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Tuesday, October 09

The Radiation Safety Information Computational Center:
Celebrating Fifty Years

Peter Lyons, Keynote Speaker, Assistant Secretary of Nuclear Energy,
US Department of Energy
Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division Ceremony
9:00 AM — 10:00 AM, Conference Center (Building 5200),
Tennessee Room (202-B and C))
Contact: Timothy E. Valentine (, 865.574.0715


The Radiation Safety Information Computation Center is marking its 50th anniversary on Tuesday, Oct. 9, with a ceremony keynoted by Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Pete Lyons. Lab staff are invited.

RSICC sprang from the recommendation of a presidential advisory committee, chaired by then-ORNL Director Alvin Weinberg, to establish information analysis centers to deal with the growing tide of scientific data. The then-Radiation Shielding Information Center has evolved into the RSICC, a storehouse of nuclear computational tools and data for modeling and simulating the interaction of radiation with matter. The center acquires the state-of-the art codes and data, preserves them and makes them accessible to the research community.