Technology Transfer: CRADAs, Licenses, and Patents

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has one of the most successful technology transfer programs in the DOE system. The Oak Ridge program, managed by Lockheed Martin Corporation's Office of Technology Transfer in Oak Ridge, leads the DOE complex in the number of cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs) and licensing agreements and in total licensing revenues and extent of industrial outreach. Since 1990, ORNL has entered into 163 CRADAs (52 in 1995) with a total value of $132 million. ORNL has also executed 128 licenses since 1985 (36 in 1995), resulting in over $100 million in sales and generating more than $3 million in royalties for use in technology transfer activities. Sales of licensed products in 1995 increased by 35% over the previous year. Patent applications have more than tripled in the past 5 years and are approaching 100 per year.

An important component of the ORNL technology transfer effort is the Energy Research Laboratory Technology Research (ER-LTR) Program, which is managed by the Office of Science and Technology Partnerships (Partnerships Office). This program seeks to capitalize on ORNL's multidisciplinary strength by supporting research that enhances its mission, as well as providing the technological underpinnings needed for the future growth of American industry. Within this framework, research is being performed in support of the development of three critical national technologies: advanced or tailored materials, intelligent manufacturing, and sustainable development (energy, environment, and biotechnology). This effort is accomplished through technology research and maturation projects and cost-shared collaborations such as CRADAs, personnel exchanges, and technical assistance projects.

Currently, the ORNL portfolio includes 35 multiyear projects, 21 single-year CRADAs, five technology maturation projects, two personnel exchanges, and 52 technical assistance projects. Nearly half of the CRADAs and over 80% of the technical assistance projects involve small U.S. businesses. The Laboratory Technology Research Program offers an effective and appropriate mechanism for federal investment in cost-shared R&D. Clearly, this type of joint investment capitalizes on two great strengths: the world-class research capability of ORNL and the unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit of American industry.

The following tables provide information on ORNL involvement with private firms through CRADAs, ORNL technologies licensed to industrial firms, and ORNL staff patents for 1995.

