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Wednesday, March 13

Opportunities and Challenges for Textile Composites

Christopher M. Pastore, Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, Pa.
Materials Science and Technology Division Seminar
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, Research Office Building (5700), Room MS-A104
Contact: Robert E. Norris Jr (, 865.576.1179


Textile composites refer to a family of processes: weaving, braiding, knitting, and hybrids thereof. These materials offer several promises for composites fabrication: reduced fabrication costs, 3-D multiaxial reinforcement, and damage tolerance. Despite these advantages, textile composites have not reached the level of implementation of laminated composites.

Opportunities provided by textile reinforced composites will be discussed along with the challenges that limit their implementation. The various families of textiles will be defined and the basics of fabric formation for each family will be detailed. In particular the strengths and weaknesses of each manufacturing technique will be addressed to provide a view of the applicability of each. This will include some guidance on shape formation capability, property ranges, size limitations, and estimates of relative cost to produce. Potential applications for these materials will be presented.

Amongst the limitations on the application of textile reinforced composites is the lack of adequate modeling capabilities for these materials. Textile composites typically have rather large unit cell structures and are highly inhomogeneous. These features provide benefits to manufacturing, but require novel modeling techniques to correctly understand the mechanical behavior. A review of analytical techniques applied to textile composites will be presented along with a discussion of the benefits and weaknesses of each of these methods. The enabling technologies needed to further the implementation of textile composites in structural applications will be discussed.

Dr. Christopher M. Pastore is Professor of Transdisciplinary Studies in the College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts; Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce; and College of Architecture and the Built Environment at Philadelphia University. He is also chair of the faculty and the director of the PhilaU Jazz Band.