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Monday, July 23

ORNL Sustainable Campus Initiative

Melissa Lapsa, Energy and Transportation Science Division, ORNL
Sustainable Campus Initiative Seminar
12:30 PM — 1:30 PM, Conference Center (Building 5200), Tennessee Room B-C
Contact: Bo Saulsbury (, 865.574.4694


Melissa is a Group Leader in ORNL's Energy and Transportation Science Division and leads the ORNL Sustainable Campus Initiative. The goal of the Initiative is to integrate energy and resource efficiency, cutting-edge technologies, operational and business processes, and institutional behavior to achieve sustainability at work, home, and in the community. Sustainable development does not reflect a trade-off between business and the environment; rather, it reflects the synergy between them. ORNL's R&D programs, along with the Facilities and Operations Directorate, are working together in an unprecedented fashion to help make ORNL a national leader in sustainability. This unique partnership is adopting new energy saving technologies developed at the Laboratory to achieve sustainability while supporting its R&D goals. By embracing sustainability, ORNL continues a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the sharing of our expertise in energy technologies and environmental management. In leading by example, ORNL helps to ingrain a culture of sustainable practices for our employees, our families, and our communities.

Melissa has more than 19 years' of experience conducting market research, policy analysis, and institutional and consumer behavior research aimed at deploying cost-effective energy efficient technologies. Some of her publications include: "Making Homes Part of the Climate Solution: Policy Options to Promote Energy Efficiency" (ORNL/TM-2009/104); "Market Assessment for ‘Healthy Air' HVAC System in California" (Sponsored by the California Energy Commission; ORNL/TM-2006/412); and Conference Proceedings, 9th IEA Heat Pump Conference. Melissa also completed an 18-month ORNL off-site assignment to the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (NOVEM) to support International Energy Agency programs. Please bring your lunch and enjoy Melissa's seminar!