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Monday, June 17

COMSOL Multiphysics Symposium and Seminar

Daniel A. Smith, Lead Developer, COMSOL, Inc., Boston, MA
Research Reactors Division Seminar
9:00 AM — 5:00 PM, Building 5200 (Visitor Center), Room 202C (Tennessee Room)
Contact: James D. Freels (, 865.576.8645


The morning symposium of ORNL speakers and presentation titles:

9:00am-9:20am - Dr. James D Freels (ORNL staff) "Overview of COMSOL Applications in the Research Reactors Division of ORNL"

9:20am-9:40am - Franklin Curtis (UTK-MABE PhD student) - "Fluid-Structure Interaction Modeling of High-Aspect Ratio Nuclear Fuel Plates using COMSOL"

9:40am-10:00am - Adam Travis (UTK-MABE MS student) - "CFD Modeling of Reactor Core Physics Using External CAD and 3D-2D Model Coupling"

10:00am-10:20am - Dr. Prashant Jain (ORNL staff) - "COMSOL Multiphysics: A Tool-kit for Irradiation Engineering and Isotope Production Analyses"

10:40am-11:00am - Richard B (Burns) Cunningham (UTK-NE PhD student) - "1D to 3D Flow Coupling and Porous Media Modeling of A Pebble Bed Flow Channel"

11:00am-11:20am - Dr Dean Wang (ORNL staff) - "Development of the HFIR COMSOL Model Based on the Pipeflow Module"

11:20am-12:00pm - Christopher J (CJ) Hurt (UTK-NE PhD student) - "Transient Power Excursion Analysis in COMSOL" & "Steady-State Thermo-Structural Analysis of Pu-238 Production Targets"

1pm-5pm COMSOL Seminar

The afternoon seminar lead by Dan Smith of COMSOL, Inc. will focus on An Overview of COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b. New products and functionality including five new add-on modules will be demonstrated during the course of the seminar. There will be time to discuss requests and ideas for new features as well as dedicated sessions on the following topics:

1) New features in v4.3b
2) New products in v4.3b
3) Future plans
4) What distinguishes COMSOL from other commercial analysis packages?
5) Parallel processing capabilities and benchmarks
6) Equation-based modeling and COMSOL builder tools
7) Livelinks: Excel, MATLAB, CAD
8) Feature requests from the audience and general discussion

The seminar will be relevant to both novice and expert users of COMSOL. Come and experience the power and efficiency of COMSOL Multiphysics!

Additional Information

The Symposium will be in the morning starting at 9am until Noon. After a lunch break, a COMSOL seminar will feature Daniel A. Smith, a lead developer of the Plasma, Microfluidics, MEMS, Particle Tracing, Molecular Flow, and Semiconductor modules of COMSOL Multiphysics product suite.

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