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Monday, October 15

Probing the Enhanced Superconductivity and
Chiral Edge Current in Sr2RuO4

Yiqun Alex Ying, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Spallation Neutron Source Seminar
1:30 PM — 2:30 PM, Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences (Building 8630),
Room A-202
Contact: Steve Nagler (, 865.574.5240


We show possible enhancement of superconductivity due to symmetry lowering near a dislocation in Sr2RuO4. We present a phenomenological theory developed for the problem and results of low-temperature transport measurements on micrometer-sized flakes of Sr2RuO4 with dislocations. Enhanced Tc was found, consistent with the theoretical prediction. The work provides fresh support that Sr2RuO4 is a chiral p-wave superconductor described by a two-component order parameter. We also performed Josephson interferometry experiments in order to directly measure the chiral edge current resulted from a chiral p-wave pairing state. An upper limit of the edge current density was obtained, which is similar to that of the measured transport critical current density.