed Research and Development Faculty Named 12/30 Tennessee Today
IUPAC: With Discovery Of Four New Chemical Elements - 7th Period Of Periodic Table Of Elements Is Complete 1/2 Los Alamos Daily Post
ORNL Cell-free Protein Synthesis Is Potential Lifesaver 12/29 Technobahn
New acoustic technique reveals structural information in nanoscale materials 12/28 EurekAlert
UT-ORNL breakthrough aims to improve tech gadgets, TVs 12/28 Oak Ridge Today
World record achieved in pore-scale flow simulations 12/23 PhysOrg
Neutron beam study promises better solid-state Li-ion batteries 12/23 Smart 2.0
ORNL achieves plutonium milestone 12/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Process Could Be White Lightning to Electronics Industry 12/20 Jefferson County Post
ORNL’s Dai ranked among world’s most influential scientists 12/18 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL process may set new course for extracting uranium from seawater 12/19 Nuclear Power Daily
ORNL director thanks employees for ‘remarkable’ year 12/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
UCOR repairs water leak at Oak Ridge Research Reactor at ORNL 12/18 Oak Ridge Today
Methylmercury: A Dangerous Environmental Toxin 12/18 Laboratory Equipment
Ethanol-to-hydrocarbon technology advances 12/17 Energy Global
Zawodzinski Keeps Focus on Research Amid Mounting Honors 12/16 Tennessee Today
'Record level of funding' for research at ORNL 12/16 Oak Ridger
ORNL contractor gets high marks from DOE 12/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORAU Now Accepting Applications for Inaugural ORNL Challenge Program 12/10
Building Technologies Office Challenges National Labs to Rethink Market Engagement Strategy 12/11 Real Estate Rama
Checking out ORNL’s electricity bill 12/10 The Knoxville News Sentinel
LandScan+ combines The World’s Finest Population Distribution Data with authoritative infrastructure data 12/9 Directions Magazine
Benefits of ORNL's Industry Day 12/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Exploring Explosive Star Scenarios with 3-D Simulation on Titan  12/9 Scientific Computing
A Cure for Medical Researchers' Big Data Headache  12/9 Lab Manager
Turning Ideas into Impact: The Energy Department's Office of Technology Transitions 12/9
ORNL wins award based on IT innovation 12/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Looking ahead: SNS users visit to discuss next-generation target station at ORNL  12/6 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL’s Green elected fellow of SAE International 12/6 Oak Ridge Today
2015 Software/Services R&D 100 Award Winner 12/4 R&D Magazine
ORNL in Paris 12/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
2015 R&D 100 Market Disruptor Service Award: Silver Award 12/3 R&D Magazine
Virtually Perfect Graphene is Game-Changing for Electronics Industry 12/2 Controlled Environments
IG critiques the ORNL steam plant resolution 12/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL process could be white lightning to electronics industry 12/1 Lab Manager
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2015   12/2 EurekAlert
Metallic Glass Research Nets Breakthroughs, Yale Honor for Egami 12/1 Tennessee Today
Level repulsion in quantum magnets 12/2 PhysOrg
Belgian Regulators Approve Restart of Flawed Reactors  11/24 IEEE Spectrum
Zacharia, Paranthaman elected to AAAS 11/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Four ORNL researchers elected fellows of American Physical Society 11/23 Oak Ridge Today
Cutting-edge imaging points to better batteries 11/26 Microscopy and Analysis
ARPA-E’s Open Solicitation Yields $125M for Projects Across the Energy Map 11/25 Green Tech Media
ORNL, Solid Power Sign Exclusive License for Lithium-Sulfur Battery Tech 11/20 Newswise
Fighting terrorism in the lab 11/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
Miaofang Chi named ORNL's Scientist of the Year 11/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL microscopy captures real-time view of evolving fuel cell catalysts 11/19 R&D Magazine
Four ORNL researchers elected fellows of American Physical Society 11/18 EurekAlert
Tracking freight flows 11/18 PhysOrg
