ORNL Review Vol. 33, No. 2, 2000

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Vol. 33, No. 2, 2000

Carbon Management

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Methane hydrates (gas-containing ice found in the ocean) are produced by ORNL's seafloor process simulator. Methane hydrates pose a challenge to carbon management, a theme of this issue. Digital image enhanced by Jane Parrott.

Editorial: ORNL Could Be DOE Leader in Carbon Management
     R. G. Gilliland & W. F. Harris
Managing Carbon: ORNL's Research Roles
Building Energy Use and Carbon Management
Producing and Detecting Hydrogen
New Hydrogen-Producing Reaction Could Lead to Micropower Sources
Fuel Cells: Clean Power Source for Homes and Cars?
Capturing Carbon the ORNL Way
Boosting Bioenergy and Carbon Storage in Green Plants
Land Use and Climate Change
Plunging into Carbon Sequestration Research
Methane Hydrates: A Carbon Management Challenge
Adapting to Climate Change
High-Carbon Tree Growth Rate Falls
Reshaping the Bottle for Fusion Energy
Building a Transistor That Doesn't Forget
New Type of Radioactivity Discovered at ORNL
Forecasting Epileptic Seizures
Lynne Parker's Cooperative Robots
Mercury Beyond Oak Ridge
A Disrupted Organic Film: Could Memories Be Made of This?
ORNL's Powerful Tools for Scientific Discovery
Breaking a Record for Analysis of Atoms
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