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Wednesday, December 12

Nano-textured, optically transparent, durable superhydrophobic thin films

T. Aytug, Chemical Sciences Division,
Materials and Chemistry Seminar Series
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, Weinberg Auditorium, Building 4500-N
Contact: Athena S. Sefat (, 865.574.5495


It is difficult to obtain a transparent medium with a superhydrophobic coating that has high optical quality, mechanical durability, and can be fabricated at large scale with good uniformity. Traditional superhydrophobic coatings are soft in nature, with a Teflon-like surface chemistry, which results in reduced adhesion and durability. By combining physical vapor deposition techniques together with methods to produce differentially-etched, nanostructured materials, we present creation of a well bonded, optical-quality thin film coatings that are superhydrophobic, that blocks UV-radiation and can be engineered to be anti-reflective with broadband and omnidirectional characteristics. Along with exceptional superhydrophobic performance, exhibiting a droplet contact angle >170°, our nanostructured coatings also demonstrate anti-fog and anti-fingerprint functionalities, opening the possibility of using this process technology to design coatings for new high value applications as well as for markets such as residential windows, specialty optics, electronic and photovoltaic cover glasses, and optical components used across US Army.

Materials and Chemistry Seminar Series are hosted by MSTD and CSD.