ORNL's Titan retains No. 2 world ranking  11/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL may receive hot nuke fuel for research 11/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL researchers win six R&D 100 Awards 11/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
Pushing the Boundaries of Atomic Nuclei Research 11/13 Lab Manager
California taps Titan supercomputer to help prepare for the next big quake 11/12 Yahoo Finance
Wireless In-Road Charging Under Development At Clemson University 11/15 Inside EVs
A Minnesota bog could shape climate change predictions 11/13 St. Cloud Times
Researchers use high-performance computing to drive alloy design 11/11 ECN Magazine
Mixing an icy cocktail to safely cool hot plasma 11/11 e Science News
Science Forum to Examine Global Warming Studies 11/11 Tennessee Today
DOE halts registration for ‘special access’ tours at Y-12, ORNL; revised plan will accommodate overflow demand 11/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Shows Off Titan on Periscope 11/5 HPC Wire
This is the World's Largest Fusion Reactor, and It's About to be Switched On 11/7 TechEBlog
New ORNL Device Combines Power Of Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy 11/6 Photonics Online
DOE Says Stimulus Spending Produced Significant Dividends For Energy Efficiency And Carbon Reduction 11/4 Solar Industry Magazine
ORNL team discovers mechanism behind direct ethanol-to-hydrocarbon conversion; implications for energy efficiency and cost of upgrading 11/4 Green Car Congress
Energy-efficient reaction drives biofuel conversion technology  11/4 R&D Magazne
UT-ORNL Study: Calcium-48’s ‘Neutron Skin’ Thinner Than Previously Thought 11/3 Tennessee Today
Special catalyst developed at ORNL 11/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
New catalyst features unsurpassed selectivity 11/2 ChemEurope
ORNL tires-to-carbon technology licensed to RJ Lee Group 10/31 Green Car Congress
Chemical complexity promises improved structural alloys for next-gen nuclear energy 10/30 Science Daily
Students: Apply for the ORNL Challenge Program 11/1 InsideHPC
Researchers Model Birth of Universe in Cosmological Mega Simulation 11/1 Quarks & Quasars
Snacks: BioEnergy Science Center passes audit but . . . 10/30 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL seeks $1.5B expansion of neutron source 10/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Alexander expresses support for national labs 10/28 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers developing roads that charge your electric car while you're driving 10/28 Computerworld
Local Motors signs contract to deliver first 3D-printed electric vehicle at IMTS 2014 10/27
Ron Graves inducted into automotive hall of fame 10/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Global population database release 10/26 ee Publishers
Keeping Food Cool 10/23 R&D Magazine
Better Fluorescent Lighting Through Physics 10/23 Breaking Energy
ORNL researchers help raise nuclear awareness to young students 10/22 WBIR
Aerojet Rocketdyne, UT, ORNL Take on New Advanced Manufacturing Thrust 10/22 Tennessee Today
TerraPower Quietly Explores New Nuclear Reactor Strategy 10/21 MIT Review
NREL names Martin Keller new laboratory director  10/21 Innovation News
Molecular Accordion Promotes Energy Sustainability 10/20 CE Magazine
Solvents save steps in solar cell manufacturing 10/19 PhysOrg
Mason says FY2015 was a pretty good year for ORNL and explains why 10/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Department Announces the Results of a National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program 10/17 Southeast Green
China Details Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Program 10/16 MIT Technology Review
Talks underway about Oak Ridge National Laboratory office in Chattanooga 10/18 The Chattanooga Times Free Press
Mason: ITER funding is biggest uncertainty 10/16 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE Announces Buildings Crowdsourcing Competition Winners, New Program 10//16 The ACHR News
Field Widens for Environments, Microbes that Produce Toxic Form of Mercury 10/13 Lab Manager
ORNL researcher proposes solution for online optimization of power management in HEVs/PHEVs and for different drivers 10/12 Green Car Congress
