ORNL in the News
Global population database released worldwide 9/26 EE Publishers
"Phase Separation" in Oxides Could Produce a Multifunctional Chip 9/25 Globalspec.com
ORNL retiree hikes the world 9/23 Oak Ridger
ORNL launches new business accelerator for energy tech entrepreneurs 9/22 Oak Ridge Today
UPS Pursues Sustainability Research 9/22 Global Trade Magazine
From western movie set to climate science 9/21 Arizona Daily Sun
Modeling radiation damage 9/21 Science Codex
Knoxville business accelerator program aimed at entrepreneurs developing energy technologies 9/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL unveils 3-D printed excavating machine 9/19 The Tennessean
Study yields new knowledge about materials for ultrasound and other applications 9/16 PhysOrg
Jet fuel may be grown on iconic Aussie gum trees 9/19 MyScience
Unlocking potential of 3D printed rocket parts with neutrons 9/17 Nanowerk
Is Peel-and-Stick Housewrap Poised for a Market Breakthrough? 9/16 Pro Sales Magazine
In Search of the Next Circuit Building Method - ORNL has Ideas 9/14 HPC Wire
Sustainability Stars: Government Facility Facelift Brings Recognition 9/8 Facilities Net
From Shore to Ship: Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Collaborate with US Coast Guard on Additive Manufacturing 6/28 DVIDS Hub
Electron microscope draws nano-sized patterns in metal ink 9/12 Engadget
USA – Shiloh Industries Awarded DOE Grant to Reduce Environmental Impact of Casting 9/12 Foundry Daily News
ORNL collaborates with six small businesses on clean energy tech 9/7 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL receives DOE funding for applications for more powerful supercomputers 9/7 Oak Ridge Today
The Future in 3-D 8/31 Tennessee Alumnus
Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond Signs Groundbreaking Carbon Fiber Agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/29 Business Wire
DOE's BENEFIT Initiative Seeks Low-Cost Building Sensors n.d. RFID Journal
ORNL licenses rare earth magnet recycling process 9/2 PhysOrg
ORNL, Local Motors get national spotlight 8/31 Knoxville News Sentinel
Khaleel to lead ORNL's Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate 8/31 Oak Ridge Today
The World's Largest 3D Printed Object 8/29 Eneergy.gov
ORNL, ETEC hope to enhance cybersecurity 8/25 The Oak Ridger
New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials 8/26 Space Daily
Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The Boeing Company to receive Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item 8/26 WVLT TV
Researchers push ahead automated approach to rare earth recovery 8/25 Resource Recycling
New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials 8/25 ChemEurope
UPS Pursues Ambitious Sustainability Research Projects With U.S. Department Of Energy To Power The Future Of Trucking 8/24 UPS Pressroom
Researchers moving forward with neutrino experiments 8/24 PhysOrg
Ultrasonic vibrations could bring 
energy efficient clothes drying
8/23 Power Electronic Tips
Lincoln Electric and Partners Awarded Funding for Additive Manufacturing R&D 8/19 Fabricating and Metalworking
National Parking Association Honors Parking Industry’s Most Influential Young Professionals 8/19 Park News
ORNL Collaborates with Six Small Businesses on Clean Energy Tech 8/19 PhysOrg
Electric Grid Vulnerabilities in Southeast U.S. Are Modeled 8/18 Engineering 360
“Semi-open” residential water heater concept promises high efficiency, lower cost 8/17 Energy Manager
DOE aims to accelerate new materials design through use of supercomputers 8/17 Oak Ridger
Rare Earth Magnets Mined from Used Computers 8/17 IEN
ORNL to help lead $16M advanced materials project 8/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
UT Research Reveals Certain Pollutants Worse Than Thought 8/12 Tennessee Today
Great vibrations.
Because they save time, money and valuable energy
n.d. University of Florida
Johney Green to Lead NREL Mechanical and Thermal Systems Engineering Research 8/11 NREL
Funding for joint additive manufacturing/3D-printing product R&D efforts 8/11 MRO Magazine
Electron beam deposition prints 3D nanostructures 8/11 Microscopy and Analysis
Scroll & Absorption Chillers Market Worth 7.13 Billion USD by 2022 8/11 WFMJ
Microscopy Uncovers Potential Way to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency 8/10 Photonics Media
Researchers combine simulation, experiment for nanoscale 3-D printing 8/6 Science Daily
Growth Energy Commends Department of Energy Lab's Report Shwoing Benefits of Mid-Level Ethanol Blends 8/4 Biofuels Journal
ORNL optimizes formula for cadmium-tellurium solar cells 8/3 EurekAlert
New Great Smoky Mountains app helps visitors find species 8/3 WBIR.com
Demonstrating strong electric fields in liquid helium for tests of matter-antimatter symmetry 8/3 Science Daily
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2016 8/3 EurekAlert
ORNL Announces New JUMP Partnership with Siemens, Launches Crowdsourcing Call on the Internet of Things 8/2 EIN News Desk
Demonstrating strong electric fields in liquid helium for tests of matter-antimatter symmetry 8/1 PhysOrg
Scientists using technology in Pokemon Go to save lives 8/1 WBIR.com
Novel graphene detects toxic gases 8/1 Microscopy and Analysis
ORNL-led study analyzes electric grid vulnerabilities in extreme weather areas 8/1 Innovations Report
This ultrasonic dryer will dry your clothes in half the time 6/21 CNN Money
New nontoxic process promises larger ultrathin sheets of 2-D nanomaterials 7/28 ChemEurope.com
Atomic blimp stretches a crystal 7/27 Nanowerk
American Physical Society names ORNL’s Holifield Facility as historic physics site 7/25 Oak Ridge Today
An accelerated pipeline to open materials research 7/21 PhysOrg
Growing Large-Volume Protein Crystals Bigger, Better in Space 7/24 Newswise
Molten salt reactor neutronics data released 7/22 Your Nuclear News
New ORNL tool probes for genes linked to toxic methylmercury 7/19 eScience News
Supercomputing Used to Find Rare Earth Refining Alternatives 7/19 Engineering 360
Oak Ridge scientist elected ASM Fellow 7/18 Metal Powder Report
'Dream Team' chosen to study basic science of nuclear waste 7/19 PhysOrg
US DOE pledges $19m for HVACR projects 7/19 Cooling Post
Oak Ridge National Lab 3D Prints Table with Composite Bamboo Fiber 7/18 Composites Manufacturing
ORNL, Titan helping DOE supercomputers fight cancer 7/15 Oak Ridge Today
Energy Department Invests $19 Million to Improve Efficiency of Nation’s Buildings 7/15 Energy.gov
DOE releases update of billion-ton report on biomass 7/13 Biomass
US Holds Potential to Produce Billion Tons of Biomass, Support Bioeconomy 7/13 Lab Manager
UniEnergy to supply ReFlex energy storage system for US grid modernization project 7/13 CTBR
Creating and customising material at the atomic scale 7/13 Engineering Specifier
Alexander: Energy bill supports research at ORNL 7/12 Oak Ridger
ORNL researchers use 3-D printer to print table with bamboo fiber 7/8 Oak Ridge Today
Scaling up and going green—Oak Ridge Lab develops biofermentation technique to manufacture zinc sulfide quantum dots 7/8 The American Ceramic Society
Transatomic technical paper shows its molten salt reactor would reduce waste by 53-83% depending upon level of enrichment used 7/8 Next Big Future
New 200-petaflop supercomputer to succeed Titan at ORNL 7/8 Oak Ridge Today
Thanks to climate change, the Arctic is turning green 6/27 The Washington Post
Scientists isolate, culture elusive Yellowstone microbe 7/5 Science Daily
Carbon fiber recycling agreement signed today 7/1 Peninsula Daily News
WSU researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material: Heat, light stimulate self-assembly 7/4 Nanotech Now
Heat, light stimulate self-assembly: Researchers develop shape-changing 'smart' material 6/30 PhysOrg
Climate study finds human 'fingerprint' in Northern Hemisphere greening 6/29 Oak Ridge Today
IBM Plans to Trump China, Announces Plans to Release a 200 Petaflop Supercomputer by Early 2018 6/29 Tech News
ORNL part of administration's beat-cancer program 6/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
New electron microscope method detects atomic-scale magnetism 6/27 Analytica World
IBM prepares Power9 to take on Intel and ARM 6/24 IfoWorld
ORNL Researchers Develop New Electron Microscopy Technique for Identifying Atomic Level Magnetic Behavior 6/22 AZO Nano
Liang accepts leadership role at Pacific Northwest Lab 6/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory Publishes Report Finding Bioenergy Crops Are Not A Risk To Food Security 6/24 National Law Review
Scientists seek new physics using ORNL’s intense neutrino source 6/22 Oak Ridge Today
DOE announces $16 million in funding to move energy technologies from labs to marketplace 6/22 Oak Ridge Today
How does your garden grow? Study identifies instigators of plant growth 6/22 PhysOrg
Keppens Takes Over as Head of Joint Institute of Advanced Materials 6/22 Tennessee Today
In Pursuit Of High-Octane Fuels 6/22 Downstream Business
No conflict gallons? “Biofuels actually supports food security in developing countries”: IFPRI report 6/18 Biofuels Digest
ORNL’s Rich Norby honored 6/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scalable Biomanufacturing Technique May Increase Availability of Semiconducting Nanoparticles 6/16 Photonics Media
DelCul wins Seaborg Award 6/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Atomic sculpting with a microscope 6/17 Nanowerk
Dongarra Honored with Pair of Prestigious Supercomputing Awards 6/16 Tennessee Today
Neutrons reveal unexpected magnetism in rare-earth alloy 6/16 EurekAlert
Drying Arctic soils could accelerate greenhouse gas emissions 6/16 The Artic Journal
Federal funding for advanced nuclear technology R&D 6/15 World Nuclear News
Cosine Additive Partners with Oak Ridge Lab for Ultrafast, Large-Scale 3D Printing 6/9 Engineering.com
ORNL Makes Carbon Fiber Stick to Aluminum 6/13 Design News
Naming element Tennessine would be worthy honor 6/13 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL licenses carbon fiber processing to RMX Technologies 6/10 Materials Today
Tennessee gets a place at the table with newest element: Tennessine 6/8 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL research finds magnetic material could host wily Weyl fermions 6/7 EurekAlert
Gu elected fellow of Geological Society 6/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's Kalinin in elite company 6/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
PROSPECT experiment will search for sterile neutrinos, thanks to $3M DOE grant 5/31 Yale News
New alloy promises to improve energy efficiency of engines 6/6 Design Products & Applications
