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Tuesday, May 07

Thorium Molten Salt Reactor in China

Dr. Hongjie Xu, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics/Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China
Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division Seminar
10:30 AM — 11:30 AM, Weinberg Auditorium, Building 4500-N
Contact: Jess Gehin (, 865.576.5093


The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has launched a Strategic Priority Research Program named “Advanced Fission Energy Program” in January 2011 to confront two grand challenges in the nuclear energy world – long-term nuclear fuel supply and permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel. The program consists of two projects, the TMSR (Thorium Molten Salt Reactor) and the ADS. The TMSR project is to utilize the thorium energy via the development of molten salt and molten salt-cooled reactor technologies, in order to secure the long-term nuclear fuel supply by diversifying the sources of the fuel. By around 2035, the TMSR project shall build a 1000MWe molten salt-cooled demonstration reactor and a 100MWe molten salt demonstration reactor (liquid fuel), as well as possess the technologies that pave the road to commercialization of the thorium-fueled nuclear energy systems. The Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics is leading the efforts to build a 2 MW molten salt research reactor in five years. A center dedicated to TMSR research (TMSR Center) has already been established.

About the Speaker
Dr. Hongjie Xu received his Bachelor degree in physics from Fudan University in 1982 and Doctoral degree in physics from Fudan University in 1989. He has been a professor at Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP), CAS since 1994. He served as the deputy director and later the director of SINAP from 1995 to 2009. During his tenure as the director of SINAP, he led the initiation, design, construction and commission of the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility or better known as the “Shanghai Light Source,” which was the first “third generation” light source in China. He currently serves as the director of the CAS TMSR research center overseeing the R&D efforts of both solid fuel and liquid fuel molten salt reactors.