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Friday, February 01

Development of a Fuel Cell Three-Wheeler and
Optimization its Performance by using Multiscale Modeling

Akos Kriston, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Chemical Sciences Division Seminar
10:30 AM — 11:30 AM, Chemical and Material Sciences Building (4100), Room J-302
Contact: Vilmos Kertesz (, 865.574.3469


Fuel cells are among the most promising candidates, which can substitute heat engines in the production of electricity. Although the first H2 – O2 fuel cell ("gas cell") was invented in 1839, the industrial utilization has not become widespread because of the so called chicken'n egg problem. The understanding of the relationships between the scientific, technical and economic level is seldom investigated in details. Therefore in the course of the talk a multi-scale development of a fuel cell 3-wheeler is going to be presented and analyzed in scientific details. The electrochemical behavior of the platinum catalyst, the optimization of membrane electrode assembly, the fuel cell stack and a fuel cell system will be described. A multi-scale model was used to analyze the complex behavior of an operating fuel cell vehicle. At the molecular level the electrochemical behavior of oxygen reduction reaction and the behavior of the Pt surface were modeled. The second level was a time dependent macro homogeneous model of the active layer, which was used to study the mass activity and the peak power. The third was the global level of the business ecosystem modeling the effect of the technical properties on the hydrogen economy.