GE uses ORNL’s Titan to study combustion 5/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Salute to an ORNL star 6/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Sec. Moniz urges continued work on ITER fusion reactor 6/1 Energybiz
Metis — a little bit of Titan 6/1 Knoxville News Sentinel
EERE Success Story—Dow Partners with ORNL to Commercialize Advanced Energy-Saving Sealant for Buildings 6/1 Noodls
ORNL signs sharing pact with Cincinnati Inc. on additive manufacturing developments 5/31 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers use strain to engineer first high-performance, two-way oxide catalyst 5/30 PhysOrg
Dr. Johney Green Jr. of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Named SAE International Fellow 5/26 SAE
ORNL Team Bonds CFC and Aluminum with Lasers 5/26 IEEE Insights
Revealing the nature of magnetic interactions in manganese oxide 5/25 ChemEurope.com
DOE Announces $10 Million for Innovative Bioenergy Research 5/24 USAgnet
ORNL gets $2.54M grant for windows research 5/24 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Researchers Create Framework for Easier, Effective FPGA Programming 5/24 HPC Wire
Carbon fiber happenings at ORNL 5/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
One of America's biggest research labs to open in Chattanooga 5/22 Chattatnooga Times Free Press
Demonstration of large-scale technique to produce quantum dots 5/23 Science Daily
Neutrons probe structure of enzyme critical to development of next-generation HIV drugs 5/21 Science Daily
Laser treatment, bonding potential road to success for carbon fiber 5/23 ChemEurope
ORNL Develops Energy-Efficient Heat Pump for Cold Climates 5/20 ACHR News
SNS has strong run leading up to summer maintenance outage 5/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL licenses carbon fiber processing inventions to RMX Technologies 5/18 JEC Composites
Isotope program provides target material for the discovery of superheavy elements 5/18 PhysOrg
Ian Greeley gets UT-Battelle Scholarship 5/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Piedmont Propulsion Systems And Oak Ridge National Laboratory Share Anti-Icing Surface Treatment Research 5/16 Business Wire
ORNL Director, FedEx Founder Awarded Honorary Degrees 5/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL exclusively licenses CO fiber estimate inventions to RMX Technologies 5/13 PhysOrg
ORNL Director, FedEx Founder Awarded Honorary Degrees 5/13 Tennessee Today
The senator’s view of the Summit 5/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists find new path to highly-conductive solid electrolytes 5/12 Materials Today
Neutrons tap into magnetism in topological insulators at high temperatures 5/9 AAAS
ORNL's landmark accelerator completes a swan song series of experiments 5/10 PhysOrg
DOE Office of Science Selects 49 for Early Career Funding 5/9 Photonics Media
Neutron crystallography reveals structures of HIV-1 protease/drug complexes 5/10 PhysOrg
Speedy ion conduction clears road for advanced energy devices 5/8 Energy Daily
Oak Ridge National Lab says old tires can be recycled into batteries 5/7 WATE-TV
Physicists discover new state of the water molecule 5/6 Physics World
Hollow and filled with potential   5/6 Nanowerk
BAAM Recognized for Innovation 5/4 Fabricating & Metalworking
ORNL's reactor chief to speak May 10 5/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2016 5/3 EurekAlert
Young stars at ORNL get early-career funding 5/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
A new state of matter: Quantum spin liquids explained 4/29 PhysOrg
ORNL perspective on Summit: 'I would be shocked if this is not the greenest machine in the world when it debuts' 5/1 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Wants You To License Its Fast, Cheap Carbon Fiber 4/29 Design News
DOE Expands Program to Help Jumpstart New Building Technologies 5/1 JARN
10th anniversary of beam on target at SNS 4/28 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL’s Fernandez-Baca honored 4/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's supercomputing center fends off about a million attacks a day 4/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
Titan taking giant steps while ORNL preps for next great supercomputer 4/26 Knoxville News Sentinel
Advances in extracting uranium from seawater 4/21 Science Daily
New State for Water Molecules Behaves Unlike Any Solid, Liquid or Gas 4/25 Gizmodo
Fusion energy ties Oak Ridge to France 4/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
US Buys Iranian Heavy Water as Part of Nuke Deal 4/22 ABC News
Physicist aims for the stars with JENSA system 4/22 PhysOrg
Researchers at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Lab create recyclable plastic of the future 4/20 WZTV
Chemistry consortium uses Titan supercomputer to understand actinides 4/19 PhysOrg
ORNL Forges Connections for Sturgeon Conservation 4/18 Newswise
Oak Ridge volunteers celebrate 20 years of Smokies service 4/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL-led group grows aligned monolayers of lattice-mismatched semiconductors 4/19 Semiconductor Today
A splash of neutrons towards quantum computing 4/18 Materials Today
New 20kW wireless charging system could wipe out range anxiety 4/16 Autoblog
'Odd Couple' Monolayer Semiconductors Align to Advance Optoelectronics 4/15 Technobahn
DOE Announces Major Expansion of Crowdsourcing Initiative for Building Technologies 4/14 Southeast Green
Alexander: Senate bill has nearly $3B for Oak Ridge 4/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
Wireless EV Charger With 20 kW Capacity & 90% Efficiency Developed At ORNL 4/14 Clean Technica
Study offers clearest picture yet of how HIV defeats a cellular defender 4/13 Health Medicine Network
New bizarre state of matter seems to split fundamental particles 4/7 CBS News
High School Students Team with UT, ORNL to Produce New Type of Nail 4/7 Tennessee Today
Novel spectroscopy by using aberrations 4/7 Nanowerk News
Reviving fish population at White Oak Creek faces barriers 4/7 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Chalice receptors attract metal contaminants with new chemical selectivity 4/5 Science Daily
Team tracks how halogen atoms compete to grow 'winning' perovskites 4/6 PhysOrg
'Water Magnets' Developed at U of G Turned into Novel Skin Creams 4/6 Morning Post Exchange
Researchers develop 20KW wireless charging system for electric vehicles 4/6 ABR
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, April 2016 4/5 EurekAlert
ORNL-NIST Team Explores Nanoscale Objects Using Microwave Microscopy 4/4 EverythingRF
Trustees Approve Renaming of the Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences 4/1 Tennessee Today
Broadening the bilayer 3/31 PhysOrg
Wireless charging system for EVs is nearly as good as plugging in 4/4 MSN Money
Oak Ridge National Lab director to receive honorary degree from UT 4/2 WVLT TV
SNS illustrates the ups and downs of science 3/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
SNS ready to go; research resumes tonight 3/30 Knoxville News Sentinel
Centrus Energy Secures New $32.3 Mln Contract for Uranium Centrifuge Work at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3/28 Sonoran Weekly Review
Scientists have invented a new type of metal to make nuclear reactors stronger and safer 3/25 Science Alert
Oak Ridge's Poletop Rescue and Fall Protection Training 3/23 T&D World
New ORNL method could unleash solar power potential 3/28 Solar Daily
New ORNL method could unleash solar power potential 3/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
SAE International Announces 2015 Class of SAE Fellows 3/24 KTEN TV
Researchers Use Microwave Microscopy to Study Nanoscale Objects and Processes 3/23 AZO Nano
Researchers Invent Tougher Plastic   3/23 R&D Magazine
ORNL, 9/11 and Bethel Valley Road 3/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Drone technology could cut emergency response time 3/21 WBIR-TV
ORNL achieves milestone reducing carbon-fiber costs; seeks commercial partners 3/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
Atomic-scale 'sandblaster' produces novel 2D material 3/16 Materials Today
New Microwave Imaging Approach Opens Nanoscale View on Processes in Liquids 3/16 R&D Magazine
ORNL team gains insight into elastic properties of next-gen energy storage material MXene; understanding how ions flow  3/16 Green Car Congress
ORNL seeks licensees for its low-cost carbon fiber technology 3/16 Composites World
New ORNL Method Could Unleash Solar Power Potential 3/16 Lab Manager
ORNL to work with small biz on DOE voucher program 3/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
New Insights into Atomic Disordering of Complex Metal Oxides 3/11 Controlled Environments
JEC Composites Recognizes The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Partners 3/14 PR Newswire
Showing, Not Telling to Engage Students in STEM 3/11 Energy.gov
ORNL researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2D materials 3/11 Opli
ORNL associate lab director to discuss discovery of elements 115, 117; super-heavy nuclei; 'island of stability' 3/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's Benchmark Data Set Validates Global Nuclear Reactor Codes 3/9 Newswise
Oak Ridge National Lab Testing Next-Gen Wireless Charging for EVs  3/9 NGT News
Illuminating the Universe's Ignition  3/9 Scientific Computing
DOE spending $28M to reduce risks at Y-12, ORNL 3/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE-funded Bioenergy Research Centers file 500th invention disclosure 3/4 PhysOrg
Bio Fuels Digest, Others Highlight Lignin Research by UT-ORNL Faculty Member 3/4 Tennessee Today
Understanding How HIV Defeats Cellular Defender 3/5 Laboratory Equipment
VortexT Analytics will mine data for industry 3/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
New Savannah River National Laboratory program will harvest material from aging nuclear assemblies 3/2 The Augusta Chronicle
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, March 2016 3/2 Newswise
Researchers stack the odds for novel optoelectronic 2-D materials 3/2 PhysOrg
UT, ORNL Scientists Gain New Insights into Atomic Disordering of Complex Metal Oxides 3/2 Tennessee Today
3-D Printed Micro-Building Shares Its Energy with and SUV 3/2 Wired News
ORNL's Sabau and Wagner honored 2/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Big milestone at ORNL reactor: 1 Million Megawatts Days 2/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Water-cleaning chemical made 'on-demand' with new group of catalysts 2/29 Terra Daily
Future of ORNL’s reactor is complicated 2/26 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Will Autonomous Vehicles Increase Road Reliance? 2/26 R&D Magazine
2D Semiconductors Preserve Excitons, Explored for Integrated Nanophotonics 2/24 Photonics
