Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Vol. 33, No. 3, 2000

The new National Transportation Research Center (NTRC) in Knox County, Tennessee, is the home for advanced transportation studies by researchers from ORNL and the University of Tennessee. Some of the research at NTRC is featured in this special issue of the ORNL Review.

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Editorial: Putting East Tennessee on the Transportation Research Map
     Lee Riedinger
NTRC: Accelerating the Transportation Revolution
Toward a Cleaner Diesel Vehicle
An Emissions Mission: Solving the Sulfur Problem
New User Facility Has Old (But Excellent) Instruments
Truck Brake Tester Could Boost Highway Safety
Better Ways to Weigh Trucks
Carbon-Fiber Composites for Cars
Supercomputers Help Model Cars in Collisions
Power Electronics: Energy Manager for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Is There a 'Green' Car in Your Future?
Biological Ways of Producing Ethanol
Aviation Research Takes Off at ORNL
Packaging and Transporting Hazardous Materials
Transportation Planners Aided by GIS Research
Defense Transportation and Logistics Research
Software Tools Will Help Emergency Responders
E-Commerce Impacts on Transportation
Learning Smart Ways to Use Intelligent Transportation Systems
UT Goal: Safer Trips
Mass Spectrometer Can Detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
ORNL's Graphite Foam May Aid Transportation
Microfocusing Mirrors May Advance Materials Science
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