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Thursday, February 14

Measuring Environmental Sustainability Indicators in Land
Use Change for Sugarcane Ethanol Production in Brazil

Carlos Clemente Cerri, Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura
of the São Paulo University , Brazil
Center for Bioenergy Sustainability Seminar
3:30 PM — 5:00 PM, Building 1505, Conference Room 189
Contact: Jennifer Smith (, 865.574.8452


The presentation will start briefly commenting the importance of agribusiness to Brazilian GDP. After that, the necessary increase in productivity and area for food and biofuel production will be introduced, demonstrating that this can be achieved using exclusively pasture land, with no further deforestation. The question about "How can the sugar cane area be expanded in an environmental sustainable way?" will be answered by the analysis of three main indicators: soil quality, greenhouse gas emissions and soil biodiversity. Each of them will be described in terms of applied techniques for assessment. Finally, a short description of a project approaching the main land-use change (natural vegetation/pasture/sugarcane) will be given.

About the speaker:
Carlos C. Cerri, PhD, is a professor at the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura of the São Paulo University, Brazil, where he teaches graduate students and performs research on soil carbon sequestration and trace gas mitigation on tropical conditions. He was director of CENA between 1991-1997 and coordinator of 51 national and international scientific projects on environmental science. His present functions are as Brazilian coordinator of GEF-funded “Carbon Benefits Project”, member of Brazilian Academy of Sciences, French Academy of Agriculture, The Academy of sciences for the developing countries-TWAS, “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques” of France, Nobel Peace Prize Certificate (IPCC, 2007), Trieste Award of Science (Ernest Illy Prize, South Africa, 2009), Command of Gran Cruz (Brazilian Presidency, 2010), EMBRAPA Prize “Frederico de Menezes Veiga” (2012).