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Tuesday, January 22

Diagnostics Development and Application for
Enabling Advanced Efficiency Automotive Systems

Bill Partridge, Energy and Transportation Science Division, ORNL
ISA, Oak Ridge Section, Meeting
7:00 PM — 8:00 AM, Calhouns Restaurant in Bearden, 6515 Kingston Pike, Knoxville
Contact: Mat Merten (, 865.742.4572



A major goal of the U.S. Department of Energy, DOE, is to promote the development of fuel-efficient and clean transportation technologies. As a DOE laboratory, ORNL performs broad-based research related to national energy security, and the ORNL Fuels, Engines & Emissions Research Center (FEERC) specifically focuses on efficient transportation technologies. Dr. Partridge's team within FEERC has developed a range of diagnostics for enabling practical advances in automotive efficiency across a wide range of technologies including combustion uniformity, EGR & intake system design, catalysis, fueling protocols and engine-system control and calibration. The presentation will highlight several of these diagnostics with focus on their practical applications.

About the Speaker
Bill Partridge is Distinguished Research Staff of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Fuels Engines and Emissions Research Center. He has over twenty three years experience developing and applying advance diagnostics for measurement of spatiotemporal species and temperature distributions. These diagnostic technologies include laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) and planar LIF, Raman, multi-photon spectroscopy, holographic interferometry, mass spectrometry, phosphor and organic sensor fiber-optic probes and pyrometry. Areas of diagnostics application include automotive catalysis, engine-system development, combustion, fuel reformers, PEM fuel cells, non-thermal plasma reactors, convective cooling and biological photodynamic therapy. Dr. Partridge has thirty archival peer-reviewed publications, eight invited or keynote lectures, three patents and one commercially licensed technology, related to advanced diagnostic development and applications. He is inventor and principle developer of the spatially resolved capillary inlet mass spectrometry (SpaciMS) which has been used extensively by his industrial partners, and for which he is internationally recognized. In addition to providing unprecedented insights into detailed intra-catalyst spatiotemporal performance, degradation and chemistry, the SpaciMS has revolutionized the applied US automotive catalysis community with respect to the importance of intracatalyst chemistry distributions, and is the basis for the commercial Hiden Analytical SpaciMS. Recent awards and recognitions include 2008 R&D100 Award, National Federal Laboratory Consortium awards in 2009 & 2011 for Excellence in Technology Transfer, and 2010 Outstanding Mentor Award from the United States Department of Energy Office of Science. Dr. Partridge was recognized as Oak Ridge National Laboratory's 2008 Distinguished Engineer for his sustained and innovative developments that nowledge base of engine, aftertreatment, and fuel-cell systems.