Speakers Bureau

The missions of the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge installations touch many areas of vital public interest and concern—energy supply and demand, basic and applied scientific research, technological innovation and economic development, environmental protection, environmental management, national defense, technology transfer, human health, and the conquest of disease, to name a few.

As a result, Oak Ridge National Laboratory staff members are called upon frequently to discuss their work and its importance to the nation. To meet this interest, a centralized Speakers' Bureau was established in 1975. Since then, it has served as a focal point for arrangements between outside organizations seeking speakers and company staff members who have volunteered their services within the limits of available time and program commitments.

To make arrangements, please contact Fred Strohl (strohlhf@ornl.gov) of ORNL's Office of Communications and Community Outreach at 865-574-4165. Advanced notice of one month for scheduling is requested. There is no charge.

Speakers Bureau Topics

Energy production and end-use technologies
  • Vision 2020 for the Petrochemical Industry
  • New Opportunities In Fossil Energy
  • Future Energy Issues
  • Energy Security and Alfred E. Newman
  • Buildings Technology & Energy Efficiency
  • Superconductivity
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Hybrid Lighting
  • Fuel Economy Strategies
  • Future of Energy in the 21st Century
  • National Transportation Research Center
Biological and environmental science & technology
  • Global Warming
  • Future of Climate Change
  • Spaceship Earth: Our Restless Planet
  • Biotechnology and Algae
  • Wildlife As Sentinels of Contamination
  • Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere Program
  • Public Acceptance of Waste Management Technologies
  • ORNL's Biomass Initiative
  • Using Mice to Determine What Genes Do
  • Vet Perspective On Laboratory Animal Studies
  • Status of the Human Genome Project
  • Biomass Research and Issues
  • The Legacy of Waste and How to Deal With It
  • Forest Health In A Changing Chemical and Physical Climate
  • Designer Genes
Advanced materials synthesis, processing characterization
  • New Automobiles and Fuels for Cleaner Transportation
  • Advanced Materials Research
  • Law Enforcement and Forensics
  • Improving National Defense Logistics
Neutron-based science and technology
  • Spallation Neutron Source
  • Nuclear Technology Sciences
  • DOE's Nuclear Criticality Safety Program
  • Preventing the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
  • Nuclear Technology Sciences
Computational science & advanced computing
  • The Making of a Star
  • Computer Visualization
  • Crystallography and Its Influence On Art
  • Robotics Research
Technology transfer & ORNL partnerships
  • Technology Transfer and Economic Development in East Tennessee
  • How ORNL Supports Entrepreneurs
  • Upgrading ORNL Facilities
All About ORNL
  • Careers: What Do Engineers Do? (youth)
  • American Museum of Science and Energy
  • Historical Perspective on Oak Ridge and ORNL Scientific Recruiting and Employment
  • Human Resources: Managing
  • Conflict Resolution, Conflict and Diversity
  • Workforce Diversity
  • How to Tap ORNL User Facilities