Better membranes, better roofing 2/24 Building Design + Construction
NDT trains at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/21 Dvidshub.net
ORNL to support 4 computing-for-manufacturing projects 2/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
How tech can save money for 2020 census 2/19 GCN
NDT trains at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 2/21 DVIDS
China tops foreign visit list at ORNL — again 2/18 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Getting ‘real data’ on high-burn-up nuke fuel 2/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Department Announces Ten New Projects to Apply High-Performance Computing to Manufacturing Challenges 2/17 Energy.gov
Outlook positive as SNS resumes operations 2/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Titan Probes Depths of Biofuel’s Biggest Barrier 2/16 Newswise
Spent fuel arrives at ORNL; research under way 2/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists create ultrathin semiconductor heterostructures for new technologies 2/12 PhysOrg
Ice Sheet Modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps Predict Sea-level Rise 2/11 Scientific Computing
Budget Request Reveals New Elements of US Exascale Program 2/12 HPC Wire
Thermal Cameras Reveal Materials’ Secrets 2/11 NASA Tech Briefs
UT, ORNL’s Liu Elected Member of National Academy of Engineering 2/8 Tennessee Today
UT-ORNL Study: No Double Magic for Calcium-52 2/10 Tennessee Today
Pro2Serve, Covenant partnership will use ORNL technology to solve healthcare’s information overload 2/8 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Better fluorescent lighting through physics 2/10 Illinois Manufacturing Association
ORNL’s Mason talks about the FY 2017 budget request 2/9 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Valpo Secures Funding For Nuclear Research 2/10 Inside Indiana
UC Berkeley to lead new $25M nuclear science and security consortium 2/5 UC Berkeley News
2016 Detroit Free Press Automotive Difference Maker honorees announced 2/5 Detroit Free Press
E25, E40 for the masses 2/4 Ethanol Producer Magazine
ORNL supports two new DOE-Funded Projects 2/5 Nuclear Exchange
UT Physics Professor works with ORNL to discover two new periodic elements 2/4 Daily Beacon
Better Fluorescent Lighting Through Physics 2/3 Breaking Energy
Research Taking a Shot at Improving Solar Energy 2/3 Tennessee Today
Oak Ridge Scientists Produce First Plutonium-238 in 28 Years 2/2 AIP
ACCEL Program at ORNL Still Going Strong Says Suzy Tichenor 1/26 HPC Wire
Oak Ridge Lab preps code for supercomputer transition 1/25 GCN
Creativity, nuclear ideas are set to flow at summit 1/31 Las Vegas Sun
UT, ORNL to participate in NNSA-funded research 1/29 The Knoxville News Sentinel
German Researchers Use Cray XK7 Titan Supercomputer to Study Laser-Driven Radiation Therapy 1/28 AZO Optics
Historical whodunits: Sleuthing doctors piece together ancient deaths 1/31 Havasu Herald-Sun
U.S. Backing 3D Printing to Develop Cheaper Wind-Turbine Blades 1/29 The Washington Post
Specialized ORNL team uses nuclear forensics to solve mysteries, safeguard materials 1/29 Homeland Security News
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Wins 80 Million Processor Hours on Titan Supercomputer 1/27 Inside HPC
Advanced Nuclear Pioneers Assemble at Third Way Summit and Showcase 1/27 University Chronicle
Team uses nuclear forensics to solve mysteries and safeguard materials 1/26 PhysOrg
Michelle Buchanan leads lab's efforts to solve our energy needs 1/25 AAAS.org
Desert Beetle Led Scientists to Create Frost-Free-Zones that Help Prevent Frost 1/24 Tech Times
ORNL supports new projects to develop advanced nuclear technologies 1/22 Oak Ridge Today
HUD's Manufactured Housing Head Danner Speaks in Louisville 1/22 Daily Business News
Storms Are the Norm, Underground Winter 2015 Frontiers in Research Energy
New Kinds of Bugs For Biofuel Production 1/21 New Energy and Fuel
Promoting E30 Fuel blend up for debate 1/20 Grand Forks Herald
Researchers use neutrons to gain insight into battery inefficiency 1/20 PhysOrg
Uncovering Oxygen's Role in Enhancing Red LEDs 1/20 Lab Manager
Study Seeks Nature’s Best Biocatalysts for Biofuel Production 1/15 Lab Manager Magazine
ORNL to play big role in DOE’s Grid Modernization 1/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
X-energy Wins Department of Energy Development Grant 1/15 International Business Times
ORNL's thermal cameras snoop beneath surfaces to reveal materials' secrets 1/18 PhysOrg
Are Drones the First Responders of the Future? 1/14 UAV Expert News
Strongest ever spin-phonon coupling observed 1/14 PhysOrg
UT Physicist Helped Discover New Elements Recently Added to Periodic Table 1/13 Tennessee Today
ORNL, SCIEX Sign License Agreement for Analytical Chemistry Tech 1/13 Newswise
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2016 1/5 EurekAlert
National Lab Pushes Graph Platforms to New Points 1/7 The Next Platform
Should drones be first on the scene? 1/11 Las Vegas Sun
ORNL’s Sen receives Drell Award 1/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL sees results from Industry Day 1/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Oak Ridge Physicists Patent a Quantum Mechanical Burglar Alarm 1/6 Motherboard
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, January 2016 1/6 Technobahn
A Minute Bioreactor Could Produce Vital Drugs in the Middle of Nowhere 1/4 Gizmodo
New Class of UT-ORNL Joint Directed Research and Development Faculty Named 12/30 Tennessee Today
IUPAC: With Discovery Of Four New Chemical Elements - 7th Period Of Periodic Table Of Elements Is Complete 1/2 Los Alamos Daily Post
ORNL Cell-free Protein Synthesis Is Potential Lifesaver 12/29 Technobahn
New acoustic technique reveals structural information in nanoscale materials 12/28 EurekAlert
UT-ORNL breakthrough aims to improve tech gadgets, TVs 12/28 Oak Ridge Today
World record achieved in pore-scale flow simulations 12/23 PhysOrg
Neutron beam study promises better solid-state Li-ion batteries 12/23 Smart 2.0
ORNL achieves plutonium milestone 12/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Process Could Be White Lightning to Electronics Industry 12/20 Jefferson County Post
ORNL’s Dai ranked among world’s most influential scientists 12/18 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL process may set new course for extracting uranium from seawater 12/19 Nuclear Power Daily
ORNL director thanks employees for ‘remarkable’ year 12/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
UCOR repairs water leak at Oak Ridge Research Reactor at ORNL 12/18 Oak Ridge Today
Methylmercury: A Dangerous Environmental Toxin 12/18 Laboratory Equipment
Ethanol-to-hydrocarbon technology advances 12/17 Energy Global
Zawodzinski Keeps Focus on Research Amid Mounting Honors 12/16 Tennessee Today
'Record level of funding' for research at ORNL 12/16 Oak Ridger
ORNL contractor gets high marks from DOE 12/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORAU Now Accepting Applications for Inaugural ORNL Challenge Program 12/10 TMC.net
Building Technologies Office Challenges National Labs to Rethink Market Engagement Strategy 12/11 Real Estate Rama
Checking out ORNL’s electricity bill 12/10 The Knoxville News Sentinel
LandScan+ combines The World’s Finest Population Distribution Data with authoritative infrastructure data 12/9 Directions Magazine
Benefits of ORNL's Industry Day 12/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Exploring Explosive Star Scenarios with 3-D Simulation on Titan  12/9 Scientific Computing
A Cure for Medical Researchers' Big Data Headache  12/9 Lab Manager
Turning Ideas into Impact: The Energy Department's Office of Technology Transitions 12/9 Energy.gov
ORNL wins award based on IT innovation 12/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Looking ahead: SNS users visit to discuss next-generation target station at ORNL  12/6 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL’s Green elected fellow of SAE International 12/6 Oak Ridge Today
2015 Software/Services R&D 100 Award Winner 12/4 R&D Magazine
ORNL in Paris 12/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
2015 R&D 100 Market Disruptor Service Award: Silver Award 12/3 R&D Magazine
Virtually Perfect Graphene is Game-Changing for Electronics Industry 12/2 Controlled Environments
IG critiques the ORNL steam plant resolution 12/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL process could be white lightning to electronics industry 12/1 Lab Manager
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, December 2015   12/2 EurekAlert
Metallic Glass Research Nets Breakthroughs, Yale Honor for Egami 12/1 Tennessee Today
Level repulsion in quantum magnets 12/2 PhysOrg
Belgian Regulators Approve Restart of Flawed Reactors  11/24 IEEE Spectrum
Zacharia, Paranthaman elected to AAAS 11/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Four ORNL researchers elected fellows of American Physical Society 11/23 Oak Ridge Today
Cutting-edge imaging points to better batteries 11/26 Microscopy and Analysis
ARPA-E’s Open Solicitation Yields $125M for Projects Across the Energy Map 11/25 Green Tech Media
ORNL, Solid Power Sign Exclusive License for Lithium-Sulfur Battery Tech 11/20 Newswise
Fighting terrorism in the lab 11/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
Miaofang Chi named ORNL's Scientist of the Year 11/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL microscopy captures real-time view of evolving fuel cell catalysts 11/19 R&D Magazine
Four ORNL researchers elected fellows of American Physical Society 11/18 EurekAlert
Tracking freight flows 11/18 PhysOrg
ORNL's Titan retains No. 2 world ranking  11/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL may receive hot nuke fuel for research 11/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL researchers win six R&D 100 Awards 11/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
Pushing the Boundaries of Atomic Nuclei Research 11/13 Lab Manager
California taps Titan supercomputer to help prepare for the next big quake 11/12 Yahoo Finance
Wireless In-Road Charging Under Development At Clemson University 11/15 Inside EVs
A Minnesota bog could shape climate change predictions 11/13 St. Cloud Times
Researchers use high-performance computing to drive alloy design 11/11 ECN Magazine
Mixing an icy cocktail to safely cool hot plasma 11/11 e Science News
Science Forum to Examine Global Warming Studies 11/11 Tennessee Today
DOE halts registration for ‘special access’ tours at Y-12, ORNL; revised plan will accommodate overflow demand 11/6 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Shows Off Titan on Periscope 11/5 HPC Wire
This is the World's Largest Fusion Reactor, and It's About to be Switched On 11/7 TechEBlog
