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Wednesday, January 16

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering and the
Materials Genome Initiative: Supporting Acceleration of
the Discovery and Deployment of Advanced Materials

George Spanos, The Minerals Metals and Materials Society, Warrendale, Pa.
Materials Science and Technology Division Seminar
10:00 AM — 11:00 AM, Building 4500-N, Weinberg Auditorium
Contact: Gene E. Ice (, 865.574.4065


Effective integration of computational and experimental innovations and tools can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with developing new advanced materials. This methodology can also unify design, engineering, and manufacturing practices to support accelerated deployment of materials and manufacturing innovations. Two recent (and related) thrusts that are driving this approach in the Materials Science and Engineering Community are Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) and the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) (the latter of which was introduced by President Obama in June of 2011). TMS is involved with a number of initiatives and teaming with a number of organizations to help realize the promise of this potentially transformative approach. These initiatives are captured at TMS under the brand: MaterialsInnovation@TMS. After first providing some background on ICME and the MGI, this presentation will provide an overview of a number of these initiatives, and in so doing will help to provide at least a partial picture of the current state of ICME and the MGI.