Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review

Volume 28, Number 4, 1995

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ORNL's materials research has produced some hot items lately, three of which were honored with R&D 100 awards in 1995. They are gelcasting for ceramic production, ceramic filters for advanced coal plants, and the Exo-Melt process, which is shown on the cover. Here, the process produces nickel aluminide by melting nickel, aluminum, and small amounts of alloying elements in a particular sequence. These and other materials research highlights are featured in this issue, starting with the article on the Exo-Melt process. Cover photo enhanced by artist Mark Robbins.


The Beauty in Technology Transfer
Editorial by Bill Martin

Nickel Aluminides: Breaking into the Marketplace

By Carolyn Krause

Seeing and Catching Atoms: ORNL's Atom Probe Field Ion Microscope

By Michael K. Miller, Philippe J. Pareige, and Kaye F. Russell

ORNL's Gelcasting: Molding the Future of Ceramic Forming?

By Carolyn Krause

Electron Holography: A New Probe of Material Structure

By Larry Allard, Ted Nolan, and David Joy

Materials under Stress: ORNL's Measures for Helping Industry

By Carolyn Krause

ORNL and Submarines: Measuring the Sound of Silence

By Bill Cabage

Earth Sciences and ORNL: A Long Partnership

By Stephen H. Stow

Hot Water, Hot Rocks, Hot Science

By David Wesolowski


User Facilities—
Metrology Research and Development Laboratories

R&D Updates—

Five R&D 100 awards for ORNL; "greening" of Mt. St. Helens; food dyes and breast cancer risk

Technical Highlights —

Probing why children's fingerprints vanish faster than adults'; New screening technique for cystic fibrosis; genes for jeansengineered enzyme for fabrics; bird reproduction unaffected by low-level contamination in fish food; minable metals in pond sludge; computer code to predict effects of therapeutic radiation on bone-marrow cells; method developed for making a diamond rotor for a nickel micromotor on silicon; recent successes in mercury analysis and removal

Educational Activities

Technology Transfer—

Ceramic composite filters for combined-cycle coal plants; ORNL and Southwire team to develop a superconducting cable

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