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Research Reactor of the Future: The Advanced Neutron Source

Bill Appleton and Colin West

The ANS will make the nation more competitive in consumer products, materials, and medical treatments.

A History of the ANS: Going Back to the Source

Based on an interview with Ralph Moon

The ANS concept originated at ORNL in the early 1970s.

Fruits of Neutron Research

Based on an interview with John Hayter

Neutron scattering research at reactors contributes to the quality of many consumer and industrial products.

Building a Better Reactor Through Research

Based on an interview with Doug Selby

Because the ANS will be a unique reactor, research is being done to ensure that it will work as planned.

Laser Ablation: Opening Doors to New Materials for Industry

Carolyn Krause

Laser ablation using ORNL inventions may enable the creation of many new compounds.

Mice and Men: Making the Most of Our Similarities

Jim Pearce

Models for human diabetes, obesity, and sickle-cell disease have been created in mice at ORNL.


Technical Highlights--Epidermal growth factor protein altered in cancer study; alpha radiation not carcinogenic in rat tracheas; life-giving enzyme altered by recombinant DNA technique; lightweight PAHs not absorbed by green plants; increasing efficiency of car air conditioner

Educational Activities--Training teachers for a high-tech future; motivating girls in science and math

R&D Updates--State of the Laboratory described by ORNL Director Alvin Trivelpiece; tank trash swept up by radio-controlled car; ORNL booklet for flood victims; ozone's effect on trees studied; understanding agricultural spray drift; mercury promising for high-temperature superconductor; ORNL's role in setting world fusion record and in understanding improvements in fusion device performance

Technology Transfer--Drought tolerance of trees probed in CRADA; gas-fired heat pump technology licensed to United Technologies Carrier Corporation and U.S. National GAX Heat Pump Program partnership involving ORNL formed; car crashes simulated on ORNL Intel computer

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