ORNL Reporter -- May 1999

May 1999

Lab’s achievers honored at 1999 Awards Night

ORNL’s Awards Night was May 7. Each year ORNL recognizes its top achievers. Here are those for 1999.

Administrative Support, Exempt

Pat Lewis, Sandra J. Bolinski, Frank V. Damiano, Janet S. Eastham, Jonathan M. Forstrom, Jeffrey S. Guilford, Patricia S. Henegar, William P. Painter, David C. Rice and Crystal A. Schrof: For exceptional effort to negotiate over $65M in Bechtel Jacobs work authorizations in less than 30 days, thereby allowing critical work such as Gunite Tanks, MSRE, and other high-cost, high- priority cleanup tasks to continue.

Dave Rupert, Mylissa S. Buttram and Teresa J. Honeycutt: For exemplary performance and leadership in the development and implementation of comprehensive workforce diversity programs and strategies.

Administrative Support, Nonexempt

Sonja B. Jones: For distinguished achievements in providing technical support to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, especially her leadership role in the area of user services.

Bargaining Unit Support

Jim Ayers: For innovative design and modification of manipulators that permit cost-effective operations in the new capsule testing and handling facility.

Woodrow P. Bledsoe: For distinguished contributions to calibrating, installing and troubleshooting the instrument system for the new Melton Valley Storage Tank Facility.

James R. Carden, Butch Banks, Monti Endicott Jr., Joe McAmis, Gerald L. Taylor, Gerry R. Coffey, Gerry W. Condon, Ray Drewery, Dan Gourley, Dickey Howard, Mike Hughes, Greg Johnson, Nancy M. Lay, David N. Luttrell, Jack Malone, Tom Nichols, Junior Pickens, Carl W. Reiordan, Carl Smith, Ted Stanford and Jerry Underwood: For demonstrating an excellent, team-based approach in establishing an ORNL laboratory and mastering analytical techniques to meet new discharge criteria and reporting requirements for the state of Tennessee.

Wayne Finch: For his high standards and the example he sets by working hard, working safely and demonstrating a volunteer spirit in every area to which he contributes.

Darryl J. Murphy: For his unselfish and expert computer support for risk modeling of environmental restoration data that enabled the timely completion of a deliverable requested by the assistant secretary for Environmental Management.

Community Service, Previous Year

Jenny C. McGill: For sustained, unselfish and outstanding dedication and outreach to her community, particularly the youth, as a volunteer, teacher, mentor and administrator.

Community Service, Sustained

Elizabeth B. Peelle: For the vision, organizational skills, perserverance and personal qualities that leaders need to initiate action and to spark progress on difficult and often controversial issues.

Development Accomplishment

Gerald D. Alton: For important innovations in the design of ECR ion sources, which are likely to have a significant impact in many areas of ion-beam technology.

Chuck Britton, Gil Brown, Bill Bryan, Lloyd G. Clonts, Jeff Depriest, Mike Emery, M. Nance Ericson, Jerry Hu, Rob Jones, Mike Moore, Rick Oden, James M. Rochelle, Steve Smith, Tom Thundat, Gary W. Turner, Bruce Warmack and Alan L. Wintenberg: For their development of the world’s first Wireless Electronic Nose.

Gilbert M. Brown, Spiro D. Alexandratos, Peter V. Bonnesen, Baohua Gu and Bruce A. Moyer: For development of a novel bifunctional anion exchange resin for selective removal of pollutants from groundwater.

Fang C. Chen: For entrepreneurial, creative, energetic problem solving—the epitome of the ORNL researcher.

Ron Feenstra, Amit Goyal, Dominic F. Lee and Parans Paranthaman: For development of a new, industrially scalable process for the deposition of high-temperature superconducting coatings on flexible metal tapes for superconducting wires.

Amit Goyal: For inventions relating to the development of high-temperature superconducting materials.

O. Wayne Holland and Darrell K. Thomas: For the development of innovative ion-beam techniques for synthesizing new and novel materials for semiconductor applications.

John S. Hsu: For sustained technical innovation in electric machinery research.