New ORNL Device Combines Power Of Mass Spectrometry, Microscopy 11/6 Photonics Online
DOE Says Stimulus Spending Produced Significant Dividends For Energy Efficiency And Carbon Reduction 11/4 Solar Industry Magazine
ORNL team discovers mechanism behind direct ethanol-to-hydrocarbon conversion; implications for energy efficiency and cost of upgrading 11/4 Green Car Congress
Energy-efficient reaction drives biofuel conversion technology  11/4 R&D Magazne
UT-ORNL Study: Calcium-48’s ‘Neutron Skin’ Thinner Than Previously Thought 11/3 Tennessee Today
Special catalyst developed at ORNL 11/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
New catalyst features unsurpassed selectivity 11/2 ChemEurope
ORNL tires-to-carbon technology licensed to RJ Lee Group 10/31 Green Car Congress
Chemical complexity promises improved structural alloys for next-gen nuclear energy 10/30 Science Daily
Students: Apply for the ORNL Challenge Program 11/1 InsideHPC
Researchers Model Birth of Universe in Cosmological Mega Simulation 11/1 Quarks & Quasars
Snacks: BioEnergy Science Center passes audit but . . . 10/30 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL seeks $1.5B expansion of neutron source 10/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Alexander expresses support for national labs 10/28 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers developing roads that charge your electric car while you're driving 10/28 Computerworld
Local Motors signs contract to deliver first 3D-printed electric vehicle at IMTS 2014 10/27 Machines4sale.com
Ron Graves inducted into automotive hall of fame 10/23 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Global population database release 10/26 ee Publishers
Keeping Food Cool 10/23 R&D Magazine
Better Fluorescent Lighting Through Physics 10/23 Breaking Energy
ORNL researchers help raise nuclear awareness to young students 10/22 WBIR
Aerojet Rocketdyne, UT, ORNL Take on New Advanced Manufacturing Thrust 10/22 Tennessee Today
TerraPower Quietly Explores New Nuclear Reactor Strategy 10/21 MIT Review
NREL names Martin Keller new laboratory director  10/21 Innovation News
Molecular Accordion Promotes Energy Sustainability 10/20 CE Magazine
Solvents save steps in solar cell manufacturing 10/19 PhysOrg
Mason says FY2015 was a pretty good year for ORNL and explains why 10/17 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Department Announces the Results of a National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program 10/17 Southeast Green
China Details Next-Gen Nuclear Reactor Program 10/16 MIT Technology Review
Talks underway about Oak Ridge National Laboratory office in Chattanooga 10/18 The Chattanooga Times Free Press
Mason: ITER funding is biggest uncertainty 10/16 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE Announces Buildings Crowdsourcing Competition Winners, New Program 10//16 The ACHR News
Field Widens for Environments, Microbes that Produce Toxic Form of Mercury 10/13 Lab Manager
ORNL researcher proposes solution for online optimization of power management in HEVs/PHEVs and for different drivers 10/12 Green Car Congress
Rise of Trion Quasiparticles Revealed 10/12 Electronics Industry News
UT, ORNL host academic-industry meeting on national lab partnerships 10/12 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL, Strangpresse LLC sign additive manufacturing patent license agreement 10/11 Oak Ridge Today
50-year-old reactor requires a lot of maintenance 10/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Better fluorescent lighting through physics 10/8 PhysOrg
Oak Ridge National Laboratory highlights benefits of ethanol's high octane rating 10/7 BioFuels Digest
ORNL tests second-chance steam plant 10/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL union workers ratify 5-yr contract; agreement includes wage increases and signing bonus 10/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Department of Energy Honors Rocha as Part of "Women@Energy" Series 10/7 Tennessee Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory highlights benefits of ethanol’s high octane rating 10/7 Biofuels Digest
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oct. 2015   10/6 Newswise
Researchers find 'greener' way to assemble materials for solar applications 10/5 PhysOrg
ORNL microscopy finds justification of high-temperature superconductivity in singular layer 10/4 Fresh Ghana
3-D printed car and home live in symbiotic off-grid harmony 9/30 Mother Nature Network
More R&D 100 Awards in the offing for ORNL 10/5 The Knoxville News Sentinel
US fuel economy data on cars inaccurate and getting worse, study finds 10/5 Reuters
New Process Makes Scraped Tires Into Supercapacitors 10/1 News Energy and Fuel
Cybersecurity company licenses ORNL’s Data Diode  9/30 Homeland Security News Wire
Evidence of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Single Layer   9/30 Newswise
Unions reach tentative agreement with ORNL contractor 9/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers Use X-ray Reflection Interfacial Microscope to Provide Nanoscale Structural Detail of Calcite  9/26 AzoNano
The rise of X-ray beam chemistry 9/28 Health Medicine Network
ORNL demonstrates highway to supercapacitors for throw tires 9/26 NZHealthTech
ORNL supercomputer helps industry get products to market … faster 9/25 Oak Ridger
Alloy engineering addresses long-standing problem of semiconductor defects 9/28 PhysOrg
ORNL and Alcoa to be partners in a DOE pilot program for industrial problem-solving 9/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
CERN and the JRC to scale up production of alpha-emitters against cancer 9/24 Medical News Today
ORNL works with industry on energy-sharing prototypes 9/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy from cars power homes using East Tennessee technology  9/23 WVLT-TV
Local company gains worldwide appeal  9/23 WBIR-TV
LINE-X® Provides Watertight, Indestructible Seal For Sustainable Energy House Prototype 9/23 PR Newswire
DOE reviews fire protection at old hot-cell facility at ORNL; finds ‘generally adequate’ with some issues 9/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL question featured on ‘Jeopardy’ 9/17 Jeopardy Productions Inc.
New ORNL catalyst addresses engine efficiency, emissions quandary 9/21 Oak Ridge Today
Nano-Trapped Molecules Are Potential Path To Quantum Devices 9/17 Photonics Online
ORNL research demo combines clean energy, 3-D printed building, vehicle 9/17 Oak Ridge Today
Weatherization Assistance Program: Getting the Facts Straight 9/18 NRDC Switchboard
Energy Department Announces the Results of a National Evaluation of the Weatherization Assistance Program 9/16 EIN News
ORNL expecting big crowd for ‘Industry Day’ 9/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
Vertimass Retains Technip for the Development of Their Proprietary Technology to Convert Alcohol to Renewable Fuels Compatible With Current Infrastructure 9/15 Money News
ORNL Will Extend Centrus’ Contract for Advanced Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Research at Reduced Level 9/13 Business Wire
A highway that charges your electric car 9/11 MSN Money
The future is now, right? 9/10 Knoxville News Sentinel
Unions to begin contract negotiations at ORNL 9/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
Making fuel for exploring space 9/9 PhysOrg
Researchers mine information from next-generation subsurface flow simulations 9/9 PhysOrg
Can Manning actually play chess? UT professor shares experience from commercial shoot 9/9 WATE-TV
LandScan 2014 Global Population Database Released by East View 9/8 GeoConnexion
Isotope Reactor Basically Looks Like a Sci-Fi Weapon in These Photos 9/4 Gizmodo
Alexander and additive manufacturing 9/3 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Researcher honored for helping advance Latinas in tech field 9/3 Oak Ridge Today
Buddy Bland to speak at FORNL 9/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL-Developed Building Efficiency Software Now Available 9/2 Newswise
ORNL manufacturing facility part of national effort to make innovations 9/2 Oak Ridge Today
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2015   9/1 EurekAlert
ORNL’s Wolfgram named outstanding emergency manager 9/1 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientist on Simplifying the Recovery of Rare Earths 8/31 InvestorIntel
U.S. Secretary of Commerce tours ORNL’s manufacturing demonstration facility 8/28 WATE
Purdue grad wins award for 'cloaking' research 8/28 The Exponent
Unprecedented global warming experiment underway in northern Minn. 8/28 Northlands News Center
National Safety Council recognizes young safety professionals dedicated to excellence 8/27 KLTV.com
DoE to Crank Out New Plutonium-238 in 2019 8/26 Space News
Commerce secretary to tour UT partner IACMI, ORNL manufacturing facility 8/26 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL chemical sampling interface features simplicity, speed  8.26 R&D
Federal Weatherization Assistance Program Provides Benefits Four Times Its Costs 8/24 NRDC
Two College of Engineering Groups Finalists for R&D 100 List 8/21 Tennessee Today
The technology could recover rare earth elements from old electronics 8/21 Hydrogen Fuel News
Titan Supercomputer Powers the Future of Forecasting 8/22 Inside HPC
Getting rid of hot stuff a first step in reactor cleanup 8/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Finalists Compete for ACM Gordon Bell Prize in HPC 8/21 HPC Wire
ORNL making 3D printed car that could power 3D printed home 8/19 WBIR
Viral comparisons 8/18 R&D Magazine
Trane Exhibits First Air-Cooled Chiller with Climate-Friendly Refrigerant DR-55 at IIR International Conference of Refrigeration 8/16 Digital Journal
BESC Creates Microbe That Bolsters Isobutanol Production   8/14 Newswise
Super-duper microscope at ORNL 8/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
Drexel engineers 'sandwich' atomic layers to make new materials for energy storage 8/14 EurekAlert
SNS prepped and ready for research after ‘extremely productive’ maintenance outage 8/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
The pressure is on 8/13 R&D Magazine
Atomic model of an immature retrovirus constructed 8/12 Science Daily
Materials Imaging and Data Sciences Converge at Oak Ridge Workshop 8/12 Inside HPC
Joint UT-ORNL Engineering Professor Helps Develop Hybrid Microscope 8/12 Tennessee Today
Hot components removed from ORNL reactor pool 8/12 Knoxville News Sentinel
Restart underway at SNS; neutrons available by Friday 8/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
Local Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Offer Additive Manufacturing Conference Facility Tours 8/6 Digital Journal
