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Tuesday, January 15

"Controlling Magnetism by Light in Nanoscaled Heterostructures of Cyanometallate Coordination
Networks: The role of increased complexity

Prof. Mark Meisel , University of Florida ,
Materials Theory Group Seminar
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM, Building 4100, Conference Room J-302
Contact: Randy Fishman (, 865.574.5786


Nanometer-sized heterostructures of the Prussian blue analogues AjCok[Fe(CN)6]l·nH2O (Co-Fe PBA, with A = K, Rb) and RbaNib[Cr(CN)6]c·mH2O (Ni-Cr PBA) have been investigated, and new phenomena, not observed for the constituent bulk phases, have been observed [1-3]. A crucial aspect of the ability to photocontrol the persistent magnetism up to 70 K is the role of the strain coupling present at the interfaces between the nanoscaled regions of the constituents. Increasing the morphological complexity of the samples has the potential to provide materials possessing novel combinations of properties. In parallel, the interplay between long-range magnetic order and structural coherence [4-6] is an important consideration in our attempts to design new systems. Open, unresolved issues will be discussed, and potential future paths will be sketched.

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