Leon N. Klat, Martin A. Hunt, David H. Thompson and James R. Younkin: For developing and implementing the first integrated operation of a modular robotic laboratory system for analyzing polychlormated biphenyls (PCBs) in soil matrices.

Bruce A. Moyer, Peter V. Bonnesen, Laetitia H. Dalmau, Tammy J. Haverlock and Rick Sachleben: For inventing, developing and testing a remarkable and elegant new process for removing radioactive cesium from high-level wastes.

Bernd J. Neudecker, John B. Bates and Ray Zuhr: For the development of high-performance, thin-film, lithium-ion batteries that can be integrated into electronic circuits using the common solder reflow or surface mount process.

Felix L. Paulauskas: For technical leadership in microwave processing and perseverance that has been critical in developing microwave processing technologies and initiatives.

Mike Paulus, Miljko Bobrek, Shaun S. Gleason, Steve Hicks, Dabney K. Johnson, Doug Lowndes, Hamed Sari-Sarraf and John C. Turner: For the extraordinary development of a novel 3-D imaging system to study the physiology of small laboratory animals in vivo.

Ken Read and Vince Cianciolo: For innovative design and timely construction of the Muon Identifier subsystem for the PHENIX detector at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

John M. Storey and Karren More: For cutting- edge research to reduce emissions and mitigate potential health effects from diesel engines.

Bob Swindeman: For sustained excellence in understanding the mechanical behavior of high-temperature alloys and developing codes and standards for industrial use of advanced alloys.

Ken Tobin, Jim Goddard, Martin A. Hunt, Kathy Hylton, Thomas P. Karnowski, Roger Richards, Marc L. Simpson and Dale A. Treece: For the development of a breakthrough imaging technology for making highly accurate color measurements on complex printed textile products.

Jack Wells: For his sophisticated computational physics algorithms and his employment of strategies to enhance the next-generation supercomputers.

Leadership, Administration and Operations

Claude M. Robison: For excellent leadership within his department and for taking a leadership role in several critical division activities.

Jim Phillips: For outstanding leadership in providing exemplary health services.

Becky Verastegui: For her outstanding leadership as technical director of the SAP implementation project.

Leadership, R&D

Don J. Adams: For vision and leadership in creating ORNL’s guiding role in power electronics and electric machines research.

Bruce A. Moyer: For exemplary performance in research leadership, team building, and program development to bring his separations chemistry group to national prominence.

Janet Cushman: For sustained excellence in leading the ORNL Bioenergy Feedstock Development Program for the past 8 years.

Mike Bronzini: For leadership in building the Center for Transportation Analysis in the Energy Division into a diversified, world-class transportation systems research organization.

Rod Judkins: For outstanding entrepreneurial leadership of the Fossil Energy Materials Program at ORNL.'

Reinhold C. Mann: For leadership in successfully integrating the former Biology and Health Sciences Research divisions and for his vision in focusing and promoting ORNL’s Functional Genomics Program to visibility at the national level.

Bob Schilling: For exemplary leadership in developing outstanding research teams.

Operations Support

Lisa K. Brown, John E. Cleaves, Ed Krieg, Jim Lawson, Dell Morgan and Jim Schubert: For essential and timely contributions to the evaluation team that selected the architect, engineer and construction management subcontractor for the Spallation Neutron Source project.

Ashok Choudhury: For outstanding performance in the commercialization of ORNL-developed technologies through the licensing process.

Harold H. Cromwell: For exemplary professional project management of line-item projects vital to the continued operations of ORNL.

Robert A. Dean: For continued demonstration of professionalism; dedication to the advancement of engineering excellence; and unselfish devotion to quality, safety and ORNL.

Joe R. Inger: For exemplary performance in developing, planning and directing the completion of the High Flux Isotope Reactor in-service inspection.

Gary Q. Kirk and W. George Askew: For excellence in quality assurance support for the Chemical Technology Division nuclear facilities.

Eric W. Laubach: For exceptional effort and continued superlative technical engineering and compliance support of ORNL divisions at Y-12.

