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Thursday, December 06

Interfacial Chemistry in Materials Synthesis and Performance for Energy

Jun Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Pasco, WA
Physical Sciences Directorate Seminar
9:00 AM — 10:00 AM, ORNL Conference Center, Building 5200, Tennessee Conference Room 202C
Contact: Michelle Buchanan (, 865.574.1144


Nanostructured materials have attracted wide attention for energy applications such as electrochemical energy storage/conversion and catalysis. These materials include nanocrystals and nanoparticles, microporous zeolites, mesoporous materials and composites. Our long term goal is to understand some of the overarching scientific principles governing the synthesis and performance of such energy materials. In this seminar we will first provide a brief background of the materials science and materials chemistry challenges for some energy applications such as large scale energy storage. We will discuss the interfacial phenomena that control the fundamental nucleation and growth on well-defined surfaces, coupling of nucleation and growth with self-assembly processes, and multiphase self-assembly for the synthesis of advanced electrode materials. Specific examples will include interface controlled nucleation and growth of oriented nanostructured thin films, functionalized mesoporous materials, defect controlled nucleation and catalytic processes, and advanced electrode materials for fuel cells and advanced Li and Na batteries. We will also demonstrate how the new materials can be integrated with new device concepts to significantly improve the performance of the technology.