Two spin liquids square off in an iron-based superconductor 8/6 R&D Magazine
Tennessee in D.C.: Lab gave senators, negotiators ‘technical' advice on Iran nuclear deal 8/9 Memphis Commercial Appeal
ORNL climate researcher to receive award from Geophysical Union 8/6 Oak Ridge Today
The World's First 3D-Printed Car Is a Blast to Drive 8/7 Popular Mechanics
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2015 8/5 EurekAlert
Semiconductor-less Transistors the Goal 8/5 EE Times
Open-port sampling is made simple at ORNL  8/5 WBIR-TV
U.S. Rare Earths has entered into two agreements with Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/3 Reuters
Tourassi to speak at Friends of ORNL 8/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
The Dayside: Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! 7/17 Physics Today
Invention will support licensing, transport of spent nuclear fuel 7/30 R&D Magazine
National lab trades in two MDM services for Citrix 7/30 GCN
Advancing HPC with Collaboration & Co-design 8/2 Inside HPC
What Do You Do With an Old Supercomputer? Crush It Like a Rusty Car! 7/31 IEEE Spectrum
Researchers Build Bacteria’s Photosynthetic Engine 7/29 Newswise
New research will boost grasp of North American carbon cycle 7/29 EurekAlert
ORNL kicks off United Way campaign 7/27 WBIR-TV
UT-ORNL Nuclear Expert Wirth Honored in Washington, DC 7/24 Tennessee Today
Novel Fabrication Technique Helps Produce Ultra-Thin Hollow Platinum Nanocages for Fuel Cells 7/27 AZ Nano
ORNL has 13 finalists for R&D 100 Award 7/24 Oak Ridge Today
DOE says no threat of detonation in plutonium storage drums 7/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Researchers Make Scalable Arrays of 'Building Blocks' for Ultrathin Electronics 7/22 Tennessee Newsline
Mark Dadmun Named Fellow of American Chemical Society 7/22 Tennessee Today
New NSF Award Supports Continued Operations at JICS 7/21 Tennessee Today
Who’s on UT-Battelle’s Board of Governors? 7/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL, DOE sites help power New Horizons’ journey to Pluto 7/16 Oak Ridge Today
DOE supercomputers get pre-launch tuning 7/17 GCN
Dow Liquid Armor outperforms tape 7/17 Green Building Elements
Drought-resistant crops: could agave genes hold key? 7/17 Fresh Plaza
New Pilot Helps Small Businesses Tap ORNL Expertise 7/17 HPC Wire
ORNL scientists create part for spacecraft flying by Pluto 7/14 WATE-TV
Nature Does Not Always Give Us What We Want 7/15 APS News
ORNL to play big role in small-biz pilot program 7/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL: Neutrons find ‘missing’ magnetism of plutonium 7/12 Oak Ridge Today
Beckwood to develop composite forming press for Oak Ridge National Laboratory 7/10 InTextiles
Supercomputing Centers-of-Excellence Twin 7/13 EE Times
Tennant Named Director of Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences 7/9 Tennessee Today
ORNL: Unlocking lignin for sustainable biofuel 7/8 Ethanol Producer Magazine
Recycling Rare Earths From E-Waste More Sustainably 7/8 C&EN
Local Motors Set to Launch World’s First 3D Printed Car  7/8 The Detroit Bureau
Supercomputing Flood Maps Using the Titan Supercomputer 7/6 Inside HPC
Lab Spotlight: ORNL – Low Cost Carbon Fiber Production 7/6 Newslink
AC or windows down: secrets to better summer fuel economy 7/5 News Examiner
Russell, scientist and environmental advocate, to be interviewed Thursday 7/4 Oak Ridge Today
Breakthrough Sealant Helps Make Energy-Efficient Buildings by Reducing Air Leakage 7/3 Azobuild.com
ORNL develops HVAC system that cuts costs  7/3 WBIR-TV
Three new Corporate Fellows at ORNL 7/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
Flood Maps Can Get Much Sharper With A Little Supercomputing Oomph 6/30 NPR
Beckwood Press Company Partners with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Develop Advanced Composite Materials & Manufacturing Processes 6/30 Midland Daily News
Tour of ORNL’s 3D Printing Facility: 3D Printed Podium for Obama, Titanium Robotic Arms & More 6/25 3D Print.com
MAHLE Powertrain receives $2.5 million energy grant 6/26 Farmington Hills Hometown Life
Helium 'balloons' offer new path to control complex materials 6/29 Materialsgate
Supercomputers Unleash Big Data's Power 6/24 Information Week
Silica 'Spiky Screws' Could Enhance Industrial Coatings, Additive Manufacturing 6/24 PhysOrg
Institute For Advanced Composites Helping America Lead On Clean Energy Manufacturing 6/21 Breaking Energy
UT-Led IACMI Formally Launches at Inaugural Meeting in Knoxville 6/19 Textiles Update
ORNL contractor fined $131,250 for safety violations; UT-Battelle won’t appeal 6/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL: New tool on horizon for surgeons treating cancer patients 6/18 Oak Ridge Today
Composite manufacturing initiative launched 6/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
Mastering magnetic reconnection 6/17 PhysOrg
HFIR ready for neutron school 6/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
The protein problem 6/17 PhysOrg
For Next Generation Supercomputers, What’s Old is New Again 6/11 The Platform
Companies invited to 'Explore ORNL' 6/12 The Daily Times
DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Program Annual Merit Review Awards 6/12 Green Car Congress
ORNL researchers see the light for safer runways 6/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Advanced Composites Expert Named Newest UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair 6/12 Tennessee Today
Learn about 3D Printing of Large Parts at Amerimold 2015 6/12 Modern Machine Shop
Fusion researchers use Titan supercomputer to burst helium bubbles 6/10 PhysOrg
ORNL reactor at full power after major maintenance 6/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Kodak and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Announce New Collaboration 6/9 Business Wire
Good vibrations at ORNL 6/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL collaborates with Hyundai 6/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL is creating a heat-less clothes dryer 6/5 WBIR
Manhattan Project park will require cooperation, planning 6/7 WBIR
UT, ORNL win nuke grants 6/5 The Knoxville News Sentinel
HFIR to emerge from year’s longest outage 6/5 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL hails biofuel progress 6/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL’s Paranthaman honored 6/1 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Material Inspired by Moth Eyes Boosts Solar-Cell Efficiency 6/3 Design News
ORNL contractor fined $112,500 for rad accident 6/2 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Charge of the lithium brigade 5/30 The Economist
The ‘Why’ of Models 5/27 Newswise
American Process Inc. Announces Partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Make 3D Printing Plastic Resins Stronger and More Sustainable 5/28 Virtual Strategy Magazine
Wirth Receives Top DOE Honor, Credits UT-ORNL Partnership 5/21 Tennessee Today
RAPTOR turbulent combustion code selected for next-gen supercomputer readiness project 5/28 PhysOrg
2014 foreigner visits to ORNL by country 5/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
A modestly good report at SNS 5/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
Physicists advance understanding of electrical vortices in certain materials 5/26 PhysOrg
UT Physicists to Work on Next Generation of ORNL Super Computer 5/22 Tennessee Today
Revolutionary new system analyzes spot welds in seconds 5/25 Collision Repair Mag
ORNL Researchers Develop Temperature-Controlled Shape-Memory Polymer 5/22 AZO Materials
Curran at ORNL receives SAE Foundation industry leadership award 5/23 Oak Ridge Today
Leaking reactor pool at ORNL gets attention; AREVA wins support contract 5/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Hazen to Lead UT’s Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment 5/18 Tennessee Today
Nuclear infrastructure at ORNL 5/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
Tiny grains of lithium dramatically improve performance of fusion plasma 5/20 PhysOrg
Senate bill has zero funds for ITER; Alexander says money could be better used elsewhere 5/19 Knoxville News Sentinel
Digitizing Neurons: Project will convert 2-D Microscope Images into 3-D Models 5/14 Scientific Computing
ORNL demonstrates first large-scale graphene fabrication 5/18 ChemEurope
ORNL 'faces' the future with 3-D scans 5/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Four ORNL scientists selected for early career research funding 5/17 Oak Ridge Today
One of HFIR’s Youngest Users Impresses Staff with School Research Project 5/15 Newswise
Glass Coating Makes Solar Panels More Efficient 5/13 Energy.gov
Canada Carbon’s Graphite Suitable for Nuclear Applications, Says Evans Analytical 5/13 Resource Investing News
Bacteria the Newest Tool in Detecting Environmental Damage 5/12 Tennessee Today
DOE awards contract for legacy waste plant design 5/12 World Nuclear News
ORNL Group Leads Calorimeter Upgrade for Large Hadron Collider Experiment 5/12 Newswise
Plugging up leaky graphene: New technique may enable faster, more durable water filters 5/7 PhysOrg
New clothes dryer saves time and money 5/8 WVLT
Your own energy 'island'? Microgrid could standardize small, self-sustaining electric grids 5/8 Communicati.net
UTC And Oak Ridge National Laboratories Named Sustainable Transportation Award Winners 5/7 The Chattanoogan
Improved graphene sheets purify water 5/8 TCE Today
ORNL offering Cirrus Aircraft grant, resources 5/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Bringing high-energy particle detection in from the cold 5/7 Space Daily
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, May 2015 5/6 Newswise
DOE on verge of shipping hot-and-fissile materials from Oak Ridge to Nevada 5/5 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL ramps up plutonium-for-space program 5/10 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers probe chemistry, topography and mechanics with one instrument 5/1 PhysOrg
STICKY FINGERS: How One Researcher is Improving the Science of Fingerprints 5/1 Energy.gov
A Two-in-One Energy Solution: Capturing Waste Heat for Electricity 5/2 Energy Collective
Six ORNL researchers receive SAE International awards 4/30 Oak Ridge Today
Novel superconducting undulator provides first x-ray light at ANKA 4/30 Alpha Galileo
Six ORNL researchers receive SAE International awards 4/29 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL researchers find way to see early cancer cells 4/29 WVLT-TV
3D-Printed Car on Display at Orange and White Game 4/29 Tennessee Today
New Report From ORNL Details US Hydropower Fleet 4/28 Clean Technica
ORNL reports method that takes quantum sensing to new level 4/23 EurekAlert!
