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Thursday, April 11

Controlled Synthesis of Porous Carbon Materials

An-Hui Lu, Dalian University of Technology, China
Chemical Sciences Division Seminar
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, Chemical and Material Sciences Building (4100), Room C-201
Contact: Sheng Dai (, 865.576.7307


Carbon, the sixth mostly abundant element in nature, has been one of the most widely studied intriguing elements for materials scientists and organic chemists. The chemical synthesis of novel porous carbon materials with designed composition and structure across the different length scales is one of the most active fields. The synthetic strategies toward carbon materials can rely on protocols such as precursor controlled pyrolysis, templating and surface-mediated synthesis, self-assembly and others. The application of carbon materials will typically be in the range of nanocomposites, energy harvesting, storage and conversion, sensing, and catalysis. In this talk, strategies concerning the design of nanostructured porous carbons will be discussed. The content covers morphology, porosity and mesostructure control of porous carbons, spatially and size selective deposition of catalysts on a porous matrix, design of magnetic solid acid catalyst, strategy for the fabrication of multi-component dissymmetric nanoparticles, etc. The applications of these materials will be mentioned as well, for example, in the areas of CO2 adsorption, dye adsorption, lithium ion batteries.