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A Secure Facility for New Technologies

A new building will increase ORNL's ability to execute sensitive national security research.

Multiprogram Research Facility (MRF) design concept.

Responding to new international realities, the Department of Energy's national laboratories are supporting the effort to deliver the science and technology needed to protect U.S. homeland and national security interests worldwide. The challenge is to support DOE's mission and maximize the potential of DOE's S&T base by leveraging critical, classified national security, nonproliferation, and homeland security programs.

In the new Multiprogram Research Facility (MRF), DOE's research complex at Oak Ridge will have a state-of-the-art, secure S&T facility that provides the appropriate infrastructure and environment to integrate multidisciplinary scientific capabilities for sensitive defense, nonproliferation, and homeland security activities. Begun in February 2005, the new 214,000-sq.-ft facility will house a significant upgrade in classified capabilities critical to many of DOE's research and training activities.

The MRF's mission will include support for classified projects in the Department of Energy "Work for Others" program. The new building will provide classified space for research and development activities in support of weapons of mass destruction analysis; nonproliferation research, training, and operations; cyber security research and development; geospatial analysis; advanced thermal hydraulic research; inorganic membrane research and prototyping; and myriad special activities for which appropriate infrastructure is either lacking or inadequate. The MRF complex also contains chemical, biological, material, and electronics laboratories; fabrication and training spaces; supporting offices; and necessary support infrastructure. The facility's training capabilities include a 400-seat auditorium equipped to permit interactive, real-time control of outstations.

With an initial capability in the fall of 2006 and full capability in spring of 2007, the MRF will be a valuable addition to Oak Ridge National Laboratory's research portfolio and a critical resource in the Department of Energy's effort to provide technologies that will strengthen America's energy security and public safety.


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