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Monday, October 15

High-Temperature Nanomechanics

Javier Llorca, IMDEA Materials Institute and Polytechnic University, Madrid, Spain
Materials Science and Technology Division Seminar
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, High Temperature Materials Laboratory (Building 4515), Room 114
Contact: Edgar Lara-Curzio (, 865.574.1749


Understanding the deformation and damage processes at the micron and submicron scale is of paramount importance to design novel materials with optimized properties, to develop physically-based models (as opposed to phenomenological ones) of their mechanical behavior, and to explore size effects in the realm of nanotechnology. Basic experimental techniques to achieve these goals involve either in situ mechanical testing within a microscope (so the actual deformation and damage processes can be resolved at the submicron scale), instrumented nanoindentation (in which a very small volume is deformed) or a combination of both. A summary of the current applications of these techniques at the IMDEA Materials Institute will be presented, with special emphasis on the influence of temperature on the mechanisms of plastic deformation. They include the competition among different deformation mechanisms (slip and twinning) in Mg-Al-Zn and Mg-Mn-RE alloys as a function of temperature [1-2], and the influence of temperature on the mechanical response of LiF [111] micropillars [3] and of Al/SiC [4] and Cu/Nb nanoscale multilayers.

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About the speaker:
Prof. Javier Llorca is a full professor in Materials Science at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and since 2007 has been the director of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Materials (IMDEA). A Fulbright scholar, Prof. Llorca is a Fellow of the European Mechanics Society and has held visiting positions at Brown and Cornell University. He has received awards from the Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and the Spanish Structural Integrity Society.