Rise of Trion Quasiparticles Revealed 10/12 Electronics Industry News
UT, ORNL host academic-industry meeting on national lab partnerships 10/12 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL, Strangpresse LLC sign additive manufacturing patent license agreement 10/11 Oak Ridge Today
50-year-old reactor requires a lot of maintenance 10/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Better fluorescent lighting through physics 10/8 PhysOrg
Oak Ridge National Laboratory highlights benefits of ethanol's high octane rating 10/7 BioFuels Digest
ORNL tests second-chance steam plant 10/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL union workers ratify 5-yr contract; agreement includes wage increases and signing bonus 10/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Department of Energy Honors Rocha as Part of "Women@Energy" Series 10/7 Tennessee Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory highlights benefits of ethanol’s high octane rating 10/7 Biofuels Digest
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oct. 2015   10/6 Newswise
Researchers find 'greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications 10/5 PhysOrg
ORNL microscopy finds justification of high-temperature superconductivity in singular layer 10/4 Fresh Ghana
3-D printed car and home live in symbiotic off-grid harmony 9/30 Mother Nature Network
More R&D 100 Awards in the offing for ORNL 10/5 The Knoxville News Sentinel
US fuel economy data on cars inaccurate and getting worse, study finds 10/5 Reuters
New Process Makes Scraped Tires Into Supercapacitors 10/1 News Energy and Fuel
Cybersecurity company licenses ORNL’s Data Diode  9/30 Homeland Security News Wire
Evidence of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Single Layer   9/30 Newswise
Unions reach tentative agreement with ORNL contractor 9/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers Use X-ray Reflection Interfacial Microscope to Provide Nanoscale Structural Detail of Calcite  9/26 AzoNano
The rise of X-ray beam chemistry 9/28 Health Medicine Network
ORNL demonstrates highway to supercapacitors for throw tires 9/26 NZHealthTech
ORNL supercomputer helps industry get products to market … faster 9/25 Oak Ridger
Alloy engineering addresses long-standing problem of semiconductor defects 9/28 PhysOrg
ORNL and Alcoa to be partners in a DOE pilot program for industrial problem-solving 9/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
CERN and the JRC to scale up production of alpha-emitters against cancer 9/24 Medical News Today
ORNL works with industry on energy-sharing prototypes 9/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy from cars power homes using East Tennessee technology  9/23 WVLT-TV
Local company gains worldwide appeal  9/23 WBIR-TV
LINE-X® Provides Watertight, Indestructible Seal For Sustainable Energy House Prototype 9/23 PR Newswire
DOE reviews fire protection at old hot-cell facility at ORNL; finds ‘generally adequate’ with some issues 9/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL question featured on ‘Jeopardy’ 9/17 Jeopardy Productions Inc.
New ORNL catalyst addresses engine efficiency, emissions quandary 9/21 Oak Ridge Today
Nano-Trapped Molecules Are Potential Path To Quantum Devices 9/17 Photonics Online
ORNL research demo combines clean energy, 3-D printed building, vehicle 9/17 Oak Ridge Today
Weatherization Assistance Program: Getting the Facts Straight 9/18 NRDC Switchboard
Energy Department Announces the Results of a National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program 9/16 EIN News
ORNL expecting big crowd for ‘Industry Day’ 9/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
Vertimass Retains Technip for the Development of Their Proprietary Technology to Convert Alcohol to Renewable Fuels Compatible With Current Infrastructure 9/15 Money News
ORNL Will Extend Centrus’ Contract for Advanced Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Research at Reduced Level 9/13 Business Wire
A highway that charges your electric car 9/11 MSN Money
The future is now, right? 9/10 Knoxville News Sentinel
Unions to begin contract negotiations at ORNL 9/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
Making fuel for exploring space 9/9 PhysOrg
