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...and the WINNERS Are... Accomplishments of Distinction at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Keith Joy
Keith Joy

Keith Joy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Small Business Program Manager, has been named the Department of Energy's Management and Operations Program Manager of the Year. The director of DOE's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization writes in a letter to Joy: "Your strong work ethic and commitment to increasing small business participation in DOE contracting activities enable the Department to complete its ever important mission of safeguarding our nation's resources." The letter notes that small businesses are leaders of innovation, create two-thirds of the nation's net jobs and serve as the engine that drives the U.S. economy.

ORNL researchers Richard Bass, Stuart Daw and Amit Goyal have been named UT-Battelle Corporate Fellows. The honor recognizes their long-standing leadership in their respective fields of science and engineering and their contributions to ORNL's reputation for excellence. Bass was recognized for outstanding contributions to ORNL in advanced computational structural mechanics and nuclear safety technologies. He is a world leader in the development and application of advanced computational methods and computer codes for structural analyses of complex components including nuclear reactor pressure vessels. He currently manages the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission program at ORNL that develops probabilistic structural safety assessment technology for nuclear power plants. Daw has pioneered the application of chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics to energy technologies, including gas-fluidized beds, internal combustion engines and pulsed combustion. His ground-breaking efforts in developing practical uses for chaos theory in engineering applications have been widely recognized in industry. Goyal has done pioneering research that has had a profound impact on the field of high-temperature superconductivity, both in fundamental materials science and in the transition of scientific discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace. His innovations have provided elegant solutions to achieving essentially single-crystal-like behavior in long lengths of superconducting material, using techniques that are industrially scalable and cost effective, as well as creating self-assembled, nanoscale defects within superconductors that dramatically enhance their properties.

Thomas Thundat has been elected fellow of the Electrochemical Society.

Jim Bogard has been named fellow of the Health Physics Society.

Slava Danilov has received one of two accelerator-related prizes awarded by the European Physical Society Accelerator Group every two years. Danilov's EPS-AG Accelerator Prize cited him "for numerous contributions to accelerator physics," including a successful laser-stripping experiment.

ORNL's Green Transportation Initiative has received a White House Closing the Circle Award, which recognizes outstanding federal environmental stewardship practices. The award, presented by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive, cited ORNL's efforts in reducing energy consumption and using alternative fuels in its work fleet. About 25% of the work fleet consists of flex-fuel vehicles that run on E-85, which is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.


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