The $2.9 billion Advanced Neutron Source will offer at least five times greater neutron flux than current research reactors. Is a fivefold increase worth almost $3 billion?

Yes, says John Hayter, scientific director of the ANS Project at ORNL. He offers this analogy.

Compare all the scientists who want to do neutron scattering experiments to an audience in a dimly lit auditorium. Everyone in the audience has a copy of the speaker's paper. But, except for the large title words, no one can read the text.

Now imagine that the dim light in the auditorium is turned up so that it is five times brighter. The members of the audience can read the speaker's paper.

"A fivefold increase in neutron flux at the ANS will have the same effect," Hayter says. "Scientists will be able to obtain considerably more information."

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Neutron Scattering at the High Flux Isotope Reactor