CRADAs Executed in 1995 in Oak Ridge

Client Technology Principal Investigator(s)
Low Emissions Technologies Research & Development Partnership (USCAR) Cylinder design for reduced emissions origins Ronald L. Graves
RhoMed, Inc. Rhenium-radiolabled antibodies and peptides for cancer therapy F. F. (Russ) Knapp
GelTech, Inc. (resubmitted) Novel cost-effective process for the replication of hybrid diffractive- refractive optical elements in silica glass Bruce E. Bernacki, L. Curt Maxey
Metal Matrix Composite Castings, Inc. Fabrication of cast metal matrix components James G. Hansen
Hoskins Manufacturing Co. Development of protocols using thermoluminescent detector arrays for two-dimensional mapping of alpha activity on surfaces and in soils Richard B. Gammage
Fiber Materials, Inc. Carbon-carbon composite orthopedic prosthesis and implants Tim Burchell
USCAR (AMP) Rapid tooling for functional prototyping of metal mold processes Thomas Zacharia
USCAR (AMP) Design and product optimization for cast light metals Srinath Viswanathan
Interscience, Inc. Ultraprecision automated measurements for manufacturing C. E. Thomas
Englehard Corp./ICC Moving advanced desiccant materials into mainstream non-CFC cooling products Philip D. Fairchild
Hughes Christensen/Houston Advanced Research Center Implantable incipient failure monitor for use in certain oil field drill bits David Holcomb
Remtech Efficient on-site degradation of high concentrations of spent deicing fluids Janet Strong-Gunderson
Marlow Industries, Inc. New thermoelectric materials for solid-state refrigeration Brian C. Sales
Pratt & Whitney Role of yttrium in improving oxidation resistance in advanced single-crystal, nickel-based superalloys for turbines Michael K. Miller, Edward A. Kenik
Narlron, Advanced Vehicle Systems, Chattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority, Electric Transit Vehicle Inst. Air-conditioning system with improved efficiency for hybrid-electric vehicles Don Adams
Teledyne Alvac Manufacturing nickel-based superalloys with improved high-temperature performance Chain T. Liu, Easo P. George
Darwin Molecular Corporation Identification of genes affecting the immune system through studies in mice Walderico M. Generoso
Southern Technology Council Establishing the Southeastern Regional Alliance Program in Development of Technology Commercialization David Jamison
Wolverine Tube Co. Heat transfer surface augmentation for zeotropic mixture alternatives to HCFC refrigerants James C. Conklin, Van D. Baxter
Occidental Chemical Corp. Rutherford backscattering analysis of the failure of chlorine anodes Catherine E. Vallet, Ray A. Zuhr
USCAR (LEP) Powertrain sensors and actuators: materials, design, process modeling William L. Bryan
Advanced Ceramics Research Rapid prototyping of bioceramics for implants Ogbemi O. Omatete
Ford Motor Company Engine control improvement through application of chaotic time series analysis C. Stuart Daw
Nomadic Technologies, Inc. Improved design of the omnidirectional robotic platform for enhancement of manufacturability and commerciability Francois G. Pin
Tennessee Resource Valley Development of a technology strategy for the state of Tennessee Bill Eads
Reynolds Metals Co. Development of aluminum bridge deck system Wayne Haden
PerSeptive Biosystems, Inc. Laser desorption time-of-flight mass spectrometer DNA analyzer C. H. Winston Chen
Hyper-Therm High-Temperature Composites, Inc. Optimization of porous silicon carbide fiber coatings Edgar Lara-Curzio, Karren More
Textile Research Institute (AMTEX) On-line process control project Eric Wachter
Physio-Control Corporation Heart pathology determination from electrocardiogram signals by application of deterministic chaos mathematics Ned Clapp
Doehler-Jarvis Corporation Manufacture of die-casting dies by hot isostatic pressing Srinath Viswanathan
Lambda Microwave processing technology development Robert Lauf
The Aluminum Associates, Inc. Evaluation and prevention of molten aluminum-water steam explosions in casting Rusi Taleyarkhan
Moftech Corporation Application of ceramic electrolyte thin films in lithium polymer batteries John B. Bates
Alumax Technology Corp., Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp., Reynolds Metals Co. In-line sensors for electrolytic aluminum cells Jack Young
Thompson Aluminum Casting Metal compression forming of aluminum alloys and metal matrix composites Srinath Viswanathan
International Road Dynamics, Inc. Advanced weigh-in-motion system for weighing vehicles at high speeds Jeff Muhs
RIS Corp. Monolithic circuits for barium fluoride detectors used in nuclear physics experiments James R. Beene
Aerometrics, Inc. Development and evaluation of a lateral position lane tracking system Richard J. Carter
Cryo Dynamics, Inc. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly surface-cleaning system using carbon dioxide John R. Haines
Osram Sylvania Electroluminescent material for flat-panel display D. Bart Smith
Thoughtventions Unlimited Low-loss sapphire windows for high-power microwave transmission Timothy S. Bigelow
Weyerhauser Paper Company Improved materials for use as components in kraft black liquor recovery boilers James R. Keiser
AlliedSignal, Inc. Carbon-carbon composite manufacturing Tim Burchell
Southwire Co. Development of superconducting transmission cable Robert A. Hawsey, Martin Lubell
Teledyne Electronic Technologies Field deployable continuous monitoring ion trap mass spectrometer Mike Guerin
Hughes Missile Systems Co. Gelcasting ceramic defense products Mark A. Janney

Oak Ridge Technologies Licensed in 1995

Licensee Technology
Powell River Laboratories Lead-free bullets (environmentally safe projectiles)
TGM Detectors Alpha radiation detector
Advanced Systems Technologies Martin Marietta Specialty Components Active and passive neutron examination and assay system
Tel-A-Train, Inc. Low-power lasers: "Beware of the Hazards"
Information System Planning and Analysis, Inc. Decision-systems technology
Technology Implementors, Inc. Environmental screening system
Decision Systems Int'l. Corp. Hazardous Materials Transporation Expert System
Lambda Technologies, Inc. Method for curing polymers
SpectRx Synchronous luminescense system to monitor diabetes
Teledyne Electronic Technologies Thin-film batteries
Commercial Crystal Laboratories Superconducting thin films
Applied Poleramic Electron-beam curing of epoxy resins
Consultec Scientific, Inc. Microbar and microcantilever sensors for detecting gases, etc.
Tomco Equipment Cryoblasting
Small Jobs Carpentry, Inc. Portable microwave instrument for nondestructive evaluation of structural ceramics
Caliper Technologies Corp. and Caliper MicroAnalytic Systems Microfluidic manipulation for chemical analysis (lab-on-a-chip technology)
Ceramic Magnetics Gelcasting
Allied Signal Fabrication of fiber preforms, structural composite materials
Reynolds Metals, Kaiser Aluminum, Alumax Technology Corp. Fiber-optic probe
Trane Company Triple-effect absorption chiller
Genase Genetically enhanced, cellulase-producing bacterium
United Defense Nickle aluminide alloys
Merritt Systems, Inc. Integrated circuit (MaskWorks)
Pardigm IV Technologies Laser ablation system (optional agreement)

