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Tuesday, May 21

BSEC 2013: Collaborative Biomedical Innovations

Multiple speakers, multiple disciplines, multiple affiliations
Computational Sciences and Engineering Division Conference
1:00 PM — 5:00 PM, Conference Center (Building 5200), Tennessee Room (202 A, B, C)
Contact: Georgia Tourassi (, 865.576.4829


The Biomedical Science and Engineering Center at ORNL announces its annual conference on Collaborative Biomedical Innovations. The central theme of the 2013 BSEC Conference is Integrating Experiments, Simulations and Modeling for Biomedical Advances: From Single Molecules to Public Health Dynamics. From studying individual molecular events to modeling how diseases spread within heterogeneous populations, there is an increasing need to integrate information from disparate sources, high through-put experiments to large-scale computational simulations, multi-modality patient data, and other data sources including social media and crowd-sourcing. Mathematical modeling and computational analysis are indispensible in understanding spatiotemporal behaviors of complex biomedical systems operating at multiple scales. Bringing together researchers from disparate scientific disciplines and organizations is essential to gain novel insights and to propose innovative solutions to the theoretical, methodological, analytical, and translational problems of such challenging knowledge discovery undertake. The conference will cover both basic research and translational aspects with special emphasis on the critical role of interdisciplinary collaborations.

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