Curtis A. Maples: For his outstanding contributions to enabling operation of ORNL hot cell facilities in the new “verbatim compliance” mode and to implementing DOE-mandated nuclear facility training to relevant personnel.

Tony Medley, Patricia E. Cox, Rick Forbes, Suzanne F. Sherer and Rob Tanner: For development and implementation of an integrated, comprehensive system for ORNL ESH&Q and infrastructure requirements.

Pat Parr, Gail L. Anderson, Susan P. Anderson, Juanita K. Hunt, Tony Medley, J. David Peebles, Bill Teer Jr. and Bill Thompson: For excellence in Oak Ridge Reservation planning as demonstrated in the Comprehensive Integrated Plan.

Cheryl Shanklin, Mike Brandon, E. Wayne Castleberry, Ron Clark, Glenn M. Cross, Kenda N. Evans, C. Webster Gudmundson, E. Henry Hudgens, Letitia H. Lewis, Roberta K. Schwarz, Bob Shamblin, Mary B. Sheldon and Rick Short: For exceptional contributions to the integration and technology upgrade of a work management and preventive maintenance system.

Ralph G. Shooster, Greg Irby and Earl F. Schubert: For recognizing that more effective cooling-tower treatments existed and teaming with vendor personnel to incorporate this technology.

Larry L. Triplett, Barry A. Berven, David G. Edds, Diane B. Embleton, Dennis E. Rice, Doug Rose, Janet H. Swenson, Jerry R. Wells and Bill Winton: For outstanding team accomplishments in removing a large amount of legacy and waste chemicals from division facilities at Y-12.

Becky Verastegui, Beverly V. Abele, Charles Jeff Ault, Gwendolyn Teresa Banks, David K. Broughton, Patricia S. Bryant, Linda S. Burnett, John F. Cooke, Steve Cortelyou, Kathy J. Davis, Ann M. Derryberry, Lynn D. Duncan, David E. Fowler, Peggy G. Fowler, Terry L. Heatherly, Randy Hinton, Valerie Foster Homan, C. J. Humphreys, Russell E. Langley, Tracey Oliver Lawson, Lamar B. Lepard, Joseph Howard Lowell, Bob Martin, Pat McGrady, Mike B. McNeely, Virginia Miller, Jeff L. Parkison, Karen Diane Peacher, Susan G. Perkins, Nina Roberts, Sonny Rogers Jr., Terry D. Scoggins, Suzanne F. Sherer, Renee M. Tucker, Shane Tucker, Kathi H. Vaughan and John M. Wheeler: For operational vision and exemplary dedication toward realization of business-reengineering goals through implementation of the SAP enterprise management software.

Research Accomplishment, Significant

Cyris Baktash, Witold Nazarewicz and Chang-Hong Yu: For discovery of proton decay of a superdeformed band in Cu-58.

Pengcheng Dai: For his pioneering neutron scattering measurements and for demonstrating universal behavior of spin fluctuations in high-Tc superconductors.

Virginia H. Dale, Tony King, Linda K. Mann, Raymond A. McCord and Robert A. Washington-Allen: For notable contributions in developing a strategy to assess ecological impacts of land use and provide a basis for minimizing risks to natural resources.

Easo P. George: For developing a new theoretical model for the yield-strength anomaly of FeAl.

John K. Gibson: For performing innovative experimental mass spectrometry regarding several fundamental and organometallic aspects of actinide chemistry.

Eli Greenbaum and James Weifu Lee: For the discovery of a new class of Hill reagents for nanofabrication and metallocatalysis with photosynthetic systems.

Al Meldrum, Lynn A. Boatner and Steve Zinkle: For discovery of new structural transformations resulting from irradiation of processed nuclear waste forms.

Tony Mezzacappa: For his work toward identifying the mechanism of core-collapse supernovae.

Lal Pinnaduwage: For conducting pioneering research on the dynamics and electron-attachment properties of highly excited molecular states.

Eliot D. Specht, Lynn A. Boatner, H. M. Christen and David P. Norton: For innovative work that addresses fundamental questions about the nature of ferroelectricity at small-length scales.