1995 Patents Issued to ORNL Inventors

Inventors Technology
Tim Scott Biparticle fluidized-bed reactor
Eal Lee, Lou Mansur, Lee Heatherly Hard-surfaced polymers
Richard Tyndall Method that separates bacteria from free-living amoebae
Al Mattus Submergible torch and method for treating waste solutions
Tim Scott Electric field-controlled emulsion phase contactor
Curt Maxey, Marc Simpson Optical wet steam monitor
Tuan Vo-Dinh Surface-enhanced Raman scattering dosimeter and probe
Tom Kollie, L. H. Thacker, Sandar Fine Instrument for measuring vacuum in sealed thin-wall packets
Arthur Moorhead, Paul Menchhoffer Method and apparatus for making articles from partical-based materials
John Bates, Nancy Dudney Electro-optical device
C. Stuart Daw, Larry Hawk Fluidization quality analyzer and automatic control loop for fluidized beds
Don Bible, Richard Crutcher, Carl Sohns, Randall Maddox Handheld microwave instrument for nondestructive evaluation of structures in ceramics
Leon Maya Maskless laser writing of microscopic metallic interconnect
Don Kroeger, J. Brynestad, C. Hsu Mthod of producing superconductor precursors and articles
M. Santella, Gene Goodwin Nickel aluminide alloys with improved resistance to hot cracking
L.H. Thacker Gamma-radiation field intensity meter
Bob Lauf, Tom Kollie Calcium-silicate insulation structure
Lynn Boatner, Janet Rankin, Paul Thevenard, Laurence Romana Controlled removal of ceramic surfaces with combination of ion implantation ultrasonic energy
Mike Harris, O. Basaran, Tom Kollie, Fred Weaver Silica powders for powder-evaculated thermal insulating panel and method
Michael Unseren, David Reister Method for controlling a vehicle with 2 or 4 independently steered wheels
Warren Sisson, O. Basaran, M. Harris Improved nozzle for electric dispersion reactor
Paul Menchhofer Fluid casting of particle-based articles
Paul Menchhofer Casting of particle-based hollow shapes
Eli Greenbaum Conversion of organic solids to hydrocarbons
Terry Tiegs, Alice Wittmer Method of preparing ceramic slurry high in solids and low in viscosity
Charles Forsberg, Edward Beahm, George Parker Systems and methods for removing unwanted surface layers and producing pellets for cryoblasting process
Kit Haaland Double-duct liquid metal magnethohydrodynamic engine
Richard Tyndall, Arpad Vass Methods of degrading napalm and trinitrotoluene
Bill Weaver (3M), David Stinton, Jerry McLaughlin Flange bonding technique for composite tubes
Barbara Hoffheins, Bob Lauf Thick-film hydrogen sensor
Doug Lowndes, Jim McCamy Method for continuous control of composition and doping of pulsed-laser deposited films
Solomon Labiov, Jim Sand Self-contained small utility system
Rodney McKee, Fred Walker (UT) Process for growing a film epitaxially upon a magnesium oxide surface and structures formed with the process
Eric Wachter, Thomas Thundat Microbar sensor
Robert Devault Dual-circuit, multiple-effect refrigeration system and method
V. Protopopescu, R. Santoro, J. Tolliver Fast and secure encryption-decryption method based on chaotic dynamics
David Hobson, William B. Snyder High-capacity, thin-film rechargeable battery for portable power uses
Hector Lizama, Tim Scott, Chuck Scott Apparatus and method for desulfurization of petroleum by bacteria