SNS getting back on track 4/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Nearly half of Americans threatened by earthquakes 4/26 Economic Times
DOE Invests $8M in Next-Gen HVAC Systems 4/23 Energy Manager Today
More Americans at risk from strong earthquakes, says new report 4/22 Science Daily
DOE Invests Nearly $8 Million for Development of Next-Generation HVAC 4/22 HPAC Engineering
3-D Printers Are Changing The Way People Think About Manufacturing 4/21 NPR
National Lab Reins in Data Center Management Chaos 4/20 Data Center Knowledge
ORNL staff honored by auto engineers group 4/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
New Powerful DNA Dataset for Efficient Production of Biofuels 4/16 AZO Cleantech
Local Motors CEO, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Director Headline Additive Manufacturing Conference 4/16 PR Underground
ORNL researchers contribute to major UN bioenergy and sustainability report 4/16 PhysOrg
3D Printing Brings Classic Shelby Cobra to Life 4/15 Energy.gov
Mixing up a batch of stronger metals 4/14 PhysOrg
HFIR: 50 years old and going strong 4/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
New studies explain insulator-to-metal transition of vanadium dioxide 4/11 PhysOrg
U.S. scientists celebrate the restart of the Large Hadron Collider, which involves ORNL 4/12 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL researchers develop Virtual Integrated Battery Environment design tool 4/13 ChargedEVs
China again heads foreign visitor list at ORNL 4/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
Optimizing Chilled Water Systems at ORNL 4/8 Inside HPC
Big Ideas Become Reality at National Labs 4/8 AMT Online
Computational framework for optimizing traffic flow could be the beginning of a road revolution 4/3 PhysOrg
Mason: new contract 'tremendous vote of confidence' 3/31 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Methane To The Rescue! New Energy Efficient Graphene Desalination Membrane For The 99% 4/3 Clean Technica
Connecting vehicles 4/2 R&D Magazine
Organic photovoltaics experiments showcase HPC 'superfacility' concept 4/6 Print Electronics World
New film on former ORNL Director Weinberg has premiere on April 23 4/1 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL part of project to study how tropical forests respond to climate change 4/1 PhysOrg
International Initiative Launched to Advance State-of-the-Art Digital Tracings of Neurons 3/31 PR Newswire
Researchers use neutron scattering and supercomputing to study shape of a protein involved in cancer 3/26 PhysOrg
New technology for nuclear detection 3/24 PhysOrg
Researchers use neutron scattering and supercomputing to study shape of a protein involved in cancer 3/25 Newswise
UT’s Sheng Dai Helps ORNL with Major Desalination Breakthrough 3/25 Tennessee Today
Rare-earth innovation to improve nylon manufacturing 3/25 EurekAlert
Materials science duo advances next wave of alloys; work conducted at ORNL, UT 3/24 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics cooperate on salt-cooled reactors 3/22 Oak Ridge Today
New Geothermal Heat Pump Uses 50% Less Energy 3/22 Green Building Elements
Scientists 3D Print Cars 3/19 BBC
Jack Dongarra: China Isn’t the Emerging HPC Power You Think It Is 3/22 VR World
City Seeking To Be Test Site For Connected Vehicle Pilot Development; Kickoff Set For Safer Streets Initiative 3/23 The Chattanoogan
Imperfect graphene opens door to better fuel cells 3/17 PhysOrg
ORNL and SINAP cooperate on development of salt-cooled reactors 3/17 PhysOrg
Thomas Zacharia’s return to ORNL 3/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
On the verge: a new ORNL contract 3/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
Tennessee partners with Oak Ridge National Lab in $2.5M manufacturing program 3/12 Nashville Business Journal
Frontier beneath our feet: Seismic study aims to map Earth's interior in 3-D 3/12 Press Release Point
Unique proteins found in heat-loving organisms attach to plant matter 3/12 EurekAlert!
DOE Unveils New Crowdsourcing Website for Building Technology Ideas 3/13 ACHR News
Energy Retrofit Standard Gets Revamp 3/12 Durability+Design
Unprecedented neutron images of refrigerant flow through heat exchangers 3/12 PhysOrg
ORNL's new 3D printer may be world's largest 3/9 Knoxville News Sentinel
Calif. man arrested after reportedly seeking entry at Y-12, ORNL 3/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
Spring forward! Tips to cope with losing that hour of sleep tonight 3/7 Daily Herald
ORNL microscopy directly images problematic lithium dendrites in batteries 3/6 PhysOrg
APLAIR, ORNL To Commercialize Novel Weld Inspection Technology 3/4 World Industrial Reporter
The Making of a Geochemist: Q&A with Andrew Stack 3/4 Newswise

Bredesen Center offers student research at ORNL

3/4 The Daily Beacon
Research partnership explores how to best harness solar-power 3/2 PhysOrg
Mobile UC Gains Momentum 2/24 FedTech
ORNL Researchers Develop New Wireless Sensor Technology to Reduce Energy Consumption of Buildings 3/2 AZoNetwork
Hydro Research Foundation announces New Pathways for Hydropower report 2/27 Hydroworld
Industrial-Sized 3D Printing 3/1 Manufacturing News
Mapping the World with GPUs Reveals Population Trends 2/27 NVIDIA
ORNL Signs Agreement with Whirlpool Corp. To Develop New Energy-Efficient Refrigerator 2/25 Newswise
Battelle ‘intrigued’ by NNSA possibilities 2/25 Knoxville News Sentinel
New Malware Cybersecurity Technology Licensed by DHS S&T 2/19 Homeland Security Today
Building From a New Blueprint 2/21 Memphis Daily News
Scientist: ‘Global Weirding’ Better Way To Describe Climate Change Than ‘Global Warming’ 2/19 CBS News
Climate Data Analysis Project Team Receives Award and Releases Version 2.1.0 2/18 PRWeb
New DOE landfill could cost $1 billion, including construction, operations 2/13 Oak Ridger
ORNL shows off 3-D printed car at international show 2/12 WBIR
Flipping the switch 2/10 Lab Design News
Michelin a double winner at TTI Awards 2/12 Tyre Press
America’s First ‘3-D Printed’ Car Displayed At Battelle In Columbus 2/11 WBNS-TV
Legislation Introduced to Jumpstart Research Into Exascale Supercomputing 2/11 HPC Wire
ORNL’s Roberto Named MRS Fellow 2/11 Newswise
TED Talks return to UT campus 2/9 The Daily Beacon
SRNL researchers develop new tech for nuclear detection 2/8 The Times and Democrat
What’s The Future For 3D Printed Cars? 2/4 Hybrid Cars
Thom Mason: partnerships spur economic development 2/4 Oak Ridger
Mason cautiously optimistic about ORNL’s 2016 budget 2/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
Energy Department Announces Five Year Renewal of Funding for First Energy Innovation Hub 1/30 Energy.gov
SNS up and running at conservative power level; investigation continues on target failures 1/30 The Knoxville News Sentinel
UT, ORNL: partners in science 1/30 The Daily Beacon
3D Printing News: World's First 3D Printing Car Factory Plus Showroom Coming to the Washington, D.C Area 1/31 NASDAQ
ORNL researchers tune friction in ionic solids at the nanoscale 1/27 Oak Ridge Today
UT Engineers Helping ORNL with Key Sustainable Energy Riddle 1/27 Tennessee Today
How a computing powerhouse delivers health care insights 1/28 GCN
ORNL’s Thom Mason: ‘The volume of work we do that is classified is actually quite small’ 1/28 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Centrifuge demonstration extended 1/26 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL develops new cyber security technology 1/25 WVLT
ORNL Director Optimistic About Lab's Present And Future 1/21 WUOT
Enhancing microbial pathways for biofuel production 1/21 PhysOrg
Company licenses ORNL cyber security technology that recognizes malicious software 1/21 Oak Ridge Today
New model explores location of future US population growth 1/21 PhysOrg
Driving 3D Printing into the Future with the Shelby Cobra 1/20 Product Design & Development
ORNL's cyber warfare team goes after bad guys; Hyperion studies malware behavior 1/20 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Insulation to be money saver for homeowners 1/16 The Daily Times
Terrestrial Energy announces collaboration with ORNL 1/19 Nuclear Exchange
How long will Thom Mason stay at ORNL? 1/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
New research points way to less vulnerable computer memory 1/14 PhysOrg
Announcement near on ORNL deputy? 1/14 Knoxville News Sentinel
Water, water, everywhere—controlling the properties of nanomaterials 1/14 PhysOrg
ORNL’s research reactor returns to action following upgrades, repairs, maintenance 1/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE uses SNS as role model for project management 1/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
A 3D-printed Shelby Cobra is being featured at the Detroit Auto Show
1/12 UPI
Obama visit spotlights sports car printed by UT engineers 1/9 WVLT
Nuclear forensic experts prepare for worse and hopefully deter it 1/10 The Knoxville News Sentinel
HFIR’s fuel inventory at historic low 1/9 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Oak Ridge Lab Confirms Blight Resistance of American Chestnut 1/7 ESF
'Seeing' hydrogen atoms to unveil enzyme catalysis 1/8 PhysOrg
Nuclear forensic experts prepare for the worst and hope to deter it 1/7 Hartford Courant
Nuclear Power Turns To Salt 1/7 Forbes
The big announcement 1/7 Knoxville News Sentinel
Dr. Roderick Jackson, 37, Group leader, Building Envelope Systems Research Group, ORNL 1/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Knox commissioner, SNS manager to speak at MLK Breakfast in Atomic City 1/4 Oak Ridge Today
Cleaning up at Bldg. 3019 1/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Athena Safa-Sefat, 37, Scientist, Physical Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1/5 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Honors: ORNL’s Brady receives TMS Brimacombe Medal 1/2 ORNL Today
Oak Ridge officials are puzzled by failure of targets at Spallation Neutron Source 12/31 Physics Today
Hot cells cleanup at ORNL won’t resume until 2030s; maintenance work continues 12/30 Knoxville News Sentinel
Accelerating ORNL’s Applications to the Exascale 12/26 Inside HPC
ORNL teams embeds crown ethers in graphene for increased performance; potential for separations, sensors, batteries, biotech & more 12/28 Green Car Congress
ORNL offers tech assistance to manufacturers 12/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
