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Friday, October 05

Comparing Urban and Rural Housing in Yemen:
Distribution, Composition, and Structural Patterns

Jeanette Weaver, Computational Sciences and Engineering Division, ORNL
Geographic Information Science and Technology Group Seminar
9:00 AM — 10:00 AM, Research Office Building (5700), Room L-204
Contact: Eddie Bright (, 865.574.5490


ABSTRACT: over the last 25 years there is a constant need to understand evolving population dynamics. The Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory has long been a leader in population distribution and dynamics research. Recent efforts in this area have focused on top-down approaches for higher resolution population distribution modeling as well as bottom-up methods aimed at demographic and socio-cultural attribution of population data. One example of this is the Population Density Table (PDT) project which is aimed at capturing detailed local-area demographic information throughout the world in order to support both approaches to modeling and characterizing population. An immediate use of this information can be to inform training data for the Settlement Mapper Tool in order to add a level of demographic precision to the settlement delineation. The objective of this study was to look at both urban and rural settlements in Yemen and capture demographic information, spatial settlement patterns, and structural characteristics by looking at the differences between linear settlements and nucleated settlements. That information is then used to shape the training data for settlement mapping. Starting in small areas and combining PDT data with the settlement mapping process will facilitate larger area settlement extractions with more accurate density estimation testing.

BIO: Ms. Weaver joined the Geographic Information and Science Technology Group (GIST) in January 2011. She is currently on the Population Distribution and Dynamics Team and assists with projects such as LandScan Global, Population Density Tables and Socio-cultural projects through imagery analysis and data collection and development. Prior to joining the GIST group, Ms. Weaver worked as a Geographer at Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA). At MCIA, she conducted research and analysis for beach studies to cover topics such as terrain (slope, mobility, line of sight, and categorizations), bathymetry, bottom sediments /characteristics, infrastructure, and culture. She worked closely with the Naval Research Lab to research near-shore bathymetry extraction methods by analyzing/exploiting Hyperspectral /Multispectral imagery. Ms. Weaver is interested in using GIS and remote sensing for various applications including analysis of coastal geomorphology, and the effects on growing coastal populations. She is also interested in studying advanced geospatial techniques in radiometry, infrared systems, Hyperspectral /Multispectral imagery, and radar.