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Thursday, December 06

1000 Shapes and 1000 Uses of Designer Carbon Nanostructures

David Tománek, Michigan State University, East Lansing
CNMS Discovery Seminar Series
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM, SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), Iran Thomas Auditorium (Room A-103)
Contact: Dave Geohegan (, 865.742.8995


Significant advances in Materials Science have been achieved by harnessing specific functionalities of nanostructures, such as improved mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, for particular applications. Predictive ab initio calculations suggest that designer nanostructures, including diamond nanowires inside nanotubes [1] or carbon foam nanostructures [2], shown in Fig. 1, should display unique electronic, mechanical and thermal properties. Twisted carbon nanotube ropes [3] may store reversibly much more energy than other energy storage devices [4]. Unusual thermal conductivity can be expected in graphitic nanostructures including graphene, nanotubes and schwarzites. Successful synthesis of such nanostructures precludes detailed understanding of their microscopic formation mechanism. Since direct observation of such atomic-scale processes is very hard by experimental means, computer simulations are a welcome alternative to gain microscopic insight into the underlying processes.

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