March 1999

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OneCall debuts soon; Lab taps BP manager

OneCall logo
Sally Jaunsen has come on board at ORNL as the Lab’s manager for Benefit Plans. Jaunsen will be responsible for future benefit plans design and communications for ORNL and will represent the Laboratory in initiatives involving benefits.

ORNL employees will still call 574-1500, the Helpline number, for Benefit Plans assistance.

In the meantime, Helpline service is set for a major upgrade. The rollout for Benefit Plans’ new employee-retiree service center, called OneCall, is set for the end of March. OneCall allows customers access to an interactive voice response system and customer service representatives to provide faster responses to questions and issues. OneCall announcement materials were mailed to employees and retirees in January.

“The Helpline paved the way to faster response to employee issues by providing a staff of customer service representatives and subject matter experts to answer the majority of employee and retiree questions,” says Jaunsen. “OneCall is a continuation of those improvements in service, this time using advanced technology.”

Jaunsen, who has been a key player in restructuring Benefit Plans service delivery, says that OneCall will

Jaunsen, a certified public accountant and certified employee benefits specialist, comes to the Lab from Energy Systems’ Payroll and Operations Department. She will report to Human Resources Division Director Mike Willard.