Researchers mine information from next-generation subsurface flow simulations 9/9 PhysOrg
Can Manning actually play chess? UT professor shares experience from commercial shoot 9/9 WATE-TV
LandScan 2014 Global Population Database Released by East View 9/8 GeoConnexion
Isotope Reactor Basically Looks Like a Sci-Fi Weapon in These Photos 9/4 Gizmodo
Alexander and additive manufacturing 9/3 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Researcher honored for helping advance Latinas in tech field 9/3 Oak Ridge Today
Buddy Bland to speak at FORNL 9/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL-Developed Building Efficiency Software Now Available 9/2 Newswise
ORNL manufacturing facility part of national effort to make innovations 9/2 Oak Ridge Today
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2015   9/1 EurekAlert
ORNL’s Wolfgram named outstanding emergency manager 9/1 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientist on Simplifying the Recovery of Rare Earths 8/31 InvestorIntel
U.S. Secretary of Commerce tours ORNL’s manufacturing demonstration facility 8/28 WATE
Purdue grad wins award for 'cloaking' research 8/28 The Exponent
Unprecedented global warming experiment underway in northern Minn. 8/28 Northlands News Center
National Safety Council recognizes young safety professionals dedicated to excellence 8/27
DoE to Crank Out New Plutonium-238 in 2019 8/26 Space News
Commerce secretary to tour UT partner IACMI, ORNL manufacturing facility 8/26 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL chemical sampling interface features simplicity, speed  8.26 R&D
Federal Weatherization Assistance Program Provides Benefits Four Times Its Costs 8/24 NRDC
Two College of Engineering Groups Finalists for R&D 100 List 8/21 Tennessee Today
The technology could recover rare earth elements from old electronics 8/21 Hydrogen Fuel News
Titan Supercomputer Powers the Future of Forecasting 8/22 Inside HPC
Getting rid of hot stuff a first step in reactor cleanup 8/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Finalists Compete for ACM Gordon Bell Prize in HPC 8/21 HPC Wire
ORNL making 3D printed car that could power 3D printed home 8/19 WBIR
Viral comparisons 8/18 R&D Magazine
Trane Exhibits First Air-Cooled Chiller with Climate-Friendly Refrigerant DR-55 at IIR International Conference of Refrigeration 8/16 Digital Journal
BESC Creates Microbe That Bolsters Isobutanol Production   8/14 Newswise
Super-duper microscope at ORNL 8/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
Drexel engineers 'sandwich' atomic layers to make new materials for energy storage 8/14 EurekAlert
SNS prepped and ready for research after ‘extremely productive’ maintenance outage 8/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
The pressure is on 8/13 R&D Magazine
Atomic model of an immature retrovirus constructed 8/12 Science Daily
Materials Imaging and Data Sciences Converge at Oak Ridge Workshop 8/12 Inside HPC
Joint UT-ORNL Engineering Professor Helps Develop Hybrid Microscope 8/12 Tennessee Today
Hot components removed from ORNL reactor pool 8/12 Knoxville News Sentinel
Restart underway at SNS; neutrons available by Friday 8/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
Local Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Offer Additive Manufacturing Conference Facility Tours 8/6 Digital Journal
Two spin liquids square off in an iron-based superconductor 8/6 R&D Magazine
Tennessee in D.C.: Lab gave senators, negotiators ‘technical' advice on Iran nuclear deal 8/9 Memphis Commercial Appeal
ORNL climate researcher to receive award from Geophysical Union 8/6 Oak Ridge Today
The World's First 3D-Printed Car Is a Blast to Drive 8/7 Popular Mechanics
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2015 8/5 EurekAlert
Semiconductor-less Transistors the Goal 8/5 EE Times
Open-port sampling is made simple at ORNL  8/5 WBIR-TV
U.S. Rare Earths has entered into two agreements with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/3 Reuters
Tourassi to speak at Friends of ORNL 8/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
The Dayside: Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! 7/17 Physics Today
Invention will support licensing, transport of spent nuclear fuel 7/30 R&D Magazine
