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Monday, December 02

Symposium Nuclear Energy Research and Development Directions

Invited Presenters, Multiple Affiliations, ORNL
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
8:00 AM — 5:30 PM, Building 5200, Rooms 202 A, B, C
Contact: Jess Gehin (, 865.576.5093


The past several years have seen several significant events and changes in interests in Nuclear Energy. Among these are:

Fukushima Events and on-going cleanup
Blue Ribbon Commission of America's Nuclear Energy Future
Development of Small Modular Reactors
Reactor Closures and Implications on Extending Reactor Operating Lifetimes
Introduction of DOE Energy Innovation Hubs – specifically CASL focused on Reactor Modeling and Simulation
A continuing need for the management of plutonium

All of these have the potential to lead to changes in research and development needs and directions to ensure the continued development and deployment of nuclear energy. The Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate is hosting a full-day symposium on nuclear energy research and development with R&D leaders from ORNL and other institutions. Through this symposium we are looking to have a dialog on the future of nuclear energy research and development to inform ORNL management and staff. The symposium will be followed by a poster session to allow further discussion of R&D at ORNL with researchers.

Here is a link to pdf of agenda

Invited Presenters:

1. Jeff Binder, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
2. Mike Corradini, University of Wisconsin
3. David Dean, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
4. Charles Forsberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Jess Gehin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
6. Paul Howarth, National Nuclear Laboratory – United Kingdom
7. Alan Icenhour, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
8. Hussein Khalil, Argonne National Laboratory
9. Doug Kothe, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10. Kathy McCarthy, Idaho National Laboratory
11. Brad Nelson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
12. Cecil Parks, Oak Ridge, National Laboratory
13. Ramesh Ramamoorthy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
14. Finis Southworth, AREVA
15. Ken Tobin, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
16. John Wagner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
17. Steve Zinkle, University of Tennessee – Knoxville