Research Accomplishment, Sustained

Jim Bentley: For outstanding contributions to the development and application of analytical electron microscopy in materials science.

Gerard J. Bunick, B. Leif Hanson and Joel M. Harp: For determining a high-resolution crystal structure of a nucleosome, the fundamental building block of the chromosome.

Peter T. Cummings: For sustained and exemplary scientific and engineering contributions in a number of areas relating to chemistry and fluid dynamics resulting from his unique ability to see and build connections between different scientific fields.

Dave Geohegan and Alex Puretzky: For sustained leadership in the investigation of the physics of pulsed-laser ablation, which offers new insight into ablation-plume chemistry.

Russ Lee: For his achievement as lead author of the important book series, Estimating the Externalities of Fuel Cycles.

Scott A. McLuckey: For sustained contributions to fundamental understanding of gas-phase ion chemistry and its application to organic and biological mass spectrometry.

John C. Miller: For his 10-year sustained efforts in basic research into the chemistry of nanoparticles and clusters.

Secretarial Support, Newcomer

W. Marlene Leamon: For exceptional performance in quickly establishing an efficient office for a large research group.

Secretarial Support, Significant Achievement

Debbie T. Bain: For her exceptional contribution in the preparation of the camera-ready manuscript of the book, The Full Cost and Benefits of Transportation, which resulted in cost savings and expedited publication.

Sherry E. Brown: For excellence in completing the conversion of critical HFIR operating procedures while also attending to her normal duties.

Toni K. Sawyer: For an exemplary year in support of Environmental Sciences Division ES&H activities and ORNL’s SAP activities in addition to sustained quality performance in support of ESD’s Research Services section.

Secretarial Support, Sustained Performance

Linda B. Dockery: For sustained, superior support of the Engineering Technology Division through intelligent application of a wide variety of software tools.

Mary Beth Watt: For consistent, outstanding performance in carrying out the administrative functions of the Engineering Division.

Technical Support

Jeff L. Bailey: For excellent technical support to the DOE Fusion Energy Materials Program’s HFIR "rabbit" irradiation experiments.

Deborah J. Cole: For significant contributions to health sciences research through dedicated, proactive support in the information sciences.

Chester L. Coomer: For outstanding technical support in the development of novel electric machinery.

Bob Cummins: For applied development of a process to treat mercury- and tritium-contaminated oil.

Stacy C. Davis: For extraordinary technical support for the Energy Division’s transportation energy program, its federal sponsors and the international transportation community.

Tom Hutton and David L. Thomas: For their consummate commitment to provide customized and versatile hardware and software for sophisticated materials testing.

Wade J. Jones: For outstanding contributions to research through expertise and dedication to excellence in the science and art of electron microscopy sample preparation.

Mary Kathryn McCracken: For her commitment to excellence through mastery of experimental concepts, maintenance of the highest standards, and focus on mission goals.

Norman A. Teasley: For exemplary dedication to the implementation and technical oversight of, and technical support to, the TWRA/DOE/ORNL wildlife monitoring programs.

‘Of the year’
Each year a set of superlatives are chosen from Awards Night recipients. Here are this year’s "of the year" winners.

Leader—Reinhold Mann, director, Life Sciences Division. A number of fiscal management and program development achievements were cited in his award.

Operational Improvement—The Plant and Equipment Division’s team of 21 led by Jim Cardin, cited for their key role in the Lab’s compliance with new NPDES discharge requirements.

Author—John K. Gibson, Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division. His eight 1998 publications relating to transition metals and actinide elements "extend organometallic chemistry to the far end of the periodic table."

Engineer—Robert A. Dean, Engineering Division. In the last three years he has managed $127 million worth of the Lab’s largest and most complex engineering programs.

Inventor—Amit Goyal, Metals and Ceramics Division. His inventions relating to high-temperature superconducting materials have led to patents, licenses and six-figure royalties.

Scientist—Scott McLuckey, Chemical and Analytical Sciences Division. In last year’s Basic Energy Sciences On-Site Review, he was referred to as “the best person in his generation” in mass spectrometry.