National lab trades in two MDM services for Citrix 7/30 GCN
Advancing HPC with Collaboration & Co-design 8/2 Inside HPC
What Do You Do With an Old Supercomputer? Crush It Like a Rusty Car! 7/31 IEEE Spectrum
Researchers Build Bacteria’s Photosynthetic Engine 7/29 Newswise
New research will boost grasp of North American carbon cycle 7/29 EurekAlert
ORNL kicks off United Way campaign 7/27 WBIR-TV
UT-ORNL Nuclear Expert Wirth Honored in Washington, DC 7/24 Tennessee Today
Novel Fabrication Technique Helps Produce Ultra-Thin Hollow Platinum Nanocages for Fuel Cells 7/27 AZ Nano
ORNL has 13 finalists for R&D 100 Award 7/24 Oak Ridge Today
DOE says no threat of detonation in plutonium storage drums 7/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Researchers Make Scalable Arrays of 'Building Blocks' for Ultrathin Electronics 7/22 Tennessee Newsline
Mark Dadmun Named Fellow of American Chemical Society 7/22 Tennessee Today
New NSF Award Supports Continued Operations at JICS 7/21 Tennessee Today
Who’s on UT-Battelle’s Board of Governors? 7/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL, DOE sites help power New Horizons’ journey to Pluto 7/16 Oak Ridge Today
DOE supercomputers get pre-launch tuning 7/17 GCN
Dow Liquid Armor outperforms tape 7/17 Green Building Elements
Drought-resistant crops: could agave genes hold key? 7/17 Fresh Plaza
New Pilot Helps Small Businesses Tap ORNL Expertise 7/17 HPC Wire
ORNL scientists create part for spacecraft flying by Pluto 7/14 WATE-TV
Nature Does Not Always Give Us What We Want 7/15 APS News
ORNL to play big role in small-biz pilot program 7/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL: Neutrons find ‘missing’ magnetism of plutonium 7/12 Oak Ridge Today
Beckwood to develop composite forming press for Oak Ridge National Laboratory 7/10 InTextiles
Supercomputing Centers-of-Excellence Twin 7/13 EE Times
Tennant Named Director of Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences 7/9 Tennessee Today
ORNL: Unlocking lignin for sustainable biofuel 7/8 Ethanol Producer Magazine
Recycling Rare Earths From E-Waste More Sustainably 7/8 C&EN
Local Motors Set to Launch World’s First 3D Printed Car  7/8 The Detroit Bureau
Supercomputing Flood Maps Using the Titan Supercomputer 7/6 Inside HPC
Lab Spotlight: ORNL – Low Cost Carbon Fiber Production 7/6 Newslink
AC or windows down: secrets to better summer fuel economy 7/5 News Examiner
Russell, scientist and environmental advocate, to be interviewed Thursday 7/4 Oak Ridge Today
Breakthrough Sealant Helps Make Energy-Efficient Buildings by Reducing Air Leakage 7/3
ORNL develops HVAC system that cuts costs  7/3 WBIR-TV
Three new Corporate Fellows at ORNL 7/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph 6/30 NPR
Beckwood Press Company Partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Develop Advanced Composite Materials & Manufacturing Processes 6/30 Midland Daily News
Tour of ORNL’s 3D Printing Facility: 3D Printed Podium for Obama, Titanium Robotic Arms & More 6/25 3D
MAHLE Powertrain receives $2.5 million energy grant 6/26 Farmington Hills Hometown Life
Helium 'balloons' offer new path to control complex materials 6/29 Materialsgate
Supercomputers Unleash Big Data's Power 6/24 Information Week
Silica 'Spiky Screws' Could Enhance Industrial Coatings, Additive Manufacturing 6/24 PhysOrg
Institute For Advanced Composites Helping America Lead On Clean Energy Manufacturing 6/21 Breaking Energy
UT-Led IACMI Formally Launches at Inaugural Meeting in Knoxville 6/19 Textiles Update
ORNL contractor fined $131,250 for safety violations; UT-Battelle won’t appeal 6/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL: New tool on horizon for surgeons treating cancer patients 6/18 Oak Ridge Today
Composite manufacturing initiative launched 6/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
Mastering magnetic reconnection 6/17 PhysOrg
HFIR ready for neutron school 6/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
The protein problem 6/17 PhysOrg
For Next Generation Supercomputers, What’s Old is New Again 6/11 The Platform
Companies invited to 'Explore ORNL' 6/12 The Daily Times

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