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Friday, April 19

New Methods for Controlling the Structures and
Functions of Synthetic Polymers

Christopher Bielawski, University of Texas, Austin
CNMS Discovery Seminar Series
11:00 AM — 12:00 PM, SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), Iran Thomas Auditorium (Room A-103)
Contact: Bobby Sumpter (, 865.574.4973


Our group has a broad interest in the synthesis and study of polymers that display unusual structures or properties. Along those lines, this seminar will describe our recent efforts on using various stimuli to externally control polymerization reactions. In particular, the design and development of specially designed polymerization catalysts that contain force, light, or redox responsive components will be presented. The seminar will also describe our efforts to access new classes of unsaturated polymers, including those that display reversible structures, as well as the applications for these materials.