May 1999

ORNL People
Eight students whose parents work at ORNL have been named winners of 1999 Lockheed Martin Foundation Scholarships. The scholarships are $3000 per year for four years of undergraduate study. Two children of Energy Systems employees also received scholarships.

The winners and their ORNL parents are Ned Andrews, son of Andy Andrews, Instrumentation and Controls Division; Rebekah Hutton, daughter of John Hutton, I&C Division; Heather Janney, daughter of Mark Janney, Metals and Ceramics Division; Patrick Kelly, son of Gary Kelly, Office of Radiation Protection; Matthew Mei, son of Vince Mei, Energy Division; Laura Tortorelli, daughter of Peter Tortorelli, M&C; Katherine White, daughter of Vicky White, Center for Computational Sciences; and Katie Wilson, daughter of Tom Wilson, I&C Division.

Energy Systems winners are Justin Petrowski, son of Larry Petrowski, Y-12 Facilities Management and Emily Tannert, daughter of Robert Tannert Jr., Data Systems Research and Development and Kay Bradley, DSRD.

David Johnson, son of Paul Johnson of the Computational Physics and Engineering Division, placed third in the Tennessee state competition of the National Geography Bee held in Nashville last month.

Robert Coleman, a senior health physicist in the Life Sciences Division, received a Hammer Award for his contributions as a primary author to the Multi-Agency Radiological Survey and Site Investigation Manual. The award, implemented by Vice President Al Gore, recognizes significant accomplishments in support of federal programs.

Liane Russell, senior corporate fellow and leader of the Life Sciences Division’s Mammalian Genetics group, was recently conferred an honorary doctor of science degree by Hunter College of the City University of New York. Dr. Russell received her B.A. in chemistry, summa cum laude, from Hunter College in 1945 and went on to receive her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She is a 1995 Fermi Award winner.

Life Sciences’ Dick Swaja and Fred Baes have been appointed editors of the Health Physics Society’s Web site (

Gerilyn R. Moline of the Environmental Sciences Division received the 1998 Editors’ Citation for Excellence in Refereeing for Water Resources Research at the 1999 American Geophysical Union’s spring meeting in Boston.

Vinod Sikka and Jim Keiser, both of the Metals and Ceramics Division, received industry recognition awards from DOE’s Office of Industrial Technologies at this year’s OIT Expo.