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Wednesday, February 20

High Performance Design of Buildings and the
Decarbonization of Cities

Roger E. Frechette III, Design Futures Council,
Energy and Transportation Science Division Seminar
2:00 PM — 3:00 PM, Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (Building 5100), Auditorium (Room 128)
Contact: Bill Miller (, 865.574.2013


About the speaker:
ROGER E. FRECHETTE III served as President of PositivEnergy Practice (PEP); Chicago, IL. PEP is a design firm focused on the advancement and integration of sustainable systems for buildings and carbon planning for cities. Frechette's international and domestic work encompasses new and existing building designs, such as government facilities, museums, sporting arenas, laboratories, hospitals, historic structures, performing arts venues, airports, hospitals, academic campuses, residential and office buildings. He has been involved in the design of six of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. He led the engineering teams for such notable projects as Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), which opened in 2010 as the world's tallest building, the Greenland Tower in Wuhan, soon to become China's tallest building and the Pearl River Tower, a high-performing, super-tall office building in Guangzhou, China, touted by many as the world's most energy-efficient tall building.
Mr. Frechette is a Senior Fellow with the Design Futures Council, a global network of design community professionals, and a frequent lecturer and author on high-performance design and green engineering. He is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). In 2004, he was recognized by the United States Congress for his work in sustainability. He and his team are currently building and planning projects in Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia and the United States.