Former ORNL employee in inaugural engineering Hall of Fame at UT 12/26 Oak Ridge Today
Scientists tap trees' evolutionary databanks to discover environment adaptation strategies 12/23 Archaeology News Network
Man killed in Haw Ridge accident was skilled biker, valuable ORNL researcher 12/23 Oak Ridge Today
Addition of a wheat gene increases the blight resistance of American chestnut trees 12/23 PhysOrg
Crown ethers flatten in graphene for strong, specific binding 12/23 PhysOrg
Scientists tap trees' evolutionary databanks to discover environment adaptation strategies 12/23 PhysOrg
UT-Battelle gives $100K to Children’s Hospital 12/22 Knoxville News Sentinel
Paul Langan to head ORNL’s neutron sciences 12/19 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL’s James Hack elected fellow of American Meteorological Society 12/19 Oak Ridge Today
Geothermal Heat Pumps Outperform VRF at ASHRAE Headquarters 12/17 HPAC Engineeering
Novel microscopy pencils patterns in polymers at the nanoscale 12/17 PhysOrg
Amit Goyal: all-star inventor 12/16 Knoxville News Sentinel
American Centrifuge to Get Funding Lifeline 12/12 Energy Extra
Solving the Shaky Future of Super-strong Rare Earth Magnets 12/11 Scientific Computing
Alexander says 2015 spending bill supports ‘crucial’ Oak Ridge projects 12/14 The Knxoville News Sentinel
Oak Ridge workers exposed to radiation during secret project 12/14 The Tennessean
ORNL contractor gets high marks, $10.5M for FY2014 12/14 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Red Team, Mason deserve credit for progress on UPF 12/11 Knoxville News Sentinel
US lab advocates tyre pyrolysis to supply EV batteries 12/10 Tyrepress
LandScan Global 2013 Launched by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and East View 12/2 GIS User
2015 Technology Showcase at NAIAS Offers Street-Level View of the Future 12/5 WSPA
Vertimass Receives Up to $2 Million Grant From U.S. Department of Energy to Convert Ethanol Into Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, and Gasoline 12/1 Yahoo Finance
New chemical sponge has potential to lessen the carbon footprint of oil industry 12/4 PhysOrg
Engineering team analyzes structure of atomically thin materials 12/1 The Daily Beacon
ORNL watches FY 2015 budget; stall could hurt neutron sources 11/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Three from ORNL elected AAAS Fellows 11/26 Knoxville News Sentinel
Thom Mason on Red Team review: ‘It’s not just a report that goes and sits on the shelf’ 11/25 Knoxville News Sentinel
Nuclear power: Desperately seeking plutonium 11/24 Nature
Mason talks about SNS issues 11/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Team creates Milky Way structure simulations 11/18 PhysOrg
Simulation predicts epidermal responses to compounds 11/18 PhysOrg
Chinese supercomputer stays No. 1, Titan at ORNL still No. 2 11/17 Oak Ridge Today
U.S. to build two new world-class supercomputers 11/14 Science Magazine
Will the Natural Gas Boom Give EVs a Boost? 11/13 Forbes
ORNL Researchers Calculate Thermodynamic Forces Driving Transformation of Vanadium Oxide 11/12 AZOM
Accepting the SNS challenge: Lab works to overcome problems, restart experiments 11/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Develops 3D Printing Process at the Microscale 11/12 ArchDaily
ORNL thermomagnetic processing method provides path to new materials 11/10 Space Daily
Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, November 2014 11/3 Science Codex
First Direct Observations of One-Dimensional Boundary Separating Two Different, Atom-Thin Materials 11/11 Azonano
Protopopescu named ORNL’s Scientist of the Year 11/7 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Solid-State Battery Test: 90% Of Original Capacity After 10,000 Cycles 11/6 Inside EVs
Virtual reactors and things like that 11/9 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Researchers team up to study Kingston spill restoration efforts 11/5 PhysOrg
Spin Dynamics: Computational Model Predicts Superconductivity 11/4 Scientific Computing
Microgrid could standardize small, self-sustaining electric grids 11/4 R&D Magazine
ORNL Technology Transfer Continues Strong Upward Trend 11/3 Lab Manager
The Method: Researching Auto Pollution And Protecting Nuclear Plants 10/31 WUOT
Team develops computational model for predicting superconductivity 11/3 PhysOrg
Car Tires Recycled into More Efficient Anodes for Batteries 11/3 LEED Points
New material could lead to longer-lasting batteries 10/25 CIO
ORNL technology transfer continues strong upward trend 10/29 PhysOrg
Scientists use supercomputers to search for innovative answers to rare-earth supply needs 10/29 PhysOrg
3D Prints World's Best Inverter 10/29 EE Times
Another setback at Spallation Neutron Source 10/28 Knoxville News Sentinel
3D Printing Radically Improves Power Inverter Design 10/23 Engineering.com
Which alternative fuel best fits the way you drive? 10/23 Detroit Free Press
UT Gets $2.73 Million to Keep Working on DataONE Science Info Project 10/23 Tennessee Today
Super stable garnet ceramics may be ideal for high-energy lithium batteries 10/23 ChemEurope
Karakoram glacier anomaly resolved, a cold case of climate science 10/22 Science Daily
DOE, ORNL and EPB form smart grid partnership 10/22 Energy Business Review
ORNL’s Scott Sluder elected fellow 10/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL research reveals unique capabilities of 3-D printing 10/20 Space Daily
Oak Ridge Labs Develops New Device For Lighter, Faster Cars 10/19 Oilprice.com
Atomic trigger shatters mystery of how glass deforms 10/18 PhysOrg
Repairs completed; SNS nears restart 10/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
UT Helps Effort to Take Some of the Hazard out of HazMat Transportation 10/17 Tennessee Today
Big maintenance at High Flux Isotope Reactor 10/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
Plants May Be Taking Up More Atmospheric Carbon Than Models Previously Estimated 10/15 Red Orbit
Unique capabilities of 3-D printing: Innovative manufacturing process holds unparalleled potential for engineering 10/15 PhysOrg
New electric vehicle technology packs more punch in smaller package 10/14 PhysOrg
How magnetic dimers interact to create long-range order 10/13 PhysOrg
Researchers make first observation of atoms moving inside bulk material 10/13 PhysOrg
Inner workings of powerful biochemical switch revealed 10/10 Science Daily
ORNL home to Titan ... and Tiny Titan 10/10 The Oak Ridger
Oak Ridge Scientists Demo Wireless Vehicle Charging with 85% Efficiency 10/10 Executive Gov
America Makes adds leading national security members 10/10 Bloomberg Business Week
Researchers find isolated Pd atoms efficient low-temperature catalysts to convert CO in automotive exhaust 10/8 Green Car Congress
Atom-scale semiconducting composites 10/8 Before It's News
MesoCoat Receives Two Grants to Develop CermaClad Arc Lamp Applications 10/6 Digital Journal
Power Blackout Management Could Benefit RE Integration 10/6 Green Business Guide
Foresters monitoring the emerald ash borer on the Oak Ridge Reservation 10/3 PhysOrg
Nuclear forensics: ORNL's ultra-clean lab has national security role 10/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
FMCSA to recruit fleets for wireless-inspection testing 10/3 FleetOwner
SNS repairs ‘progressing very well’ 10/4 The Knoxville News Sentinel
UT College of Engineering, ORNL Team Up For Manufacturing Day 10/1 Southeast Green
Using large cryogenic pellets, US ITER advances new fusion technology 9/29 PhysOrg
Research team first to fully sequence bacterial genome important to fuel and chemical production 9/26 PhysOrg
Despite woes, SNS will meet some 2014 goals 9/29 Knoxville News Sentinel
Smallest-possible Diamonds Form Ultra-thin Nanothread 9/25 Carnegie Science
Technology revolution in nuclear power could slash costs below coal 9/24 The Telegraph
Initiative partners students with companies licensing technologies 9/28 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Recycling the dead 9/27 Science News for Students
No Time for Car Shopping? Click 'Print' to Make Your Own 9/28 The New York Times
More problems at Spallation Neutron Source: Another month of research lost? 9/26 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Discovery opens doors to building better plants 9/25 PhysOrg
World Renowned Neuroscientists to Lead Brain Research Efforts in Knoxville 9/24 Global Newswire
Research team stays ahead of the computing curve in monumental climate modeling project 9/24 PhysOrg
Molten salt nuclear reactors: Part of America's Long-term energy future? 9/22 Forbes
DOE to replace failed Biomass Steam Plant at ORNL; contractor agrees to install natural gas system 9/18 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Underwater camera may help find leak in reactor pool 9/19 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Mild Weather Hurting EPB Bottom Line; Oak Ridge May Partner With EPB On Analyzing Smart Grid 9/19 The Chattanoogan
Smallest possible diamonds form ultra-thin nanothreads 9/21 Nanowerk
Research team aims to improve plant-based battery with neutrons, simulation 9/18 PhysOrg
ORNL researchers, Anderson County commissioner to speak at UT Science Forums 9/17 Oak Ridger
DOE expands Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative; ORNL a partner on one of the projects 9/17 Knoxville News Sentinel
UT engineering students help ORNL, Local Motors print drivable 3D car 9/17 Oak Ridge Today
Spallation Neutron Source shut down prematurely; problem with newly installed target 9/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
Local Motors’ 3D Printed ‘Strati’ Car Has Just Taken Its First Test Drive 9/13 3DPrint
High Flux Isotope Reactor at ORNL named Nuclear Historic Landmark 9/11 Oak Ridge Today
ORNL’s Lonnie Love: ‘I think we’re positioning ourselves to be a world leader in advanced manufacturing’ 9/12 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Imaging fuel injectors with neutrons 9/15 PhysOrg
Brookings study recommends ways to make DOE's national labs more impactful in their regions 9/10 Knoxville News Sentinel
Serial Entrepreneurs Aim to Boldly Reinvent the Petroleum Industry 9/10 Your Renewable News
Researchers look to carbon dioxide as a more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas 9/9 PhysOrg
Fleischmann touts ORNL role, pushes support for American Super Computing Leadership Act 9/8 Knoxville News Sentinel
Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sept. 2014 9/3 Newswise
Germany, Poland and SNS 9/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
Beyond Titan: ORNL next-gen supercomputer award expected in late October 9/3 Knoxville News Sentinel
The first class of Liane Russell Fellows at ORNL 9/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists learn to control reactions with the shape of a rare-earth catalyst 8/28 PhysOrg
A new use for old tires 8/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientists learn to control reactions with the shape of a rare-earth catalyst 8/27 DOE Research News
HFIR's fuel conversion seeming less likely 8/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
The Surprising Science Behind Everyday Products 8/27 HPC Wire
Clues uncovered to role of magnetism in iron-based superconductors 8/22 R&D Magazine
Catalytic gold nanoclusters promise rich chemical yields 8/25 PhysOrg
Signatures of selection inscribed on poplar genomes 8/24 PhysOrg
ORNL's Biomass Steam Plant a flop; DOE looking for a long-term solution, negotiating with contractor 8/24 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Fusion energy: ORNL's Larry Baylor talks about machinegun that shoots frozen-hydrogen bullets 8/21 Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE awards $67 million in nuclear grants; ORNL, UT among the winners 8/20 Knoxville News Sentinel
National labs go big on climate modeling 8/20 FCW
More on those ORNL R&D awards 8/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
As Climate Changes, 'Underwater Mortgage' May Take on New Meaning 8/15 Bloomberg News
Quick results for an urgent need; DOE program trains veterans for 3D printing jobs 8/15 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE to provide $55 million for 31 projects to accelerate vehicle technologies; four awards go to ORNL 8/16 The Knoxville News Sentinel
ASM International elects ORNL researchers Paranthaman, Pint fellows 8/13 Oak Ridge Today
New research to develop next-generation "race track memory" technology 8/13 R&D Magazine
ORNL's Varela receives Burton Medal 8/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL's Idrobo honored 8/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
Use CO2 To Cool Refrigerators 8/10 Science 2.0
Open access to the universe 8/8 Symmetry Magazine
3M ACCR Conductor Resists Corrosion and Retains Strength in 11-Year Field Test 8/7 Transmission and Distribution
GMZ-led project tracking to deliver vehicular thermoelectric generators for Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Honda Accord 8/11 Green Car Congress
UT-ORNL Governor's Chair Program Takes Off 8/7 Metro Pulse
August Story tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory 8/7 PhysOrg
Program prepares veterans to get top manufacturing jobs 8/6 WBIR-TV
ORNL's Peggy Emmett honored 8/6 Knoxville News Sentinel
Five ORNL scientists rated among world's most influential 8/1 Oak Ridge Today
Applications being accepted for 2015 spring term of DOE's Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program at ORNL 8/1 The Herald
Using Magnets to Keep Cool: Breakthrough Technology Boosts Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators 8/2 Energy Industry Today
Filling up could cost less thanks to biomolecular engineering breakthrough 8/1 PhysOrg
Is 3D Printing the Future of Automotive Manufacturing? 7/31 iChainnel
ORNL reactor's restart delayed until August; 'minor issues' with computer codes cited 7/30 Knoxville News Sentinel
Y'all Keep Talking: Lab Scratches 'Southern Accent Reduction' Course 7/29 NPR
ORNL study reveals new characteristics of complex oxide surfaces 7/25 eScience News
Lab rolls out ideas for future vehicles 7/27 Detroit Free Press
Popular Wireless Home Alarms Can Be Hacked from Afar 7/24 Softpedia
BETO-Funded Invention Wins R&D 100 Award 7/23 PhysOrg
Simulated 'engine of explosion' observed in supernova remnant 7/23 PhysOrg
Community meeting on future of AMSE 7/22 Knoxville News Sentinel
Scientist hopes to improve rare earth purification process 7/22 PhysOrg
ClimateMaster receives Federal Laboratory Consortium award 7/16 Plumbing Engineer
Honors: Hemrick of ORNL receives ASM International Silver Medal Award 7/14 Oak Ridge Today
Deloitte University Press Launches 3D Printing Online Course 7/18 Accounting Today
Tennessee ties to hydropower run deep 7/20 The Tennessean
ORNL, UTGSM Study Compares Structures of Huntington's Disease Protein 7/16 Newswise
Energy Department Invests $14 Million in Innovative Building Efficiency Technologies 7/16 EDC Magazine
Thom Mason on SNS expansion: 'Even in tough times, you need to be doing new things in science' 7/15 Knoxville News Sentinel
ORNL Wins Eight R&D 100 Awards 7/11 HPC Wire
Red Team chief talks about uranium czar, etc 7/12 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Lab produces car using 3-D printing 7/13 USA Today
ClimateMaster's Trilogy™ 40 Geothermal Heat Pump System Receives FLC Award 7/10 Altenergymag
Squids Offer Possible Defense Against Chemical Weapons 7/7 Homeland Security Today
ORNL employees honored for small-biz work 7/8 The Knoxville News Sentinel
Record-breaker: SNS operates at full power—1.4 megawatts—for users for first time 7/8 Oak Ridge Today
Supercomputer team wins award for core work 7/7 World Nuclear News
The Coach at ORNL 7/6 Knoxville News Sentinel
3D-Printed Car Could Lead American Manufacturing Revolution 7/6 Speed
Jim Roberto to speak at FORNL 7/2 Knoxville News Sentinel
A record-breaking month for ORNL's Spallation Neutron Source 7/1 PhysOrg
David Moore named AMSE director 7/1 Knoxville News Sentinel
Top 500 List Recognizes Fastest Supercomputers 6/30 Energy.gov
Outstanding Achievements Recognized at ASHRAE's Annual Conference 6/28 ASHRAE
Vehicle Technologies Office Recognizes Leaders in Advanced Vehicle Research, Development and Deployment 6/28 Energy Industry Today
New AMSE director to start July 1, ORNL to operate museum 6/26 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge launching imaging institute 6/27 WATE
PARC wins renewed funding for photosynthetic research 6/27 4-Traders
Carbon-fiber epoxy honeycombs mimic the material performance of balsa wood 6/26 PhysOrg
Reinventing the 3D printer to make it faster 6/25 Impact Lab
Three new Corporate Fellows at ORNL 6/24 Knoxville News Sentinel
New materials institute at ORNL 6/23 Knoxville News Sentinel
Simulation of AP1000 first core with VERA 6/23 Nuclear Engineering International
With help from ORNL, UT's bandwidth hits 100 gigabits-per-second milestone 6/20 Oak Ridge Today
Hanging out with Science Guy at the White House 6/21 The Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE awards $100M for Frontier Centers; two at ORNL 6/18 Knoxville News Sentinel
Federal budget cuts leave national labs with questions 6/18 The Daily Beacon
Discoveries Could Help Neutralize Chemical Weapons 6/18 Laboratory Equipment
FuelCell Energy : Energy Department Invests $20 Million to Advance Hydrogen Production and Delivery Technologies 6/17 4-Traders
Tiny supercomputer created at ORNL could come to schools 6/13 WBIR
Task Force to “Roadmap” Thermal Processing Technologies 6/16 Foundry
The Smithsonian, ORNL partner to advance science, education 6/12 Oak Ridge Today
Czech ambassador tours ORNL 6/14 Oak Ridge Today
Genome could unlock eucalyptus potential for paper, fuel and fiber 6/11 PhysOrg
Plans underway to get community involved at AMSE 6/11 Oak Ridger
Local Motors Announces Winners of First-ever 3D-printed Car Design Challenge 6/6 Engineering.com
Arcam Launches a Nickel Base Superalloy Process for Additive Manufacturing with Arcam's EBM Systems 6/9 Ariva
Startup company licenses ORNL tool that will help consumers lower energy bills 6/4 Oak Ridge Today
Pursuing the dream of 3-D printing an entire car chassis 6/4 Plastics News
Engineered Microbe Could Ease Switch to Grass 6/2 The Scientist
Facial Recognition: From the NSA to Facebook to Vegas 6/2 Marketplace
Bredesen Center graduates first class with help from ORNL, UT 5/30 Oak Ridge Today
CIMMYT, Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists collaborate on food security challenges 5/29 SeedQuest
Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing: Bigger Is Better 5/29 Fabricating and Metalworking
Number of foreign visitors on the rise at Oak Ridge lab 5/30 The Stars and Stripes
Local Motors opens on Market Square 5/28 Knoxville News Sentinel
The M855A1 Cartridge: A Long Time Coming 5/28 American Rifleman
A time of change for Oak Ridge museum 5/27 Knoxville News Sentinel
A tipping point for lignin 5/19 PhysOrg
A new look at the solid-liquid interface 5/27 PhysOrg
Accidents turn focus to safety at ORNL 5/26 The Knoxville News Sentinel
EPA recognizes federal facilities for $42 million in cost savings, environmental benefits 5/26 FM Link
Additive Manufacturing and the Future of American Industry 5/22 Free News Pros
Symbiosis: enforced surrender? 5/20 PhysOrg
Researcher explores new concepts for air transportation 5/20 PhysOrg
Pixelligent Technologies Awarded CRADA With Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Roll-to-Roll Fabrication of OLED Devices 5/20 BWW
MIT and Oak Ridge Scientists Develop New Methods to Harvest Fresh Water From Fog 5/16 International Business Times
Tech business comes to Market Square, partners with ORNL 5/15 WBIR
New ORNL-GE Appliances project aims to revolutionize residential refrigerators 5/16 Freenewspos
Visualizing an electrode 5/18 Nanowerk
Novel technique enables air-stable water droplet networks 5/13 PhysOrg
Nukes aplenty 5/13 Knoxville News Sentinel
DOE explores options for enriched uranium technology for national security 5/6 Oak Ridge Today
Clues for superconductivity in an iron-based material 5/9 PhysOrg
Think Nationally, Act Locally: How Americans Are Working for Change 5/9 The Atlantic
8 questions with nuclear engineer and single mom 5/8 WVLT
ORNL scientists participate in national study on climate change 5/9 WATE
Urban design leader named newest UT-ORNL Governor's Chair 5/7 Oak Ridge Today
Oak Ridge senior Andrew Skipper earns UT-Battelle scholarship 5/7 Oak Ridge Today
Westinghouse Electric developing accident tolerant fuel 5/6 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Element 117 could be latest addition to periodic table 5/5 CS Monitor
Approaching the island of stability: observation of the superheavy element 117 5/5 Science Daily

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