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...and the WINNERS Are... Accomplishments of Distinction at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

C. T. Liu and ORNL Director Jeffrey Wadsworth.

C. T. Liu (left) and ORNL Director Jeffrey Wadsworth.

C. T. Liu received the ORNL Director's Award for Outstanding Individual Accomplishment in Science and Technology and the Distinguished Scientist Award at the UT-Battelle 2004 Awards Night ceremony for his research on advanced materials, both in increasing fundamental understanding of their mechanical properties and in their application to energy systems.

Four ORNL technologies received national Federal Laboratory Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer Awards: MicroCAT X-ray technology (top project in Southeast FLC competition), developed by Shaun Gleason, Michael Paulus, Derek Austin, Miljko Bobrek, Gary Alley, Kenneth Tobin, and Chris McKinney; AquaSentinel real-time water monitoring biosensor system, developed by Elias Greenbaum, Miguel Rodriguez, Charlene Sanders, David Hill, Richard Stouder, Mark Reeves, and John Harrell; the photo-molecular comb biomolecular separator, developed by Thomas Thundat, Gilbert Brown, Thomas Ferrell, Robert Warmack, and Russ Miller; and the miniature californium-252 neutron source for cancer therapy, developed by Rodger Martin, Ian Gross, Larry Pierce, Russ Miller, Mark Reeves, and Manfred Sandler. These technologies all placed in the Southeast FLC competition, along with ORNL's MicroTrap MS™ Micro-scale Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, developed by Bill Whitten, Peter Reilly, Mike Ramsey, and Ashok Choudhury.

James B. Roberto has received the National Materials Advancement Award from the Federation of Materials Societies for a number of materials sciences-related activities both nationally and at ORNL, including managing one of the nation's largest materials science and engineering programs.

Thomas Thundat has been named one of the "Scientific American 50 Award" winners for his development of devices that use microcantilevers to detect TNT. Thundat also received the Jesse W. Beams Award for research excellence from the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society.

Everett Bloom has received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Materials Science and Technology Division of the American Nuclear Society, in recognition of his "significant and sustained contributions to the development of materials for advanced nuclear fission and fusion systems."

Laetitia Delmau has been named by MIT's Technology Review magazine as one of the world's top 100 young innovators for her development of patented technologies for treating nuclear wastes.

Johney Boyd Green, Jr., has been recognized by Science Spectrum magazine as one of the 50 most important black research scientists in America for his contributions to automotive research and for his service as a role model to students.

Kelly Beierschmitt is a member of the Battelle group that received the White House "Closing the Circle" Award for ORNL's "green building" designs for the new east campus.

Stephen Pennycook, Amit Goyal, Robert Cushman (retired), and Leonard Feldman have been elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

David Dean, Tony Mezzacappa, Predrag S. Krstic, and Lal A. Pinnaduwage have been elected fellows of the American Physical Society.


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