March 1999

Our introductory issue

Welcome to the ORNL Reporter
At the time the decision was made by the Department of Energy to create separate contracts for ORNL and Energy Systems, the two companies agreed to do a joint publication for their employees. Although separate companies, Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation and Energy Systems were, and will continue to be, working closely together in many important ways on many important projects.

However, we feel the time has come for each institution to have its own publication, specific to its own needs. ORNL Reporter is intended to provide you with news about issues, events and accomplishments that are important to you and your co-workers at ORNL.

I look forward to reading about your successes in the months to come.

Welcome to the first issue of ORNL Reporter. Al Trivelpiece outlines the reasons we’ve returned to a separate newsletter for the Lab in the sidebar.

As successor to Lab Notes, which published its last copy in December 1996, and Ridgelines, which we published jointly with Energy Systems until January, ORNL Reporter will be addressed and delivered to employees at their mailstops. Retirees will receive the Reporter at home.

We’ll cover science and technology, administrative issues and what our readership—you folks—are generally up to. We’re always looking for stories, so if you or your co-workers are into something interesting, give us a call. Retirees too.

And if you’re not sure if it’s interesting, call us anyway. We rarely pass up on a tip.

We also want feedback from our readers. We love to get letters, either electronically or via snail-mail, and we’ll even print them. Just be sure to sign them.

Letters, questions, story tips, peeves and advice can be addressed to Bill Cabage and Deborah Barnes.